White Collar “Taking Stock” Recap

This week on White Collar, Neal (Matt Bomer) doesn’t waste any time telling Peter (Tim DeKay) that he doesn’t want a new handler once Peter goes to Washington. He wants the FBI to take all of their case files into consideration and let him go free. But first they have to bag and tag all of the evidence from Rebecca’s (Bridget Regan) case. While they do that, one of her burner phones rings and they get a lead on a new case.


In order to take this case, Peter needs someone that can pass for Rebecca to go undercover. He brings Diana (Marsha Thomason) back from maternity leave early so she can impersonate Rebecca. When they get the assignment, the guy that is going to hire Rebecca for the job agrees to meet with her, but indicates that he will use her signal so she will know it is him. Unfortunately, they don’t know what her signal is, so Peter has to bring Rebecca into the FBI so they can find out.

After some mind games, they discover her signal is a watch, worn upside down, set at 10:20. Rebecca demands to talk to Neal in return for this information. Diana meets their target, Conrad Worth (Steven Pasquale), but he isn’t sure that she is who she says she is, so Neal has to get some additional background from Rebecca. Diana gets the job – stealing a thumb drive with some priceless information. The drive contains an illegal trading algorithm that was designed to be used on the stock market.


Peter and Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen) work on packing up their house for the big move to Washington. Peter confides to Elizabeth that Neal wants to get off of his anklet and he doesn’t think Neal is ready. Elizabeth suggests that the situation with Rebecca might have been a wake up call for him. She wears a blue/green burnout tee to pack. I thought this JCrew Prima Jersey Drop-Shoulder Tee ($45) was similar:

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 4.07.46 PM

The next day, Diana and Neal prepare to steal the thumb drive, but there is an emergency with Diana’s son and she has to leave Neal to handle the caper himself. The emergency turns out to be Mozzie (Willie Garson) stopping by to visit his namesake, Teddy, and harassing Diana’s babysitter. Neal almost gets caught in the act, but manages to get out with the thumb drive in hand.


Diana takes the thumb drive back to Conrad Worth, but he was tipped off that Diana is in fact not Rebecca and her cover is blown. The team is still able to make the arrest, but they are left wondering who tipped him off. They discover that the tip came from the Metropolitan Corrections Center and Rebecca was the one that tipped him off.

In the end, Peter and Neal come full circle. Neal tells Peter that he can go straight if the FBI releases him from his anklet, but before they go into detail Peter gets a call saying that Rebecca has escaped from prison.

We see Rebecca on the balcony at Neal’s apartment looking over Mozzie as he has a glass of wine!

What do you think will happen next? Will Rebecca hurt Mozzie?

If you missed this week’s episode, you can still watch it online here.

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