Suits “Denial” Recap

Season five opens with a dream sequence and we see that Harvey (Gabriel Macht) is dealing with Donna (Sarah Rafferty) leaving him. In the dream sequence Jessica is wearing an all white suit. This Calvin Klein Blazer ($64.99) and Pencil Skirt ($54.98) are similar:

Calvin Klein suit

Dream Donna wore a sold out Bow Front Cutout Dress by Burberry. This C. Luce Sheath Dress with Bow ($24) is similar:


Donna is determined to be Louis’ (Rick Hoffman) secretary and she throws out all of his other resumes until she can convince him that she means business. I am guessing she wore the Donna Karan Belted Stretch Crepe Dress ($1,495) or something very similar. I found this Express Long Sleeve Surplice Dress ($59.90) to recreate the look:


Harvey is not taking Donna’s abandonment lightly and it seems to be affecting him more than he realizes. Jessica (Gina Torres) confronts him and asks him to close a new deal for the firm. She wore a the sold out Alexander McQueen Tailored Silk Mikado Jacket. I found this Lasting Moments Peplum Jacket Dress ($368) that is similar and you could mix and match the dress and the jacket.

Alexander McQueen

Donna interrupts Louis during his lunch to tell him that she officially starts as his secretary today, which culminates in a weird sexual innuendo banter between them. Donna looks smashing in a black trench. This Calvin Klein Double-Breasted Belted Trench Coat ($99.98) is similar:

Calvin Klein

As Donna and Louis kick off day two of their new working relationship, he is having a hard time believing that she isn’t going to leave him for Harvey. Donna wore the Cady Dress by Armani Collezioni ($765). This Light Blue Draped V-neck Sleeveless A-line Short Cascade Dress ($110.67) is similar:


Harvey’s worst fears are coming true and Jessica calls him out for not being able to get shit done without Donna. She demands that he get it together or she will. She has on an awesome cape style jacket with fur detail on the sleeves. This fur trimmed cape ($63.99) is similar:

Fur cape

Donna and Louis come up with their own team ritual to solidify the fact that she isn’t going back to Harvey. Donna wore a beautiful dress with rose graphics. This Calvin Klein Floral Knit Sheath Dress ($118) has a similar style:

floral sheath

In the end, Harvey is starting to come around to the fact that Donna isn’t coming back, but he is still dealing with panic attacks. It is really interesting to watch his character deal with this because he is so used to being in control.

Donna buys Rachel (Meghan Markle) Tiffany’s to celebrate her engagement and to thank her for doing all of Harvey’s extra work. Harvey in turn takes Mike (Patrick Adams) to the Nets game…front row.

All is well for now, but this is only the first episode…

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Suits “Pound of Flesh” Recap

This episode of Suits starts off with a bang, when Mike (Patrick Adams) turns off Rachel’s (Meghan Markle) alarm since she’s been burning the candle at both ends. Rachel is sleeping casual with a TopShop Viscose Scoop Tee ($20) and Sweats by Norma Kamali ($19):


Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Mike are still dancing around Giles Industries trying to knock each other out. Jessica (Gina Torres) and Harvey need to find a way to block Mike from going after some new shares that are available. Jessica looks commanding in a white asymmetrical dress. This Asymmetrical Shift Dress from Victoria’s Secret ($44.50) will give you that same power look:

asymmetrical dress

I love these next scenes with Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and Louis (Rick Hoffman) as Donna is practicing for The Merchant of Venice. As someone that also has billable time, I just keep thinking, what are they billing their play practice to? Donna wears this chic Roland Mouret Atria wool dress. I though this Collection Sheath Dress ($98) from The Limited was a great match:

roland mouret

Rachel’s brainstorm with Logan (Brendan Hines), went well and the board liked their ideas. She still isn’t calling him back because I think she is afraid of what will happen if they get too close. I love her Michael Kors Contrast-Trim Silk Blouse ($895). You can get this look with this Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Fitted Pinstripe Dress Shirt ($98) and the Stella and Dot Signature Engravable Disc Necklace ($69):

contrast button up

Jeff (D.B. Woodside) figures out a way for Harvey and Jessica to buy the available shares making it questionable, not illegal. Jessica is wearing a stunning blazer with a very different detailing on the sleeve. I loved this blazer, but couldn’t find anything similar. I did find this K Studio Twill Blazer ($20.99) which was the only blazer with any kind of sleeve detail that I could find:

bell sleeves

Donna had an amazing premiere of her Merchant of Venice play and is so grateful to Louis for helping her learn her lines. Unfortunately, Shylock was injured and the play can’t go on without him. Donna wants Louis to take his spot so the show can go on. We learn that Louis has stage fright ever since he peed his pants in front of the whole school. Donna looks dashing in a white sheath dress. You can look dashing in this Pitching Perfectly Dress from ModCloth ($74.99):

white sheath

Rachel ended up fainting at school and Mike meets Harvey at the hospital. Harvey convinces Mike to get some steak across the street while they wait for Rachel to wake up. He also convinces Mike that the stock sale has been postponed. Sean Cahill (Neal McDonough) confronts Mike and Harvey accusing them of collusion. Jessica ended up going behind their backs and buying the stock herself even though Harvey gave Mike his word that the sale was postponed.

