White Collar “Live Feed” Recap

Peter (Tim DeKay) is in turmoil this week after Neal’s (Matt Bomer) betrayal. He can’t let it go, but he doesn’t want to lose his career over it either. Of course as everything is up in the air, he gets offered the section chief job in Washington D.C. starting in two weeks.


Jones (Sharif Atkins) brings a new case in but Peter doesn’t want to involve Neal this time. Jones knows something is up and advises Peter to end the cycle and quit letting Neal hold him back.

Neal is on his way to finish the Mosconi window deal with Hagen (Mark Sheppard), but Hagen turns the tables on him by kidnapping Rebecca (Bridget Regan) to keep Neal under his thumb.


Peter meets with Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen) to discuss the section chief job. She is ready to move, but he isn’t ready to let go yet. He’s made his peace with Neal’s betrayal but he can’t forget what happened to Siegel and needs to solve his murder. Elizabeth wears a sold-out Narciso Rodriguez Blue Colorblock Short Sleeve Dress. This Kenneth Cole ‘Andrea’ Colorblock Sheath Dress ($58.80) is similar:

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 10.24.45 PM

Neal and Mozzie (Willie Garson) bring Hagen the glass key from the Mosconi window, but Hagen doesn’t bring Rebecca. He decides to hold her until Neal cracks the code.

In the meantime, Peter needs Neal for an art forgery case that implicates Hagen. Neal tries to buy some time by having Mozzie decipher Mosconi’s code. As the FBI is on their way to arrest Hagen, Neal burns the Mosconi pages to try to get Hagen to reveal Rebecca’s location. He has Mozzie memorize the page symbols so they can recreate it later. Neal is able to rescue Rebecca and they have a touching reunion.

With Rebecca’s help, Neal realizes that they are on a treasure hunt for the Hope Diamond’s lost twin. Peter arrests Hagen, but in the interrogation Hagen points the finger at Neal. Hagen offers Peter a deal – he has something to show him if he comes to his house. Jones pulls Neal’s tracking data and discovers that he was with Hagen all afternoon.

Peter decides to visit Hagen’s apartment, but before they go inside Hagen tells them that he is working to set them up and before he can say more is shot by a sniper!

Neal discovers a receipt in Hagen’s wallet that gives him a lead. The receipt is for a location on the same block where Siegel was murdered. They visit the location and discover that Hagen was watching someone. The Cooper 3 clue that Siegel left leads them to an apartment that has files on every FBI agent on Peter’s team.

Neal further discovers the room where Rebecca was being held and realizes that this is her apartment and she has been conning him the whole time. She is also now the main suspect in Siegel’s murder!

I didn’t see that coming!!

What do you think about Rebecca’s betrayal?! Do you think Rebecca will have an explanation? Will Neal dump her?

If you missed this week’s episode, you can still watch it online here.

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