Bachelor 21 – Week 5

We pick up right where we left off, with Corrine vs. Taylor. Nick kept both of them through the rose ceremony so we could get a dramatic two-on-one date this week.

Sarah wore Kendra Scott’s Danielle earrings ($75). They are my fav, but they didn’t save her from going home. Astrid also got the boot.

Nick whisks the rest of the women off to New Orleans for the next step in their journey. I am a huge fan of Jaimi’s “Champagne Campaign” shirt and had been eyeing it long before this episode. This version is from Private Party ($52):

Rachel gets the one-one-one date and bonds with Nick. Love Rachel, but hated her outfit on this date. These two could not have been cuter together – it is rare to see a contestant that is so confident and sure of herself. Rachel received the rose and is safe.

We can’t say as much for Corinne and Taylor, who received the dreaded two-on-one date. But first, Nick takes the girls to a plantation and then the producers tried a little too hard to make it “haunted.” Insert eye roll here. Danielle M. received the group date rose.

Next up, the two-on-one where Corinne feeds Taylor to an alligator…okay maybe not, but it got ugly. Taylor can’t accept Nick’s rejection and pops up again during his dinner date with Corinne. We will have to wait and see what happens next week!

Are you Team Taylor or Team Corinne this week?

If you missed this episode you can still watch it here.

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Bachelor 21 – Week 4

Week 4 picks up where we left off at the pool party. The girls are upset about Corinne’s antics, but really they are just jealous that Nick seems to be so into her. I liked Jasmine’s cover up, which she got at T.J. Maxx. I found this Floral Print Kimono for $24.99:

At the rose ceremony, Nick sent home Brittany and Christen. You know I wasn’t too upset about it since I couldn’t even remember their names…

Chris Harrison comes to tell the girls that they get to travel to the exciting locale of Waukesha, Wisconsin! When they arrive, Nick picks Danielle L. for the first one-on-one date. I won’t be sharing Danielle’s evening attire as she was popping out of it the entire concert. But she got the rose, so I guess it worked.

Next up for the group date, the girls got the chance to do some work down on the farm. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to muck out stables while trying to impress a guy… It worked for Kristina and she receives the group date rose.

Raven gets the final one-on-one date this week and she gets to meet Nick’s family and attend a roller skating party. Later that evening, Raven goes into crazy detail about how her ex-boyfriend cheated on her and she beat him in the head with a stiletto. Nick doesn’t seem to worry and gives Raven the rose.

We get another to be continued after Corrine and Taylor have it out during the rose ceremony. To be fair there wasn’t a lot of great fashion in this episode, maybe I will get a better look when we pick this back up.

Are you #TeamCorrine or #TeamTaylor?

If you missed this episode you can still watch it here.

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Bachelor 21 – Week 3

Never again do we have to hear about Jade and Tanner’s wedding…at least until the Women Tell All. Nick finally sent Liz home in the last episode, but now he has to deal with the consequences. The girls feel like they were being lied to the whole time…or at least for two episodes.

Danielle M. wore a sold out Theory Saida Striped Sweater. This Brooks Brothers Cotton Stripe Crewneck Sweater ($78) is similar:

Sarah wore Jetset Diaries Sunset Bodycon Dress. I found a similar Tadashi Shoji Cap Sleeve Lace Dress ($408) to recreate the look:

Astrid wore the LIKELY Driggs Strapless Dress ($178). I also found this similar Charles Henry Off the Shoulder Woven A-Line Dress ($88) with more sizes:

Raven wore the Stylestalker Sofala Midi Dress ($99). This NSR Floral Lace Slipdress is similar ($78):

Corrine ended up sleeping through the rose ceremony after a scandalous whipped cream show for Nick. She already had a rose though so Nick sent home Lacey, Hailey, and Elizabeth. The next day, a few lucky women are treated to a special group date with The Backstreet Boys! Danielle L. was selected to get serenaded with Nick as part of the date. Corrine is apparently a self-admitted bad dancer and she is still trying to make up for her snoozefest which puts her in the awkward position of not feeling very confident on this date.

