White Collar “No Good Deed” Recap

We pick up where we left off – Neal (Matt Bomer) and Rebecca (Bridget Regan) the morning after. Things seem to be going well, but Neal wants to distance her from his dealings with Hagen.

Back at the office, Jones (Sharif Atkins) brings one of the Welsh gold coins that Neal stole and drops it on Peter’s (Tim Dekay) desk. This is their first lead in the case. Someone is trying to unload the coins and Peter is determined to find out who the fence is. Neal hits the pavement to find out who the fence is, but Peter doesn’t trust him. So he uses a lunch date that Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen) had with Mozzie (Willie Garson) to blackmail Mozzie into giving up a name. Neal and Mozzie are able to recover in time, but Peter is very suspicious.


This doesn’t stop them from planning to steal the Mosconi stained glass window for Hagen. Rebecca insists on coming along to be a lookout and Neal agrees. Meanwhile, Peter confides in Elizabeth that he knows Neal is up to something. She wears a purple chemise and eyelet robe. To recreate the look I found this Calvin Klein Essentials Chemise ($42) and this Natori Women’s Shangri La Wrap ($94):

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 8.56.09 PM

Peter tracks Neal to the window right after he stole it. Mozzie and Rebecca get away with the window and Neal goes back to try to turn Peter off the trail. Peter can’t wait anymore and confronts Neal about stealing the coins. Peter plays Neal and tells him that Jones caught the fence even though they didn’t have him. Neal finally confesses to stealing the coins and bribing the prosecutor to free Peter. He doesn’t tell him about Hagen or the window. Neal convinces Peter to talk to Elizabeth before he arrests him. If Peter is indicted, then his career is over, even if he turns out to be innocent. Peter worries what it says about him if he ignores the situation.

He talks to Elizabeth and she asks him to make sure he really needs to turn himself in and ruin his career. She wears an olive, military-style blouse. I found this similar Vince Camuto blouse for $39.90:

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 9.01.55 PM

Things change when Jones walks in with the real Decker and starts to question him. Peter decides to confront the prosecutor and gives him an ultimatum – either he turn in the coins and resign or Peter will arrest him on the spot. The prosecutor resigns and Peter gets the coins. He tells Neal that this is a compromise that he will never make again. They both agree that things need to change between them.

What do you thing that means? Will Peter find out about Neal’s partnership with Hagen? Will Mozzie and Neal be able to trade the window for Hagen’s evidence on Neal?

If you missed this week’s episode, you can still watch it online here.

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