The Good Wife “Everything is Ending” Recap

I have always loved the clothes from The Good Wife. Alicia Florrick (Julianna Marguiles) and Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) are impeccably dressed in every episode. I really wanted to cover this show this season and try to find some of these amazing looks for less.

The first scene we see is the ending of last season, where Cary (Matt Czuchry) visits Alicia to discuss starting their own firm. The dress is so sexy, so you think she is meeting with Will, but it turns out to be Cary. It is a black Antonio Berardi dress. I found two different options, the Black Halo Jackie Dress ($345) and a sexy David Miester dress ($250, worn by Marcia Gay Harden on the red carpet).

black dress Alicia and team are working on a death penalty appeal which makes for a fairly serious episode. The comedic relief was Monica “teleconferencing in” on some sort of robotic segway and not really making it work. That was sort of ridiculous, but I could see offices trying to do something like that. In any case, it lightened up the episode. Alicia is wearing a teal Christian Dior blazer. I found a similar option for less at Dress Barn for $39: teal blazer I also have to mention how great the music was in this episode – it really brought the time limitations of this case to life. And a big hello to Melissa George who is guest starring as Marilyn “Mitch” Garbanza. I was a big fan of Alias back in the day and she was always a character I loved to hate. I am excited to see how her character will develop this season.

Marilyn wears a white blouse with leather trim. I found a few similar options, the first a B and K by BUCHANAN & KANG blouse ($295), the second a Elie Tahari Chelsea Blouse ($186), and the third a Kardashian Kollection blouse ($33.24):

bw blouseMarilyn has a very feminine look, which might explain why Eli (Alan Cumming) and Peter (Chris Noth) decide to promote her out of the office – so as not to send the wrong message. She wears a high-neck cream blouse. I found a similar looking blouse from Equipment ($124.80):

white blouseBack at the office, Cary confronts Alicia to make sure she is still on board with going out on their own. The partners complicate things when they confront her about the 4th years leaving to start their own firm. I think this will be a very difficult transition, it will be interesting to see how things play out.

Diane and Robyn (Jess Weixler) are still working on the appeal case. Diane wears a Saint Laurent blouse ($1257.53). I found a few similar blouses, the first a coral blouse from Mango ($59.99), the second an American Apparel blouse ($42.99), and a fuschia blouse from JCP ($15.99):

red blouseCary visits Alicia at home to find out what the partners know, putting her in the middle. She wears a Theory Jondi Jacket ($166) and I found a similar Boucle Jacket from the Gap ($88):

boucle jacketI thought it was a great opening to the season! What did you think of the premiere episode?

You can still watch the Season 5 premiere here.

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