Back at the mansion, the one-on-one date card comes and it says “Vanessa, you make me feel like I am floating.”Their zero-gravity date was SO adorable! I would love to do that with my husband. I did feel bad that she got sick at the end though. I loved her black moto jacket during the evening date and found this similar Levi’s Faux Leather Moto Jacket ($150):

The next group date card was for Rachel, Alexis, Astrid, Jamie, Sarah, Brittany, and Dominique and says “I’m done playing the field.” During the group portion of the date, Astrid wore a Kendall & Kylie Stripe Strapless Jumpsuit ($69.30):

While Dominique was self-imploding, Sarah was enjoying her wine with the Kendra Scott Naomi Ring ($130):

Instead of a cocktail party, Nick decided on a pool party. Sarah wore a sold out Show Me Your Mumu Honolulu High Neck Bikini Top in the Strike a Rose pattern. The bikini bottom is still available for $40 and a similar top is available for $46. I found a similar Floral Foliage Bikini Top ($17.90) and bottom ($12.90). She also wore the Kendra Scott Elisa Pendant Necklace ($50):

To be continued…who will stay and who will go? Find out next week…

If you missed this episode you can still watch it here.

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Bachelor 21 – Week 2

Week 2 of The Bachelor kicks off with the first group date of the season for Corrine, Vanessa, Sarah, Alexis, Hailey, Lacey, Brittany, Jasmine, Raven, Danielle L., Taylor and Elizabeth W. and the card says “Always a bridesmaid…” The ladies then head off to a raunchy themed wedding photo shoot where Corrine takes off her top and proceeds to make out with Nick, half-naked in front of the other women. Classy.

During the evening portion of the date, Corrine is drunk and can’t stop stealing Nick away from the other women – which of course doesn’t bother anyone. On top of winning the photo challenge, Corrine also wins the group date rose – Nick is definitely drinking the Corinne Kool-aid. Unfortunately, there weren’t any stand out looks during this group date, so I don’t have anything to share with you on that end. If there is something you are interested in let me know!

Back at the mansion, Danielle M. gets the group date rose which says “Our relationship is about to take off.” One of the necklaces is the Pavé Diamond Charm Necklace ($168) from Brooke Worthington:

On the evening date Danielle shared the heartbreaking story of her fiance. She is so sweet, that is an awful ordeal and she must be very brave to come on this show after something like that. She wore a custom made Cavanagh Baker jumpsuit. This Laundry by Shelli Segal Jumpsuit ($148) is similar:

Nick gives Danielle the rose and she is safe until next week.

Meanwhile, the next group date card comes for Christen, Josephine, Astrid, Jamie, Kristina, and Liz saying “We need to talk…” Nick takes the ladies to the Museum of Broken Relationships where he has donated the engagement ring he almost gave to Kaitlyn. The women have to break up with Nick live as part of the date. What is more awkward than the terrible outfits is the breakup between Liz and Nick. It is time to send her home!

The only outfit that I thought was nice was from Kristina. She wore the sold out Lotus Top from Cupcakes and Cashmere. I found a different floral top that would also look great with white shorts and wedges. It is also from Cupcakes and Cashmere, the Tibet Floral Top ($84):

During the evening portion of the date, Nick finally confronts Liz and sends her home. This was definitely the right move as the other women never would have trusted him after they found out. The episode ends on a To Be Continued note and we will have to wait to see how the women react. Do you think anyone will leave?

If you missed this episode you can still watch it here.

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Bachelor 21 – Week 1

The Bachelor is back and so is Nick Viall for his fourth round on the show! I have to admit that Nick has always been one of my favorites. I loved him on Andi’s season and was so stunned when she picked Josh. I’m glad he’s getting his own turn to do the picking.

Here are some of the fashion highlights from Week 1…

Danielle Lombard has AMAZING hair…seriously hair envy for days! Since she owns a nail salon I bet she hers look impeccable the entire season. In her intro video, she wore this Tularosa Amelia Crop Top ($118) at the beach.

