Falling Skies “Be Silent and Come Out” Recap

As soon as Tom (Noah Wyle) finds out what has happened to Anne (Moon Bloodgood) and Alexis, he is out of bed and barking orders at everyone. His team convinces him to wait for 24 hours to determine whether or not they should go after Ann. Ms. Peralta (Gloria Ruben) tries to convince Tom to look at the big picture, but they get interrupted before they can figure anything out. Hal (or alien Hal-Drew Roy) takes Tom hostage and tries to go back to the Espheni camp.


Maggie (Sarah Carter) shoots out the tires of the vehicle and Hal is forced to take cover in an abandoned building with Tom as his hostage. Hal admits to Tom that he’s not his son, or at least something is controlling him. He wants to know everything about the device the Volm are building and will hold Tom hostage until he gets answers.

Maggie admits to Peralta and Weaver (Will Patton) that Hal has been having problems for a long time. Pope (Colin Cunningham) wants to blame Hal for all of the alien activity over the past few months and can’t wait to pull the trigger. The rest of the group wants to take him alive.


Ben (Connor Jessup), Matt (Maxim Knight) and Maggie want to get into the building and try to talk to Hal, but Weaver doesn’t want them to take the chance. Weaver dismisses the Berserkers because they are too trigger happy. Ben, Matt and Maggie decide to sneak into the building anyway.

In the meantime, Pope starts taking bets on who will survive the hostage situation. Weaver comes into the bar and doesn’t seem to happy about what Pope is doing. Weaver threatens him and says that nobody should try to change the outcome of the situation.

Hal is struggling against the alien bug, but is unable to break free from the situation. Maggie and Matt enter the room and try to talk him down. He turns the gun on himself, but Ben sneaks up behind him and is able to take him down.


The rebel Espheni have a way to get rid of Espheni bugs, but it hasn’t been tested on humans. For them to use it on Hal would be a gamble. Tom decides it is his only chance and agrees to do it. Hal pleads to Maggie and Tom that the bug is gone and that they don’t need to do the procedure. They stay strong and do it anyway.


The procedure consists of dropping these little black microbes into Hal’s face cavities (eyes, mouth, nose, etc.). Super gross! A silver liquid comes out of him and the procedure seems to work, but his heart stopped in the process.


Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel) tries to save him and is successful. At the end of the episode, we finally get the old Hal back. He doesn’t remember anything from the past week. They conclude that Hal was the mole and that everything that’s been happening was done by him.

Tom can’t sit still and has to get back out there to save Anne and Lexi. He resigns to Peralta immediately and gives her the power to take over. He gives her all the plans to the Volm device and wishes her luck.


The episode ends with the entire Mason family heading out to save Anne and Lexi. Weaver sends them off and promises to look for them if they don’t come back. Hal leaves Maggie behind and Pope jeers at them as they ride out of Charleston.

Marina Peralta is sworn into office as Tom leaves.


What did you think about this episode? I’m interested to see how Peralta will handle the presidency and what Pope is going to do next.

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If you missed this episode you can purchase it on iTunes along with Seasons 1-3.

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