The Good Wife “Lies” Recap

Alicia (Julianna Marguiles) and Luca (Cush Jumbo) take on a case from Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) this week of a woman who lied to her employer. Alicia wore a sold out Nanette Lepore Graphic Tweed Jacket. This Tahari Tweed Zip-Front Jacket ($90.35) is similar:

Nanette Lepore

Alicia and Luca look into insurance for the firm, but they also have to insure Jason (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who Alicia is concerned about. Luca wore a chic black dress with a white collar ruffle. I found this Ralph Lauren Spread Collar Lace Dress ($184) to recreate the look:

Ralph Lauren

Diane (Christine Baranski), Cary ( Matt Czuchry), David (Zach Grenier) and Howard (Jerry Adler) interview a potential intern and couldn’t have been more discriminatory towards her in the interview. Diane wore a sold out Akris Punto Mini Dot Jacquard Jacket. This Lafayette 148 New York Lynn Blazer ($598) is similar:


Luca and Alicia aren’t doing so well in court due to a few technicalities. Alicia wore a red belted blazer. I found a similar style in this White House Black Market Seasonless Belted Blazer ($66.99):

Belted blazer

As Diane campaigns to hire Monica, she wore the Pono Summer’s Dream Resin Necklace ($325). This Melisa Necklace ($50) is similar:


Alicia and Luca are back in court and they have to bring in their super secret NSA witness. I always love these storylines because they are so fun! Alicia wore a navy peplum blazer with a little puff in the shoulders. The best I could find to match this was this Calvin Klein Notched Collar Suit Jacket ($77.40).

Navy blazer

After Diane brings in Monica to let her down she receives an email with a YouTube video detailing how Lockhart, Agos, Lee treated Monica horribly and discriminated her in their hiring. This will mean trouble for their firm in the future. Diane wore a red and black leopard print blazer. This Banana Republic Animal Print Blazer ($178) provides a similar look:

Leopard blazer

Diane continues to push Monica to no avail, Monica makes it clear that the only thing that will assuage her is a job.

In other news, Peter (Chris Noth) announces his candidacy for president with Alicia by his side, in similar fashion to Obama. I loved this scene with Alicia and Peter because working in the public relations world I sometimes feel that the viewer/reader has no idea what actually goes into these sorts of events and that was a small albeit humorous example.

What did you think of this episode?

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The Good Wife “Payback” Recap

This week Alicia (Julianna Marguiles) and Luca (Cush Jumbo) take on their first case, a collection harassment suit. Jason Crouse (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) shows his value right off the bat, calling the collection representative at home and intimidating him. I am interested to see where his character goes this season. Alicia wore a sold out Escada Piped Tweed Jacket. This Catherine Malandrino Jeane Jacket ($114.99) is similar:


Over at Lockhart, Agos, Lee, Cary (Matt Czuchry) and Howard (Jerry Adler) are at odds in a somewhat humorous/serious situation. I only wonder what Will would have said about this if he was still here. Diane (Christine Baranski) tries to mediate the situation between them. She wore a gorgeous red and black floral peplum dress. I found a similar look in this Tahari ASL Satin Jacquard Sheath Dress ($96).

Tahari dress

Alicia and Luca attend a mediation with their client in hopes of making their small case a much bigger case. Alicia wore a Lafayette 148 New York Patterned Two-Button Jacket ($748). I thought this Stylishelf Floral Print One Button Blazer Jacket ($34.98) had a similar look:


Meanwhile, Diane, Cary and Howard attend their own mediation to address the discrimination against Howard. It is sort of funny until you realize that he is serious and could potentially sue the firm. Diane wore an Oscar de la Renta Floral Wool Day Dress ($899.99). This Colorblock Sheath Dress ($180) from White House Black Market is similar:

Oscar de la Renta

The firm has to take sensitivity training to understand how Howard feels as an 80-year-old man. Diane wore a hot pink tie blouse. This Park Avenue Bow Blouse ($26.97) is similar:

hot pink blouse

Eli (Alan Cumming), cunning as he is, has Alicia turn her case into a debt-strike. This seems fine until you realize that this hurts Peter’s (Chris Noth) standing with the unions. This gets brought up at one of their appearances and Eli shows what a great manipulator he can be. Alicia wore a Narciso Rodriguez Paneled Stretch-Crepe Dress ($758) with a matching sold out Narciso Rodriguez Crepe One Sided Lapel Jacket. To recreate the look, I found this Laundry by Shelli Segal Floral-Jacquard Sleeveless Dress ($57.40) and this Ivanka Trump Colorblocked Blazer ($78.19):

Narcisso Rodriguez

Do you think this will bet Eli back in Peter’s good graces? Stay tuned…

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The Good Wife “Taxed” Recap

Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) takes on a assisted suicide case with his particular brand of theatrics. Diane (Christine Baranski) is keeping tabs on the case for her client, until her client wants her to take over for Canning’s opponent even though she doesn’t want to argue against assisted suicide.