I loved Vanessa Grimaldi’s effortless girl-next-door style with her white off-the-shoulder sweater with black stripes. I found two similar options, a Vince Striped Bouclé Cashmere Sweater ($345) and a Calvin Klein Striped Open Stitch Sweater ($31.33):

Danielle Lombard looked stunning in her black lace plunge gown and Nick definitely noticed! I found a few similar options if you want to recreate the look. There’s this Dress the Population Michelle Sequin Gown ($318) and this ABS Jersey Triangle-Sleeve Gown ($390):

Rachel Lindsay stunned in a sold out red lace one shoulder Mac Duggal gown. This Adrianna Papell Embellished Lace One-Shoulder Gown ($179) is similar:

Hailey Merkt pretty much told Nick that she wasn’t wearing underwear so there’s that. She looked good in her Open-Back Floor-Length Terani Dress ($249), but that’s definitely not how I would make an entrance…

Elizabeth Sandosz was up next an in case you don’t get tired of hearing it in the coming episodes, she previously met Nick at Jade & Tanner’s wedding and they had a one-night stand. Lots of drama to unpack there, but she looked great in her navy blue sequined plunge dress. I found a few similar options to recreate her look; first Dress the Population’s Harper Mermaid Gown ($308), second, Mac Duggal’s Sequin Slit Gown ($338), and third, Ralph Lauren’s Sequin & Jersey Cowl Back Gown ($184).

Corinne Olympios is already turning out to be a polarizing figure this season and definitely our “villian.” As much as she annoys me, I have to admit that she looked stunning on night one in her burgundy plunge number. I found a few options if you want to get her look. This Floor-length Evening Dress ($132.99) which has a burgundy option (not pictured) and this Burgundy Halter Plunge Neck Twist Front Open Back Dress ($20):

Next up is Danielle Maltby who brought Nick some homemade maple syrup. She wore the Conversation Piece Wine Red Backless Maxi Dress from LuLu’s ($74):

Enter Lauren Hussey, who pointed out that together they could be a disgusting hussy (because that’s what you want your new boyfriend to think about the first time he meets you). She did have a classic look including a Badgley Mischka Sequin Cowl Back Halter Gown ($492.99). This LuLu’s Slink and Wink Matte Rose Gold Sequin Maxi Dress ($78) is similar:

Despite Corinne’s stolen kiss, it was Rachel who snagged the first impression rose from Nick. Nick also kissed her which was a little different from Corrine’s kiss which she initiated. Nick decided to let Angela, Briana, Ida Marie, Jasmine B., Lauren, Michelle, Olivia and Susannah go home this week. We are now down to 22 ladies for week two.

Who are your favorites so far?

If you missed the premiere you can still watch it here.

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Here Comes the Boom

When you think about “Bringing the Boom” what comes to mind? For me it is fall TV. Have you ever watched a show that leaves you hanging? I can think of a few memorable moments that had me texting my friends or my mom in shock with “Can you believe what just happened?!” I am super pumped for fall TV and when I thought about what kind of show I need popcorn for Scandal, kicking off on September 24, definitely came to mind. If you’ve forgotten how many crazy moments Olivia Pope and company have delivered? Here’s a peek of this season’s premiere and you can’t help but get giddy watching Shonda Rimes #BringtheBoom:

We all know that Olivia Pope lives on popcorn and wine and I figured, what better way to celebrate the premiere on Thursday than with BOOMCHICKAPOP?

Olivia Pope indulging in popcorn and wine

Olivia Pope indulging in popcorn and wine

Olivia is normally eating popcorn as her dinner, but when I want popcorn, I want something light without a ton of calories. That’s where BOOMCHICKAPOP comes in. BOOMCHICKAPOP is a better-for-you snack with simple ingredients, calorie transparency and great taste! They are certified gluten-free and use non-GMO ingredients in all of their products. All of their products are less than 100 calories per cup! NOTE: Per cup, not per serving! So you can have lots and not kill your diet. These are some of their top selling flavors:

  • BOOMCHICKAPOP Sea Salt Popcorn
  • BOOMCHICKAPOP Lightly Sweet Popcorn
  • BOOMCHICKAPOP Sweet & Salty Popcorn
  • BOOMCHICKAPOP White Cheddar Popcorn

When I was looking at where to buy BOOMCHICKAPOP I was surprised to discover that it was readily available at the Rite-Aid within walking distance from my house…Score!

