Splurge vs. Steal: Mise En Dior Tribal Double-Pearl Earrings

I recently purchased some double pearl earrings from Ily Couture because I loved the look then I discovered that this is a big trend that started with the beautiful Mise En Dior Tribal Double-Pearl Earrings. Imagine my surprise when I realized that they are all the rage right now. Celebrities have been showing off these Dior beauties all over the red carpet:

dior mise en pearl

Now here’s the funny part. The Dior versions are faux pearl earrings with gold-tone hardware, so they are really just designer costume jewelry. They come in all different styles and colors and retail for anywhere between $290-$645. Most of them are sold out and Dior recently raised their prices. Dior touts that you can wear them alone or as a pair. I don’t know if I am fashion forward enough to just wear one earring, so I will stick to wearing mine as a pair. I am wearing the silver ones as I write this post so you can see how they look on:

ily couture

I got my Ily Couture Dual Pearl Studs during one of their recent sales for $4.99. That is a steal if I’ve ever seen one. Some of the variations are also at $11.99 depending on what you want. I got the silver and the hematite versions, but the classic version is $11.99. After seeing all of the Dior looks, I want to get the pearl ones too.

dior steal

Which version of these do you like best and what colors would you wear?

Do you have a splurge that you want me to find a steal for? Let me know in the comments. Or let me know if you find another steal for these Dior earrings.

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