As Rachel is leaving the hospital, she wears a blue silk cami blouse. I found this Chelsea 28 Flutter Sleeve Shell ($68) that I thought matched the color and I loved the look of it:

flutter sleeve blouse

Donna and Louis have a touching moment, as he realizes she helped him get over his stage fright. She wore a beautiful blue Roberto Cavalli Lace Keyhole Long-Sleeve Dress (sold out). I thought this Ralph Lauren Sequined Floral Lace Sheath Dress ($174) had a similar feminine look:

roberto cavalli

Harvey meets with Mike and tells him that Jessica won’t put the shares back up for bid and apologizes for getting them into this situation by not trusting Mike’s original proposal. He tells Mike to do what he needs to do and Mike goes to talk to Forstman (Eric Roberts). What he discovers is that Jonathan (Brandon Firla) has already accepted the money and has no idea that he has written himself out of the deal.

At the end of the day, Harvey remembers what is important and meets Donna outside of the office with flowers for her dressing room and a ride to the theater. This was a seriously sweet moment! As Donna gets in the car, you get a glimpse of her  Gucci Microguccissima Patent Leather Dome Satchel Bag (sold-out) and Gianvito Rossi Closed Toe Slip Ons (sold-out). I’ve mentioned this Textured Bowler Bag from Express ($59.90) as a great look for less and found these Ivanka Trump Janie Pumps ($125) to match:

nude pumpsWhat did you think about this episode of Suits?

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Suits “Leveraged” Recap

Suits starts off with a bang this week, with Donna (Sarah Rafferty) ripping Mike (Patrick Adams) a new one for using her to screw over Harvey (Gabriel Macht). He apologizes by sending her Balenciaga…a noble effort.

Harvey goes to Eric Woodall’s (Zeljko Ivanek) house to confront him and “poke the bear.” Harvey just can’t resist, but Eric informs him that his new friend Sean Cahill (Neal McDonough) will be doing the dirty work this time.

Harvey decides to get Louis (Rick Hoffman) involved to try and split Mike’s focus. Mike uses Louis’ personal feelings against Sheila against him and Louis loses the battle. I couldn’t believe Mike stooped that low.

Jessica (Gina Torres) tries to keep Jeff (D.B. Woodside) in check and he doesn’t like it. I’m not sure if hiring him was the best idea for the firm. Sean breaks the news that Jeff was about to be fired from the SEC, which Jessica didn’t know.

At the end of the day, Mike makes a deal with the devil to win his case and ultimately get himself fired, Jessica and Jeff make Cahill a great deal, which he uses to stick it to them and Logan makes a move on Rachel, but she walks away.

Here are some of my favorite outfits from this episode:


Donna looks fabulous as usual in a Lace Panel Sheath Dress from L’Wrenn Scott (sold-out) and her Gucci Microguccissima Patent Leather Dome Satchel Bag (sold-out). To recreate this look, I selected this Michelle Keegan Loves Lipsy Body-Conscious Dress With Lace Mesh Detail ($125.76) and this Textured Bowler Bag from Express, now on sale for $41.93):

lace dress


Jessica always dresses to show that she’s the boss and this Tailored Embroidered Fishtail Jacket by L’Wren Scott (sold out). To recreate this I tried to find something similar, but aside from making it myself, struck out. I did find this Beniamina Blazer from Guess ($158) that I thought had a similar feel to Jessica’s blazer:

gold blazer

Jessica pairs that jacket with a Gibo Vintage Pencil Skirt ($177.51). Since there is only one left, I found this Lafayette 148 Dayna Over-the-Knee Skirt with Side Slit ($97) to pair with the jacket I found above:



Rachel (Meghan Markle) is still dealing with Logan Sanders (Brendan Hines) and is getting pushed closer and closer to him. She wears a cardigan by L’Wrenn Scott (sold out) and paired it with a Dolce & Gabbana Stretch Wool Pencil Skirt ($995). I found this Antonio Melani Carla Floral-Lace Cardigan ($65.40) and this Ann Taylor Pencil Skirt ($79) to recreate the look:

embroidered cardigan

Rachel confronts Mike about what he did to Louis and he throws it right back at her – Harvey and Louis wouldn’t hesitate to do it to him and Gilles Industries. Rachel wears a Turtleneck from Ones ($366). I liked this 525 America Turtleneck Sweater for a little less:


Rachel goes to meet Logan about the work he asked her to do. She is trying to think two steps ahead of him, but he doesn’t like it. I’m not sure what kind of message she is trying to send with her sheer back black blouse with no bra, but I’m not sure its the right one. She pairs that with a Schumacher Brown Knee Length Skirt (sold out) and some Christian Louboutin slingbacks. To recreate the look, I found this Forever 21 Tie-Front Georgette Blouse ($17.80) and Loft Scuba Pencil Skirt ($69.50):

sheer blouse
What did you think about this episode of Suits?

If you this episode you can still watch it here.

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