Rite Aid

I selected the Lightly Sweet and Sweet & Salty flavors to try. I also noticed that none of the products contain high fructose corn syrup which is a huge bonus!

IMG_3973I decided I should watch the Scandal season finale to refresh my memory prior to the Season five premiere, so I set out my popcorn and poured a glass of wine:


I figured I may as well re-watch the Season four Scandal finale to refresh my memory before Thursday, so I roped John and Sport into watching it with me.


Both flavors of BOOMCHICKAPOP tasted amazing! I couldn’t believe the flavor came in such a low calorie serving. Even Sport loved the few pieces I allowed him to try. I can’t wait until Scandal premieres on Thursday to #BringtheBoom. I will be ready with my BOOMCHICKAPOP popcorn and a glass of Olivia Pope approved wine to celebrate!

For those of you who can’t wait for Halloween, BOOMCHICKAPOP is running a special giveaway. You are invited to share photos and content to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram using the hashtag #BringTheBoom for a chance to win three Halloween kits (including an array of fun treats and prizes, and could include things such as trick or treat bags, glow bracelets, stay-at-home popcorn & bowl kits, and BOOM pumpkin carving kits), a $50 Target gift card and free BOOMCHICKAPOP! BOOMCHICKAPOP will pick the winners and mail prizes out a week before Halloween. There will be three prizes given away in total. Each include:

  • A ‘Halloween Kit’ Complete with Halloween necessities.
  • A $50 Target gift card
  • Multi-packs of either Sea Salt or Sweet & Salty

Don’t forget to check out the BOOMCHICKAPOP Pinterest boards, here for more ideas on how to #BringtheBoom.

Are you excited for Scandal to #BringtheBoom this season?

Falling Skies “On Thin Ice/Collateral Damage” Recap

I must admit, when my husband and I started watching Falling Skies last night we both felt a little lost. The season picks up 7 months in the future and a lot has happened. I found a recap video of Seasons 1&2 to help you catch up:

Remember, that when we last left off, Tom (Noah Wyle) became President of the 2nd Mass, Anne (Moon Bloodgood) discovered she was pregnant, the 2nd Mass stumbled across a new species of aliens, and Karen (Jessy Schram) infected Hal (Drew Roy) with some sort of bug.

Before I get into the recap, I thought it would help if I reviewed some of the Falling Skies vocabulary. They introduced a lot in this episode and it was hard to keep up:

Volm – The Volm are the new race of aliens that landed on Earth at the end of Season 2. They have teamed up with the humans to fight the evil aliens. We learn that the Espheni Overlords have taken over many planets and the Volm fought back against them. Now the Volm travel around to planets that the Espheni are trying to take over and attempt to stop them. Here is the link to the Volm Wiki which provides more information.

Cochise – Cochise (Doug Jones) is the Volm Commander who interacts with Tom and the 2nd Mass.



Skitters – The Skitters are the first species of aliens that the humans interacted with when the Espheni invaded Earth. They have six legs, claws and generally look like your worst spider nightmare. The Skitters are responsible for the harnessed children. The Skitters are controlled by the Espheni Overlords. There is a group of Skitters that have broken free and they created a resistance to fight back against them. Click here for more details.



Harnesses – The Skitters all started out as someone who was harnessed. When the Overlords attack a planet they attach harnesses to the child inhabitants on the planet. Over time the harness will transform the host into a Skitter. The longer you stay harnessed the more advanced your abilities will become. Tom’s son Ben (Connor Jessup) had his harnessed removed, but he still has the ability to communicate with the Skitters and has retained enhanced strength and agility. Click here for more details.

Overlord/Espheni -These are the evil alien Overlords of the Skitters. Last season, Tom killed the main overlord and we learned the Karen is the new Espheni Overlord. I’m not 100% clear on how she got to be an Overlord instead of a Skitter, but maybe that will be explained later. Click here for more information on the Overlords.

Espheni Overlords

Espheni Overlords

Mechs – Mechs are the warrior robots that the Overlords use to fight the humans. They receive commands from the Overlords and sometimes harnessed children. They have massive firepower and it is difficult for the humans to fight off more than one at a time. Click here for more information.



