White Collar “At What Price” Recap

I have to admit that one of the reasons I love watching White Collar is for Tiffani Thiessen. Her character Elizabeth Burke is so likeable. For one, her name is Elizabeth (and I love that they call her Elle sometimes – I never thought of that for a nickname), she has a great job as an event planner and she has a classy but fashionable wardrobe that I love. Why should Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) have all the fun?

I thought I would save one more TV spot for White Collar and cover Elizabeth’s wardrobe this season. In the first scene she answers the age-old question of what to wear when you visit your husband in prison? Elizabeth wears a black dress with gold piping. I found three very similar options, the first a Rebecca Taylor sheath dress ($385), the second a Calvin Klein zigzag dress ($86.99) that also comes in a plus size, and the third a Calvin Klein dress with zipper detail ($59.99): gold dress

Neal is finally able to free Peter (Tim DeKay), but to do it he is now under the thumb of the Dutchman who is blackmailing him. This will definitely come back to bite him and he should probably come clean to Peter sooner rather than later. This will only end badly. Elizabeth and Peter have a touching reunion once he gets out of court and is finally free to go home. She wears a black skirt and blazer with a white blouse, black crocodile pumps and a red and black bag.


Photo courtesy of Doug Meszler, Splash News

You can get this look with Nine West’s Charly pumps ($58.99), INC blouse ($72.50), Giani Bernini leather tote ($117.99), Kenneth Cole Drape Front Blazer ($39.99), and the New Directions pencil skirt ($24.99):

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 4.11.43 PM

Peter’s instincts are on point; at the end of the episode he confides in Elizabeth that he thinks there is more to the story. He caught on that Neal’s tracker doesn’t seem to be working and although he can’t prove it, he does swap it out for a brand new one. It will be interesting to see how Neal’s new handler will deal with him now that Peter is getting promoted.

Elizabeth wears an orange button up blouse and a beige cardigan. I found an orange button-down crepe blouse from Charlotte Russe ($22.99) and a long-sleeve sweater at Macy’s ($39.99):


Just when you think Neal is keeping his nose clean, he gets pulled back in!

What did you think of the Season 5 premiere of White Collar?

If you missed the premiere, you can still watch it here.

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