The Crazy Ones “Dead and Improved” Recap

This episode started out sort of weird, but as it kept going it was very touching. The episode opened with Simon (Robin Williams) working on a jingle with his team. As he was waiting for his jingle writer, Conrad Evans, to arrive he is interrupted by Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) informing him that Conrad passed away and that his daughter, Melora (Missi Pyle) is waiting in his office.

Sydney wears the sold-out Parker Printed Crossover Dress. This Julie Brown Alison Dress ($60) is similar. Sydney also wears the Alexandra necklace ($98) and the Grey Lee Designs Vertical Bar Necklace ($88):

Parker dressMelora is straight with Simon and Sydney, she knows that nobody really liked her father, but she wants Simon to do his eulogy. Melora wants her father’s life to be celebrated for at least one day and she knows that Simon can bring that like nobody else.

On the other side of the office, Andrew (Hamish Linklater), Zach (James Wolk) and Lauren (Amanda Setton) are meeting with the Charmin representative who wants to make the commercial sexy. Simon tries to trade Andrew and Zach for the commercial, but Melora is convinced that Simon has to do the eulogy. She wants her father rebranded as beloved.

Mitchell (Kurt Fuller), the Charmin rep, decides that he wants in on the big funeral. Instead of using Kleenex he wants them to pass out rolls of Charmin at the funeral. He wants what Kleenex has. Why not Charmin?

Unfortunately, before he gets a chance to continue his rant, Sydney has to interrupt with news from Charmin that their representative no longer speaks for the company and Andrew and Zach have to terminate the meeting. They wuss out and make Sydney give him the bad news. She wears the sold-out Kate Spade New York Kati Cardigan. I found this David Kahn Felix Sweater ($23.40) to recreate the look along with the Wyatt black and red rosette blouse ($66.75):

kate spade blouse

Mitch ends up losing it and his clothes insisting that Simon rebrand him. Simon pawns this task off on Andrew who tries to talk Mitch down.

For the funeral, Simon has to bring Fred Melamad, the voice over guy, in to help with the funeral. Simon keeps trying to back out of it, but Melora insists that she wants a spectacle.

Simon is having doubts about himself, whether he really has a legacy or is he just a big spectacle himself. Sydney convinces him that he is awesome and he needs to get out there and throw a kick ass funeral.

The sweetest part about this episode is at the end, when Simon feels like he is just putting on a big spectacle, he stops and realizes that someone loved Conrad, and that was his daughter Melora. He then directs his touching speech at Sydney, telling the audience that it doesn’t matter what people thought about him, it only matters that he had someone who loved him.


The best quote was “You want to see the true picture of a man, see him through his daughter’s eyes.” Even I teared up a little bit. He rocked that eulogy and gave Melora the spectacle she wanted.

Mitch even got people using Charmin at the funeral, so he won too.

What did you think about this episode?

If you missed this episode, you can purchase it on iTunes for $2.99.

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