Mistresses “Friends With Benefits” Recap

In this week’s episode, we discover that the guy who came to see Savi (Alyssa Milano) is really Zack Kilmer (Jason Gerhardt) the other person from her accident. I didn’t see that one coming, but what Savi does need is another man in her life (insert sarcasm here).

I was happy to see that they finally addressed some of the things that had happened last season, Savi’s accident and Karen’s (Yunjin Kim) trauma.

We also see Savi start to go down a dangerous path with Dom (Jason George) and that April’s (Rochelle Aytes) new man has a secret!

Can we all just agree that Karen makes the worst decisions, is she trying to be an escort now? (Throws hands up in the air!) For an accomplished professional, she is sort of dumb.

Aside from that rant, here are some of my favorite looks from this episode:


When she meets Zack, Savi is wearing a cozy Drapey Lux Cardigan from Splendid ($108). This Kische Open Front Cardigan is only $44, if you want a similar look for less:

splendid cardigan

Savi and Dom decide to come out to HR about their relationship. This is also the first time she lies to Dom about buying tickets for Joss’ birthday. I went back and forth on her skirt and decided that I liked it for a Fall look. It was the Michael Kors Wool-Silk Ikat Pencil Skirt in Rose/Leaf/Black ($271 – 70% off!) or more sizes here.

michael kors skirt


Karen tries to start dating again, but is unfortunately thwarted by Google, when blind dates can find out about her scandal from last year. She looks great in a green halter dress! I couldn’t find the exact dress, but I found a similar London Times Ikat Chevron Halter Blouson Dress for $79:

green halter


Joss (Jess Macallan) puts all of her eggs in one basket and buys a table at a charity event to try to network for clients. That was a big gamble! Harry’s (Brett Tucker) girlfriend ends up setting her up with a blind date without her knowledge and it gets sort of awkward. At least she looked fabulous for the first date. Her red satin dress was va-va voom! This Trumpet/Mermaid Sweetheart Court Train Satin Evening Dress from Dress First ($155.99) should do the trick for a similar look:

red satin dress

Following their date, Scott (Justin Hartley) sends Joss a puppy! First of all who does that? Second of all, what company lets someone do that. You don’t even know if that person can even care for a puppy! Anyways, she was wearing a cute C’est La Vie Top that is unfortunately sold out. I found another C’est La Vie Tank from Hot Topic for $16.40:

cest la vie

What did you think of this episode?

If you missed it, you can still watch it here, or purchase it on iTunes.

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