BarkBox March 2017 Unboxing

If you decide to treat your pup to their own BarkBox, you can click the link here and use the code “SPORT” to try one for free and Sport gets a free box added on to his account.

This month’s Barkbox says “For centuries, Japanese dogs have celebrated the blooming of sakura by picnicking with their humans! We’ve loaded this box with sushi and snacks to give your dog their very own hanami bento, because tradition is delicious.”

1.Hello Ducky! Treats

These are a Barkbox product made in the USA but unfortunately already sold out. They are made on open grilling racks to keep the fat down. They added rosemary oil for an extra hit of flavor. I did read the instructions and they said that you should only give 1 treat per 15 pounds, so that means Sport only gets one a day.

2. Sydneys Salmon Nigiri ($8)

Sport loves a squeaker and this toy was no different. His last few toys have been a little harder for  him to kill the squeaker so this one is just what he needed – an easy squeaker kill. How cute is this little piece of sushi? I tried following him around for a while but he kept running away as soon as I got the camera ready.

3. Mr. Porkle Teriyaki Pork Flavored Dog Treats

Unfortunately these training treats are sold out. Sport loved these! I took the photo on our dining room hutch and after I had put everything away I saw him go back to the spot and had lifted himself up to see if there were any left – he is a hoot!

4. Get that Geta Shoe Toy ($10)

So I had no idea what this toy was for the longest time and then when I went to look it up on the website I realized it was actually a Geta shoe! These shoes are inspired by the traditional getas of feudal Japan, which were designed to elevate the foot in an effort to avoid ruining kimonos in puddles. This toy is filled with crinkle and a squeaker for maximum sound effects. It’s a shoe that your dog can actually eat!

5. Etta Says Buffalo Chews ($3)

Sport really seems to like these types of sticks, and this one was no different – it was gone in about two minutes. Etta Says is made with 100% all natural ingredients from farms throughout the USA. Their chews are easy to digest, don’t have an odor and won’t leave a stain on your carpet (big plus!).

Sport had a lot of fun with his sushi treat this time around:

“Look at what I did Mom!”

This is my squeaker!

If you would like to try Barkbox for your pup, click the link here and use the code “SPORT” to get a free Barkbox for your pup and Sport gets a free box added on to his account.

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  1. SO many goodies! Any pup would love this!

  2. I would love to get my dogs one of these but they seem to get sick easy. Can I request only toys?
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