Cougar Town “Hard on Me” Recap

On this episode of Cougar Town, Jules (Courtney Cox) worries that Ellie (Christa Miller) might be getting sick…and that means bad news for the gang. Apparently, sick Ellie can lead to disastrous consequences.

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Ellie wears the Helmut Lang Obstructed Borders Sweater ($346.27). This long-sleeve top from Heather ($49.50) is a great look for less:

Ellie Helmut Lang

Chick (Ken Jenkins) is depressed after his Alzheimer’s diagnosis, so Jules tries to figure out how she can cheer him up. At the same time, Andy (Ian Gomez) gets caught sleeping on the job as mayor. Andy decides to organize a 5K to distract the public from his scandal and Jules can get Chick involved because he used to be a track coach. Jules wears the sold-out Splendid Soho Stripe Henley in coral. You can get the same henley in black at 6 p.m. for $39.99:

Jules Henley

I also have to pause to celebrate the introduction of the “cough tail” which is a mixture of cough syrup and wine for Ellie (amazing!).

Grayson (Josh Hopkins) decides that he misses acting and Bobby (Brian Van Holt) convinces him to never give up on a dream by finding him a great opportunity for a handsome man over 40. He goes on the audition and ends up winning the part!

Jules gets Chick pumped up to train the group to participate in the 5K. What she didn’t realize was what a hard-ass trainer he would be. Laurie (Busy Phillips) makes a deal with the devil…a.k.a. Ellie to get her sick so she doesn’t have to train for the 5K.

chick training

One by one, the group falls – Travis (Dan Bryd), Tom (Bob Clendenin) and Bobby. Andy discovers what they are doing and they get him sick too! Jules ends up snapping at Chick because of his tyrant behavior. She wants to quit, but Grayson convinces her to set a good example and not give up.

Grayson discovers that his commercial is really for a low-testosterone gel for men. Not exactly what he was hoping for. Bobby ends up convincing him to stick with his dreams and that they cast him to be the young stud that all the old guys wish they could be. He makes a good point:

bobby quote

Jules finds Chick and they make up. She convinces him not to give up on life and decides to run the 5K after all. Jules wears the sold-out Madewell Mini-Check Market Popover. The Everyday Gingham Shirt from Forever 21 ($15.80) is a good match:

Jules plaid

Jules crosses the finish line with a little help from her friends and Grayson’s commercial ends up being pretty hilarious.

What did you think of this week’s Cougar Town?

If you missed this episode, you can purchase it on iTunes for $2.99.

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