Bachelorette 10 – Week 8 Recap

We’ve finally made it to hometown dates and our final four men, Nick, Marcus, Josh and Chris. Meeting the parents is a time honored ritual and a good opportunity to weed out the crazies before marriage.

Our first hometown date is with Nick in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In the opening scene, Andi wears a Datyah Amazing Wool & Cashmere-Blend Biker-Style Coat (sold-out) and her Minnie Rose Cotton Fringe Shawl ($51.35). This Coat with Back Pocket by Zara ($149) is similar:


Under all of her layers, she wears a V-Neck Blouse from H&M (sold-out). I found a similar flutter sleeve blouse in peach from BlueFly ($35):

flutter blouse

Andi gets to meet Nick’s huge family and can most impressively remember all of their names. She did pass the bar lest we forget. Andi is wearing an Aqua Classic Denim Jacket ($78) and Diamond Arc Necklace by Ariel Gordon Jewelry ($525):

aqua denim jacket

You can also get a good look at her Robyn Rhodes Andi Ring ($75) here:

robyn rhodes andi

Next up is our Iowa date with farmer Chris. He is yum! Andi and Chris have a great ole’ day on the farm. Her farm attire consists of of a Vince Raglan Suspension Cardigan ($172.50), Vince Silk Popover Top ($285) and the Diamond Arc Necklace by Ariel Gordon Jewelry ($525). This Theodora Cardigan by Velvet ($75.60), Joie Chally Top ($39.99) and Z Designs Arc Necklace ($18) are similar:

iowa date

As Andi gets her smooch on with Chris, you can get a good look at her Laurel Ruby Studs from Brooklyn Designs ($79):

ruby studs

In our third hometown date, Andi meets Josh in Tampa. They went to play baseball and Andi wears a Vince Boatneck Tee ($125), Pull & Bear Basic Colored Shorts (sold-out) and Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers ($44.95). This Ann Taylor Satin Trim Boatneck Tee ($19.88) and JCP Twill Shorts ($14.99) are similar:

baseball date

During dinner with the parents, Andi accessorized with Brooklyn Designs’ Mika Gold Leaf Earrings ($78) and Abbey Double Strand Necklace ($98):

Photo via Brooklyn Designs

Photo via Brooklyn Designs

She wasn’t too thrilled with all of the football talk, but any good wife knows that you can’t get between a man and his football. She is wearing the JCrew Carrie Cami ($69.99). This Crisscross Back Cami from Forever 21 ($15.80) is similar:

camisoleIt was interesting to see the family’s take on this relationship. Josh’s sister pretty much forshadowed that they may fight about how involved he is in his brother’s career in the future. She is also wearing the See Song Ocean Blue Fishtail Bracelet ($40):

see song

Our final hometown date is with Marcus in Dallas. I loved Andi’s look for this date – it is probably more along the lines of something I would wear (I can’t resist a black dress). She accessorizes with the Short Leaf Necklace from Melinda Maria ($148) and the Andi Necklace from Brooklyn Designs ($115):

andi necklace

As they enter the bar, you get a good glimpse of her Isola Orenda Wedges ($121.95). To recreate this look, I selected this Jessica Simpson Sleeveless Sheath Dress ($128) and these Tenley Wedges by Dolce Vita ($79):

marcus hometown

Andi also wears Robyn Rhodes’ Sappho Ring ($99):


Before the rose ceremony, everyone is gathered at Chris Harrison’s house so the producers can tell them about the passing of Eric Hill. This is a hard scene to watch, a few other bloggers have mentioned that it is sort of like watching a private moment and I have to agree with them.

Andi has a hard time making it through the rose ceremony this week, but does eventually decide to let Marcus go. This isn’t surprising as she has mentioned a number of times that she doesn’t know if her feelings can catch up to his. She wore a fitted green gown. I thought this Strapless Taffeta Evening Gown from Dressale ($122.99) was a good match and you can order it in green:


Next week, we have the Fantasy Suite Dates in the Dominican Republic and things will really start to heat up. Who will stay and who will go?

In the deleted scenes this week, Josh gives Andi a special surprise:

On her hometown date with Chris, they plant a rose bush in this deleted scene:

When meeting Josh’s family, Andi can’t leave until she does the shake face:

I enjoy reading Bachelor spoilers and if you are interested in finding out what happens in advance you can check out Reality Steve for more information. He also has great behind the scenes details on which cast-offs are dating and who is going take the final rose this season.

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