Covert Affairs “Shady Lane” Recap

I’ve watched Covert Affairs since the beginning and have wanted to cover it for the blog. I was hoping it would be a fun alternative to Alias (which I LOVED)! Annie (Piper Perabo) is no Sydney Bristow, but she does have great style for someone who lives out of her suitcase. Plus she does her job in Louboutin heels, what girl wouldn’t want to look fabulous while protecting national security?

The past few seasons, Annie has grown as a spy and it has been fun to watch. When we left off last season, she had gone dark to kill Henry in Hong Kong. This season begins with her coming back to the CIA four months later with a big secret.

When Annie gets back to work, she goes professional in a black pantsuit and deep blue blouse. I personally hate wearing long sleeves under a blazer, so I chose a sleeveless blouse to complete this look with the Tahari Jaycee Blouse ($58.90/sale) along with the Express Studio Stretch Notch Collar Jacket ($108) and Studio Stretch Barely Boot Editor Pant ($69.90):


What did you think about this episode?

If you missed the premiere, you can watch it here.

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