Throwback Thursday: Our Engagement Party

As promised, here is my next Throwback Thursday post on our engagement party. You can read our engagement story here. Since I started this blog two years after our wedding I didn’t get to share all of these fun party details with you. Our engagement party was one of my favorite events in our wedding extravaganza. Since we had planned to have a long 32 month engagement we decided to host an engagement party to share our excitement with our friends and family. Since I had grand plans of a formal wedding, we decided to have a casual engagement party with a Michigan tailgate theme.

We hosted the party in my parent’s backyard with a big outdoor tent on one of Michigan’s away games in October. Every year Michigan has a theme for the season and in 2009 it was “All in for Michigan.” The official student shirt is designed with this theme and it happened to include a Big House Pledge:


We took this theme and made our party “All in for John and Liz” and re-wrote the big house pledge to suit our own purposes in our invitation:


invitation back

John and I both wore our Michigan shirts to the party:


We had a great spread in the dining room and then a big tent out in the backyard for tailgating fun. And yes, I did wrap all of those utensils up in napkins and still had some in my basement until the big flood last year.


Here are some of the other fun pictures from the party:

One of our junior bridesmaids, Bella

One of our junior bridesmaids, Bella

Our cake!

Our cake!

John's mom got us wedding themed ornaments from Frankenmuth

John’s mom got us wedding themed ornaments from Frankenmuth

The flower girl, Kayla!

The flower girl, Kayla!

I loved writing this post, it brought back so many good memories. Even though Michigan lost to Iowa that night, I still felt like I had won the jackpot (if you couldn’t tell from my permagrin in these pictures).

Let me know what other throwbacks you would like to see. I’m hoping to do one every month. Did you have an engagement party? What was your theme?

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