Mega Mechs – The Mega Mechs were an upgraded version of the Mech introduced in Season 3. Click here for more information.

2nd Mass – Also known as the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment, the 2nd Mass was commanded by Dan Weaver. They are part of a bigger Militia in Massachusetts and have gone through a lot to finally make it to Charleston, South Carolina where a more sophisticated operation was set up. The first two seasons detail the journey of the 2nd Mass and how they end up at Charleston. Click here for more information.

2nd Mass

2nd Mass

Berserkers – The Berserkers are an offshoot of the 2nd Mass led by John Pope (Colin Cunningham). The Berserkers usually march to the beat of their own drum and have a hostility towards the Skitters. They usually show up during big battles and are good at taking down Mechs and Skitters.

Here is a little tribute to the Berserkers:

Now that you are up to speed on some of the new terms let’s get into the Season 3 Premiere.

The episode  opens  with Tom’s youngest son, Matt (Maxim Knight) planting some high tech bombs. This escalates into a full blown battle situation with the 2nd Mass and rebel Skitters against a team of Mechs. The rebel Skitters are now marked with war paint so you can tell them apart from the bad Skitters.

Did anyone else question why Matt was allowed to be in the fight? Last we saw, Tom was trying to keep him out of the fight now he looks like a little street fighter:

Matt Mason

Matt Mason

The 2nd Mass ends up winning the battle, but it raised a lot of questions since the Espheni were expecting them. We discover that there must be a mole in the ranks.

Tom has taken his new role as President in stride and he tasks Arthur Manchester (Terry O’Quinn) to lead the investigation for the mole.

We discover Hal is in a wheelchair, this seems to be a side effect of the bug that Karen implanted in him. Hal is the only one that knows of its existence, but Maggie (Sarah Carter) suspects that there is something else going on. Hal is having vivid dreams of Karen where they are still together as a couple.

Anne is still pregnant with Tom’s child, and she goes into labor just as Arthur plans to give Tom some big news on the identity of the mole. Arthur goes back to his office and is assassinated by the mole.

Anne gives birth to a baby girl, Alexis, who has advanced, creepy powers. She can stand up in her crib and is already saying Mama. Anne is the only one that notices these weird abilities so far.

Tom seems to be the only person that trusts the Volm, Colonol Weaver, Pope and other cabinet members aren’t on board with the new alliance. Tom reveals to Weaver that he is constructing a secret weapon with the Volm that will end the war in one shot.

As we begin the second hour, we are set up for the next battle. Ben discovers a base camp full of Mega Mechs that are getting refueled. The base is on a nuclear reactor site which means they can’t blow it up. This leads them to an agoraphobic scientist under the city that can help them destroy the base camp without creating a nuclear radiation apocalypse.

They start preparing to demolish the base camp and we see the unknown mole sneak into the war room to steal pictures of the battle plans. Tom has anticipated this and sets Weaver and the Berserkers up to be the collateral damage and distract the enemy while he sneaks in to blow up the reactor. The 2nd Mass ends up saving the day and destroying the enemy base, but not without losing some good men.

Cochise informs us that the Espheni will launch a major attack on Charleston to retaliate which foreshadows next week’s storyline.

At the end of the episode, we see Hal back in his dream sequence trying to meet Karen, but we discover that they haven’t been dreams at all. Maggie ends up finding him before his last rendezvous and it raises her suspicions even more.

This leaves us with a few unanswered questions:

Who is the mole?

I suspect it could be Hal, since Karen is controlling him. I also am curious about Captain Weaver and Pope since they aren’t onboard with the new regime, but they dislike the aliens so much I doubt they would work with them. Who do you suspect?

What will happen to Hal?

We saw Hal and Karen have sex in the woods, which makes me think that she is trying to get pregnant with some sort of hybrid alien baby. What do you think her endgame is?

What is up with Anne and Tom’s baby?

Did Karen infect her in some weird way at the end of Season 2? There didn’t seem to be much celebration around Alexis, what do you get for a post-apocalyptic baby?

