The Good Wife “Old Spice” Recap

This episode had everything! More interactions between Elsbeth Tascioni (Carrie Preston) and Josh Perotti (Kyle MacLachlan), Diane (Christine Baranski) taking on Lockhart, Gardner, Canning and Cary (Matt Czuchry) ending up right back where he started. Elsbeth and Alicia (Julianna Marguiles) are on the same side this week against Perotti. In court, Alicia wore an Alexander McQueen Pinstriped Blazer ($1785) and Pucci V-Neck Blouse. To recreate the look, I found this Topstitched Pinstripe One Button Jacket ($54) and Vince Camuto Faux Wrap Shirttail Blouse ($47.40):

The Good Wife McQueen

I love how Elsbeth tried to use her feminine wiles to distract Perotti, but then it ended up backfiring on her. I usually am not a huge fan of her outfits, but I loved her Ted Baker Blare Wispy Meadow Jacket ($375). I found this Paperwhite Floral One-Button Blazer ($111) to recreate the look:

Ted baker floral blazer

Diane is in charge of taking on David Lee (Zach Grenier) and Louis Canning (Michael J Fox) to fight over the Lockhart Gardner office. They trade technicalities until they back her into a corner. In a hilarious move, they are forced to “hire” Howard in order for Diane to keep the property. She wore a stunning blue Broken Elbow Dress by No. 35 ($845.50) and the Winter’s Dream Necklace by Daniel Lawson for Pono. This Ellen Tracy Three-Quarter-Sleeve Seamed-Panel Sheath ($108) is a great match:

number 35

In the meantime Cary was drowning his sorrows at a Harvard mixer over state lines, which means that he broke the terms of his parole…on a technicality. His parole officer was not having any of his excuses.

I was dying laughing during Elsbeth and Josh’s sex on the desk, the music combined with the shirt ripping was just hilarious. It was the perfect light-hearted scene to combat all of the serious scenes with Cary.

Alicia and Cary have a nice moment where she gives her full support to him in spite of their professional differences with the firm. She is wearing one of her favorite sold-out Armani Collezioni Blazers. This Calvin Klein Cross-Dyed Blazer ($99.99) is similar:

armani blazer

What a shocker that the judge approving the restriction that Cary can’t see Kalinda anymore – this will make for an interesting development going forward.

Josh and Elsbeth ended up screwing each other over in court, but they seemed to enjoy it. It’s too bad they won’t be regulars, they are hilarious together.

In the end, Alicia and Diane came full circle – back at Lockhart Gardner. Nothing was more heart-wrenching than Alicia sitting in Will’s chair. Alicia wore an Akris Belted Stretch Flannel Dress ($2990). I liked this Pendleton Worsted Wool Flannel Town Dress ($103.99) to recreate the look:

akris dress

I also thought it was funny that all of the keyboards had the A,F, and L keys removed. I think they did that to George W. Bush and removed all of the W’s…ha! Diane looked great in a Number 35 Lilly Blazer ($1368.91) and marcasite bird pin. I had a hard time finding a similar fur lined jacket, so that might be a DIY project, but I did find this Linea by Louis Dell’Olio Lace Print Jacket with Seaming Detail ($61) which I think could give you a similar look. I also like this Marcasite Feather Brooch ($45):

number 35 lilly

What did you think about this episode?

You can still watch it here if you missed it.

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