Falling Skies “Search and Recover” Recap

In the last episode of Falling Skies, Pope (Colin Cunningham), Tom (Noah Wyle) and General Bressler were in a plane about ready to crash. As this episode opens we see Tom saving Pope just in the nick of time as the plane was blowing up. Unfortunately, General Bressler didn’t make it.

Flash back to Charleston and Ben (Connor Jessup) wakes up Hal (Drew Roy) and Maggie (Sarah Carter) to tell them that Anne (Moon Bloodgood) and Alexis are missing. Dr. Kadar (Robert Sean Leonard) fills everyone in on Anne’s discovery that Alexis is not human, but some sort of hybrid. Col. Weaver (Will Patton) wants to send out a search party immediately, but Ms. Peralta (Gloria Reuben) tells him that they can’t afford to spare anyone right now. She finally agrees, but she wants to discuss how to handle the baby if they do find them.

Back in the woods, Pope wakes up and yells at Tom for being too busy with the big picture to focus on finding the mole back in Charleston. This conversation has to wrap up quickly, as the Espheni start to scout the wreckage for survivors. 


The search and rescue party stumble upon a body and Matt (Maxim Knight) wants to bury her.


In the meantime, Marina Peralta goes to meet with Dr. Kadar to talk about the Volm project. Now that she is in charge, she wants more details than Tom was willing to give her. She lies and tells him that Tom Mason asked her to come and talk to him.


Tom and Pope set up camp for the night and bond over the campfire. I forgot that Pope had two kids before the invasion. We get a little insight into both of their pasts. At the end of the night we learn that Pope still doesn’t trust Tom.


In the morning, Pope plays a joke on Tom and drops a snake on his head to wake him up. This starts a fight and Pope and Tom finally have it out, until they hear the Espheni approaching. To escape, they end up jumping into a giant waterfall. When they wash up on shore, Tom realizes that he has broken his ankle.

The rescue party finds Alexis’ blanket. Maggie notices that Hal has been acting weird all day (although we know that he knows what happened to Anne and Alexis). The trail dies and the search party has to head home.

Tom can’t put any weight on his ankle and he tells Pope to leave him. Pope tries to reason with him, but Tom seems to have given up hope. Tom calls him a fake and berates him until he finally leaves.

Dr. Kadar tells Peralta that the Volm device is built with way more power than it needs, basically overkill. This leads them to believe that the device is more than what the Volm have told them.

Tom hears the Espheni coming for him and it looks like he is a goner, until Pope shoes up and saves the day. Pope found a truck and is able to transport them both back to Charleston. He really is a good guy to have around in a crisis.


Tom wakes up in the hospital after two days and Pope is waiting for him. He decides that they are even after saving each other’s lives. His family comes to visit him, but they only have bad news when they have to tell him what happened to Anne and Alexis.


I’m not sure what to think about this episode, it was more about character development than moving the plot along. It will be interesting to see how Tom reacts to the news about Anne and Alexis. I also think that Marina could lead a major coup against Tom and the Volm.

What did you think about this episode?

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