White Collar “Return to Sender” Recap

Peter (Tim DeKay) is enthusiastic about Elizabeth’s (Tiffani Thiessen) baby news and has decided to start fixing things around the house. Elle wears a teal blouse similar to this one from Trouve ($74):


Neil (Matt Bomer) wants to ensure that his deal with the FBI to take down the Pink Panthers is iron clad. In the meantime, he has to take his first meeting with the Panthers and who does he run into? Matt Kellar (Ross McCall) who surprisingly doesn’t blow Neal’s cover. His first mission…steal a priceless stamp.

Mozzie (Willie Garson) pays a visit to Elle and quickly discovers that she is pregnant when she won’t share a glass of wine with him. Elle wears a plum blouse with a white cardigan. I found this Vince Mixed Media Crossover Blouse ($149.99) and this Saks Fifth Avenue Collection Cashmere Long Cardigan ($210) to recreate the look.

vince blouse

Neil and Peter meet with Bianca, their liaison for this mission and Peter gets to pretend to be Neal’s father, which wasn’t too far from the truth. They head off to a private black market auction and Neil impressively steals the stamp that they were after against all odds. I love how he can think on his feet and come up with crazy plans at a moment’s notice.

Unfortunately, the FBI has to confiscate the stamp and Neal is forced to forge it so he has something to deliver to the Panthers. He uses a secret code in the stamp to convince Kellar to authenticate it. He also confronts Kellar about being an informant for Interpol. Kellar reminds him that they both have something to gain if they can work together.

In the end of the episode Peter presents Neal with a signed contract from the Attorney General. If he brings down the Panthers he officially has his freedom. Peter also reveals the news about Elle’s pregnancy and Neal is genuinely happy for him.

I can’t wait to see what will happen with only four episodes left.

If you missed this episode, you can find it on iTunes for $2.99.

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