Graceland “O-Mouth” Recap

It seems like last week’s episode was a bad dream. Mike (Aaron Tveit) is starting to feel the repercussions of this job and is still disturbed by Eddie’s suicide. Johnny (Manny Montana) tries to cheer him up by inviting him to play football on the beach with Paige (Serinda Swan). Johnny mentions that Paige has a new bikini that will make it worth his while. Paige wears a leopard print bikini with turquoise accents. Victoria’s Secret has a similar bikini for $52.50:

Paige bikini

As Mike comes back into the house he is shocked to see Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito) shooting up. It turns out that Charlie and Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) are going undercover and they have to practice at pretending to shoot up and acting high so they can keep their cover.

Once Charlie and Briggs are undercover things seem to be going fine until Charlie’s old contact Whistler shows up. Since he isn’t on the FBI’s payroll anymore she’s not sure how he will respond if he sees her. To try to keep her face hidden she starts making out with Briggs and they are able to get out of there without being made.

Mike and Johnny head up to the bar for a drink and run into Mike’s girlfriend, Abby (Jenn Proske). Mike never gave her a cover job so Johnny decides to tell her that he’s a pilot.


Charlie and Briggs need to find out if Whistler blew their cover, so Charlie meets with him. He didn’t, but he is still using drugs and lies to Charlie about it. It is sad to see that he can’t get his life together.

Mike’s handler at the FBI finally reveals to him why he needs to investigate Briggs. Apparently, every time the FBI makes a bust they have an idea of how much heroin they will recover. With Briggs it is always less than the expected amount. Enough that make them question whether he is skimming off the top.

Mike is still training Bello’s army to shoot, but he isn’t moving up further in Bello’s ranks. He asks Briggs for advice and they decide that Mike could take over Bello’s number two position since Eddie is gone. Mike is able to bond with Bello over a movie, “City of Bad Men,” an old western. Mike is able to prove to Bello that he can be loyal and trustworthy so he agrees to let Mike be his bodyguard.


Charlie and Briggs are waiting in a hotel room for their meetup. Apparently, they used to date back in the day and Paige and Johnny have a bet as to whether or not they are going to sleep together. They almost sleep together, but then back out. Instead they still decide to give Paige the win and let Johnny think that they slept together.

Mike gets a look at Bello’s calendar and is able to bring back some big information to Briggs about a high profile drug deal Bello is planning.

Charlie’s deal isn’t working out so she has to work with Whistler to get him to vouch for her. The only problem is that he is unpredictable when he is using drugs. He vouches for them, but he is a little too eager. He ends up overdosing and dying in the bathroom before they can make the bust. Their mark doesn’t trust them and wants them to use his drugs with his needles. Since cops can’t use real drugs undercover it is one way for him to know if they are telling the truth. Briggs tries to leave, but Charlie goes ahead and shoots up with the dealer’s needle.

Charlie wears a vintage lips sweatshirt. I found a similar one on Etsy for $38:

lips sweatshirt

Wow! I can’t believe this is how the episode ended. I’m not sure how I feel about this show. It is a lot darker than I expected, but it definitely keeps you in suspense.

What did you think about this week’s Graceland?

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