Unforgettable Ladies Night Out

Ladies…have you ever been betrayed by the one you love? How would you handle it? In the new movie, UNFORGETTABLE, that’s what Katherine Heigl has to figure out.  Tessa Connover (Heigl) is getting over a divorce, when her ex-husband, David (Geoff Stults) becomes engaged to Julia Banks (Rosario Dawson). Julia has a troubled past, and Tessa tries to use that against her in order to get her family back. As you can see from this clip, Julia’s dream turns into her ultimate nightmare.

I thought we could have some fun with this one, so I’m hosting an Unforgettable Ladies Night Out for 20 lucky ladies to win a pair of seats to an advance screening of UNFORGETTABLE on Wednesday, April 12 at the MJR Troy Grand Digital Cinema 16. All attendees will receive a complimentary glass of house white or red, or domestic beer prior to show time. We are also encourage you to bring an item from your ex to “giveaway.”

If you would like to join me for an UNFORGETTABLE Ladies Night Out for you and a guest, leave a comment below and let me know what the most unforgettable thing and ex ever did to you/for you (it can be good or bad). Make sure your email is attached to your name when you comment and I will contact you with a link to the registration. Seating is limited, so I will update the post when the seats are filled.

UPDATE: All of the tickets have been given away, but I do have a waitlist going and if anything opens up I will open it up to people on the waitlist. If you would like to be on the waitlist you can continue to comment and I will send you the registration link.

Thank you to everyone who commented, I am overwhelmed by the response to this and will hopefully do more in the future!

I look forward to meeting everyone!

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  1. I could never forget about the time my ex asked me to hook him up with my friend!

  2. Brittany Leinart says:

    My last ex took my on a magical trip to Disney world where I was certain we’d get engaged…didn’t happen and luckily two months later I met my husband

  3. My last ex taught me a lot of cooking skills, which was good … but he also lived with his mother and didn’t really have plans on moving out.

  4. David Pitts says:

    Only women?? Because this could be interesting

  5. One of my exes didn’t know how to use silverware properly!

  6. My Ex was a jerk! He didn’t even know my favorite color.

  7. I married my ex…the second time around

  8. Tami Meilleur says:

    No big ex stories except one that called me right before he got married…wanted to come over and visit. Odd.

  9. Leave Me.

  10. My last ex told me he had to let me go cause I was too nice. I guest he wanted some drama in his life. Now I
    I’VE been married for 30 wonderful year, how you like me now.

  11. Priscilla says:

    Oh I have several items I can give away from a couple of ex’s, LOL

  12. Brenda VanTull says:

    My ex had the nerve to ask me if it was okay for him to go to another woman’s house for a second Thanksgiving dinner after our family dinner.

  13. It’s over and now I can move on. I’m HAPPY I didn’t marry him and live in misery and heartbreak. YESSSSS!!!

  14. Samantha Moore says:

    My ex invited me to go to a swingers party when he knows that I’m not that type of girl. Of course I declined and that was the beginning of the end!

  15. My ex told my he had to work so I decided to go to the movies with a girlfriend and who do I run into leaving the show.

  16. The most unforgettable with my ex was his getting married and “forgetting” to tell me…as we were still dating.

  17. Married high school sweetheart!

  18. Teresa Taylor says:

    My Ex decided that he wanted to start dating my used to be girlfriend.

  19. My Ex told me he was divorced and I found out 6 months lather that he was still with his wife!

  20. Mar Magy says:

    He gave me a birthday gift, and when I opened it, there was a card from him to another woman!

  21. My ex used to tear me down emotionally and it lead me to a lot of physical insecurity. Example: I asked if he wanted to hang out and his response was, “have you gone to the gym today?” When I said no, he said, “let me know when you’re done at the gym and maybe we can hang out later”

  22. Teresa Allen says:

    The most unforgettable thing I’ve had done for me is when we first got married on our first Valentine’s Day my husband left me a string of kids Valentines throughout my day. It started in the bathroom and went throughout our house to all the spots I would go to before leaving for work including my car. It was so romantic I will never forget it.

  23. Kim newberry says:

    This looks like a great movie. Thanks for event.

  24. My ex gave me 4 amazing children

  25. No ex to talk about married my sweetheart

  26. No ex to talk about married my sweetheart

  27. Mary Hunter says:

    Hoping to win, movie sounds great.

  28. Mary Step says:

    When he sent me a text that it was over.

  29. The man I lived with in college body shamed me told me no inevitability would ever want me if I was over weight. I moved out and his mother wanted me to move back because he couldn’t afford the rent. Well he is on his second marriage and has 7 kids. Good riddance and child support is a ——-!

  30. Michelle Christian says:

    I will never ever never ever forget when my ex had another child on me while i was carrying his twins and turned around and married a different women who didn’t even have any children by him.( not the women who he cheated on me with but a different women)

  31. My Ex talked about marrying me and children, but decided he’d rather date other women. After meeting my husband, my Ex was hurt and said I gave up on him too easily and should have fought for him. That’sUnforgettable!!

  32. Kim newberry says:

    Duchess, is the event full\closed now? I received an email from you and when I went back to click attend event I was told the event was full.

  33. Shawn Gordon says:

    Wait list please

  34. Gave my partner free tickets to a concert because I had to work, my ex brought the other ex to the concert instead

  35. wait list also

  36. Mary Margaret Stone says:

    This guy started talking to me, and eventually we went on a couple dates. Soon after, I found out that he lived with his finance and kid!

  37. Brenda Hampton says:

    We’d had a problem for a few years. He’d stopped talking to me mostly. My son said work it out. So I asked what’s wrong for the hundredth time. He said “I’m tired of you.” Told him he hadn’t touched me for months. He says,”if you’re not getting what you want here, handle your business”. Unforgettable!

  38. Brenda Hampton says:

    He’s now my ex.

  39. My ex told me that he wanted to have another child, but not with me.

  40. My ex told me that he wanted to have another child, but not with me.”

  41. My ex told me that he was in love with his gym buddy.

  42. Venus Denson says:

    Wait list please

  43. Rachel Nobles says:

    My ex dump me for a girl @ school. Never knew when they had the time to meet or spend time together. This was the heartbreak of my life!….btw…they married years later!

  44. shelly kury says:

    My ex said we needed time apart – I run into him a week or so later at a restaurant. He is with a guy, holding hands and kissing. Guess it was more than just needing time apart!

  45. My ex-boy friend got drunk during our date at a restaurant and passed out. I had to call his friends to help me get him home.

  46. Life is so tough and then you have a relationship.

  47. Terrell Johnson says:

    Can you send me the registration link so I can RSVP? Thanks!

  48. Sounds intriguing!
    Becki recently posted…Maggie’s kidpik Box – April 2017My Profile

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