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Disclosure: I received sample products and a gift card from Meijer in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

Spring is coming, which is always a great time to refresh your beauty routine. Meijer sent me a few new products to try to break out of my beauty rut. The first was TRESemmé’s Beauty-Full Volume Reverse Wash System. If you haven’t heard of this, you condition your hair first, then you wash it. Crazy, I know!


This takes a little getting used to. The first time I did it, I really had to think about it. We are so used to washing first then conditioning and you don’t realize how often you just autopilot that task. I almost forgot to wash on my first try. This set also came with the Maximizer, Mousse and Hairspray for an extra volume boost. My hair is BABY Fine so I am always in desperate need of volume. For reference, this is my hair in a ponytail…I have to wrap a tiny hair tie around at least five times:


I was skeptical of this at first, because I thought my hair would be extra tangly without using conditioner at the end of my shower. I usually blow dry my hair upside down and when I flipped it back I actually said “WOAH” out loud. I couldn’t believe how volumized my hair was. It was also so soft and I didn’t have as many flyaways as I normally do. I am totally sold on TRESemmé’s reverse system. This is what my hair looked like after I flipped it back over. Total volume:


Next up is Garnier’s Micellar Water. You may have missed my previous post about Micellar water and how awesome it is. This is a quick and easy way to cleanse your face at night and has been around for years. I had yet to try Garnier’s version and was pleasantly surprised. I loved the size of the bottle because it lasted a while. I am a HUGE fan of removing your makeup before bed – you can ask any of my girlfriends, I am always the one on trips making sure everyone has taken their makeup off. Someone once told me that sleeping one night with your makeup on ages your skin by SEVEN years! I don’t know if that is true or a myth, but I don’t take any chances. Micellar water is a quick and easy solution to the too-tired to take off your makeup problem.


You may have noticed how white my legs were in my last Meijer post. I am in desperate need of some sun, but without the nasty UV side effects. Enter Jergens and the Natural Glow line. I like this line, because you can apply it gradually without streaks. It’s basically foolproof. Now Jergens has stepped it up by making this moisturizer reduce the appearance of cellulite. Tan and smooth!


What new products are loving at the moment?

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  1. Tracy Willis says:

    I like the jergens glow. Neutrogena makes a similar product but it doesn’t state it firms and reduces cellulite. They both smell similar and unfortunately I’m not a huge fan of the smell. I’m going to keep trying this product to see if i see the firming it claims and to help keep my tan from my Mexico trip.

  2. I’m a ‘face washer 2x a day’ kind of girl! My husband always teases me because it takes me so long to get ready for bed! I use a really gentle soap right now. I’d be nervous to test Micellar water, but I think I’d try it out to see how it does with my sensitive skin.

  3. I, too, love the way Jergen’s Glow looks, but HATE the smell of sunless tanners (I can’t help thinking I smell like dirty socks!). Would love to try a sunless tanner that smells better. I’m going to Orange Beach, AL in April and desperately need some color!

  4. Interesting. I have the opposite problem that you do 🙂 my hair is super thick, actually kind of annoyingly thick at times. I got my mom’s thick hair and my dad’s straight hair, luckily :).
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  5. I am loving my ne Aveno face wipes. They are perfect for a quick freshening up at the end of the day.

  6. I use Tresemme hairspray and love it so I will have to check out their new line. Thanks for the reviews!

  7. Seems like they are all great products to try. I wonder if they could do good for MEN too?
    Ron@ApartmentsInMichigan recently posted…Do You Agree With This List of Top 7 Private High Schools in Michigan For 2016?My Profile

  8. That hair products sound like something I need to try with my hair. Also I never heard that before about leaving make up on will age you. Going to try to make sure I don’t forget to clean my face every night.
    Michelle T recently posted…10 Things Stepkids Want & Need to HearMy Profile

  9. I used to LOVE the Jergens Glow. I only use cruelty-free products now, but back in the day I used that stuff endlessly.

  10. I tend to just use whatever shampoo/body wash my wife picks up for me at the store. I’m not that picky.

  11. These sound like fabulous finds! Essentials like these certainly make kicking off a new season more exciting! Sunless tanning is an excellent alternative to tanning under harmful rays. Whether it be in the sun or in a tanning bed, these rays pose a lot of risks. Sunless tanning is an awesome way to achieve a bronzed glow! Nice work! Thanks for sharing these!

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