Bachelorette 11 – Week Six

Continuing from last week, we see Ian’s exit after an insulting conversation with Kaitlyn. I couldn’t believe how full of himself Ian was. What a tool. #ByeFelicia

Nick made a smart move by going to comfort Kaitlyn while the rest of the guys just sat their. Hindsight is 20/20 and Nick has certainly learned a few things on his second time around. Their chemistry is undeniable, I’ve watched this show for a long time and I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an obvious connection before.

At the rose ceremony Justin and Josh were sent home. I felt a little bad for Josh since his hair got butchered and then he got the boot. Hopefully the first thing he does upon returning home is get a haircut. The guys find out that they are traveling to Dublin, Ireland for the next week and everyone is super excited to get out of the country.

On her ITM Kaitlyn couldn’t be more excited to fall in love in Ireland. For the interview she wore an IRO Biker Jacket ($941.50) and the Brooklyn Designs Aqua Chalcedony Ring. This Textured Knit Moto Jacket from Express ($98) is similar:

IRO biker jacket

First up is the one-on-one date and Kaitlyn chooses Nick, which makes Shawn insane. Kaitlyn and Nick are like two freight trains on a collision course…nobody can come between them at this point. Like I said earlier, their chemistry is undeniable which makes all the other guys uncomfortable. Kaitlyn wore the Blaine Pullover from One Grey Day ($184) and GOLDSIGN Lure Skinny Jeans ($228). This Pullover Sweater with Bar Back ($34) is similar:

One grey day

Kaitlyn is wearing the Robyn Rhodes Claire Oval Silver Druzy Pendant ($54):

Robyn rhodes druzy

Whew! Someone fan off my laptop, because this date with Kaitlyn and Nick is HOTT! These two can’t keep their hands off of each other and I don’t blame them. Nick is coming across really sweet and if I was her I would probably be giving him a rose too. You don’t find that kind of connection everyday. Kaitlyn wore a Knit Turtleneck Dress from Barney’s ($750) and a really cute horn ring from The Woods. To recreate her look I found a Banana Republic Black TurtleNeck Dress ($98) and this House of Harlow Horn Ankolie Ring ($48):


For the group date the guys go to a very creepy Irish wake for Kaitlyn. Seeing her in the casket is just creepy. Everyone makes the best of it and has fun. Kaitlyn looks good in a sold out Jean Paul Gaultier Tattoo Lace Dress. This Adrianna Papell Long Sleeve Lace Sheath Dress ($158) is similar:

jean paul gaultier

On the evening portion of the group date Kaitlyn gets some one-on-one time with Ben Z. who had a hard time at the wake. She wore the sold out ALC Mike Tiered Sleeveless Top and the sold out Joseph Zip Pocket Leggings. This Bisou Bisou Sleeveless Tiered Blouse ($12.99) and BB Dakota Judy Faux Leather Legging ($24.99) are similar:

ALC Mike Tiered Top

Her necklaces are Robyn Rhodes Jeremy ($98) worn in the vertical position and Brooklyn Designs Easton:

robyn rhodes

Shawn is having a hard time on this group date and pretty much loses it when Kaitlyn gives Jared the rose and takes him to a private concert with the Cranberries. Shawn reveals that Kaitlyn told him that he was the one in San Antonio and he thinks she is ruining what they have by not picking him for everything…does he not realize that he signed up for The Bachelorette? He is really making this difficult for her. On top of this she is terrified that Shawn knows that she slept with Nick, which I don’t think he does at this point. Kaitlyn is distraught that she has ruined everything in her ITM. Kaitlyn wore the Kiki Designs Angel Wings Ring ($128):

Kiki Designs

What did you think about Kaitlyn sleeping with Nick before the fantasy suite and Shawn losing his mind? Lots of craziness this week and I definitely wouldn’t want to be in Kaitlyn’s position. She is definitely torn between these two guys.

If you missed this episode you can still watch it on iTunes.

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