Possibly a Future Post-Apocalyptic Dictator Onsie from Cafe Press ($18)?



If you missed the premiere episodes you can still watch them online here.

For more information on Summer TV premieres check out my Summer TV Preview Extravaganza post.

Graceland Pilot Recap

I’ll admit it – I only started watching Graceland for Daniel Sunjata (YUM!), but the pilot episode certainly lived up to its hype. The first episode sort of reminded me of Point Break with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. Young FBI agent learns how to surf while trying to bring down the bad guys.

Daniel Sunjata (USA)

Daniel Sunjata (USA)

Graceland is apparently based on a true story. The writers gave us a brief overview in the beginning of the episode:

“A beachfront property was seized in a drug raid by the US Government in an undisclosed location in Southern California. It was turned into a residence for top undercover agents of the DEA, FBI and Customs. The following is based upon actual events surrounding this house, unofficially known as…Graceland.”

The drug lord that previously owned the home was a big Elvis fan, which is how it got the name “Graceland.” The real Graceland was seized by the government in 1992 and used as an undercover operations base until 2001. The show is set in Southern California, but filmed in Florida.

Courtesy of USA

Courtesy of USA

The show begins with brand new FBI agent Mike Warren (Aaron Tveit) graduating at the top of his class from Quantico and getting assigned to a new post in California with his FBI idol, Mike Briggs (Daniel Sunjata). Briggs is responsible for training Warren in the ways of an undercover operative. 

The other agents in the house include FBI agents Johnny Tuturro (Manny Montana) , Charlie DeMarco (Vanessa Ferlito), DEA agents Lauren Kincaid (Scottie Thompson) and Donnie Banks (Clayne Crawford) and Customs agent DJ Jakes (Brandon Jay McLaren – who we last saw on Falling Skies). Mike takes Donnie’s place in the house after his drug bust goes bad and he gets shot by a Russian gang. He gets moved to a safehouse during his recovery.

The show starts off a little slow, with Briggs teaching Warren how to surf and assigning him house chores, but then picks up when the team gets involved with their first case. Agent Briggs is not at all what Mike expects and we find out that something happened to him a few years back (which nobody knows about) that gave him this new cavalier attitude.


Courtesy of USA

Mike gets thrown into the fire having to go undercover for a drug meet with a guy named Felix to obtain more information on the Russians who shot Donnie. Things don’t go as planned and the Russians take Felix’s family as collateral so Felix won’t talk to the FBI. Mike ends up going undercover again as Felix’s brother-in-law, Frankie Bout to try to get the family release. The team has to give Mike a fast makeover with makeup and a background story to make him a believable character.

Courtesy of USA

Courtesy of USA

The Russians wanted Mike to kill someone and use the evidence as blackmail so Felix wouldn’t talk. His intended target ends up being Donnie at the safehouse. Mike wings the operation and seems to get out unharmed until the Russians double cross him and plan to kill him too. Agent Briggs swoops in and saves the day and Mike.

The first operation was a success so the team decides to throw a party on the beach. Mike gets a phone call from his boss and we learn the real reason he was assigned to Graceland is to investigate Agent Briggs, who just saved his life.

Courtesy of USA

Courtesy of USA

The first episode laid the groundwork for what should be an interesting season with lots of plot twists and turns.

There weren’t a lot of fashion choices in this episode, so I thought about what I would need if I had to go undercover at a SoCal beach house:

Wildfox Salty Hair Coverup ($98) This is so laid back and fun – perfect for lounging around in a beach house:

Wildfox Cover Up

Wildfox Cover Up

Leah Colorblock One Piece ($176) I really liked the ruffles on this suit. You could throw on a pair of pants and the ruffles would look great:

Leah Colorblock One Piece

Leah Colorblock One Piece

Steve Madden Goldrush Sandals ($69.95) Every girl needs a pair of flat summer sandals:

Goldrush Sandal

Goldrush Sandal


What did you think of the premiere? Will you continue to watch? And what would you bring with you to the SoCal beach house?

If you missed the pilot you can still watch it online here.

For more information on Summer TV premieres check out my Summer TV Preview Extravaganza post.

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