Meanwhile, Alicia (Julianna Marguilles) is back at bond court the other attorneys are competing to see who can get through the most cases based on the defendant’s weight. Alicia wants no part of their game. She wore a white, black and grey zip up blazer. I found a similar style in this Laundry by Shelli Segal Contrast Lace-Panel Jacket ($119.99):


Diane is arguing a case that she doesn’t believe in, but she is between a rock and a hard place with her firm’s largest client. Diane wore a Carolina Herrera Metallic Floral Jacket ($478.99) to argue in court. This StyleStalker Forever Floral Blazer ($75.99) is similar:

Carolina Herrera

Diane seems to be no match for Canning’s investigators who blow her argument. She wore a collarless black and white blazer. This Calvin Klein Marbled Zip-Front Blazer ($114.99) is similar:

Calvin Klein3

Alicia gets shunned in bond court after taking too much time with one client and poaching cases from the other attorneys by accident. After all of the rigmarole she ends up having to take a plea so her client can protect her mother, so none of it was necessary in the end. She decides yet again to start her own firm with Luca (Cush Jumbo) and a new chapter.

What did you think about this episode?

You can still watch it here if you missed it.

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The Good Wife “Cooked” Recap

I’m not sure I would respond if I arrived at home and found Howard Lyman (Jerry Adler) waiting for me, but Alicia handles it in stride. She wore the Armani Collezioni Two-Button Collarless Blazer ($997.50). This Kensie Three-Quarter-Sleeve Collarless Blazer ($89) is similar:


Bond court is heating up for Alicia with an exciting drug case, while Jackie (Mary Beth Peil) is being propositioned by Howard (which is hilarious!). Eli (Alan Cummings) is still having a battle of wits with Ruth (Margo Martindale) and she wants Alicia and her mother to appear on Mama’s Homespun Cooking, a cooking show. Little does she know that is probably better in theory than execution.

Diane (Christine Baranski) is trying to find someone new to mentor and I was appalled by the girl’s response to her generous offer. Even if you plan to start a family you don’t throw that kind of offer back in someone’s face. I was embarrassed for her. Diane wore a teal perforated leather blazer. I found a few different styles to recreate the look. The first a Mark Zunino Faux Leather Jacket ($35.90) and the second a Laundry by Shelli Segal Long Ponte Open-Front Jacket ($59.25):

perforated blazer

Alicia and Veronica’s (Stockard Channing) segment was better than Eli could have hoped for. They totally crashed and burned and it was glorious. Alicia wore a Jason Wu Belted Draped Dress (sold out). This Tahari by ASL Viviana – W Dress ($64.99) is similar:

Jason Wu

Alicia discovers that her case is really an elaborate sting to catch the judge taking a bribe. Alicia wore a burgundy blazer and I found this similar Collection Flap Pocket Jacket ($101.97) to recreate the look:

merlot blazer

Shocker! At the end of the episode Eli warned the judge and he didn’t take the bribe, but instead wants some help with Frank Landau…what is he up to?

Diane is pissed that Alicia is helping Howard, which really wasn’t her fault, they just won’t realize that Alicia is not the enemy. The stuff with Howard and Jackie is pretty hilarious though. I can’t wait to see where that goes.

What did you think about this episode?

You can still watch it here if you missed it.

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The Good Wife “Innocents” Recap

This week starts in bond court again, but Alicia (Julianna Marguiles) gets a substantial case with a young man trying to protect his likeness. She even needs an investigator and starts interviewing a few, including Jason Crouse (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). She wore a cross dyed blazer, which was hard to find, but this Cloetta Flecked Cotton Blazer ($129.99) is similar:


Alicia’s case takes a turn when she decides to go up against a museum to block an exhibit displaying naked pictures of her client. The museum is represented by Nancy Crozier (Mamie Gummer) who is always delightfully annoying. Alicia wore an elegant black and white blazer. This Calvin Klein Colorblocked Draped Blazer doesn’t necessarily match this look, but it is similar.

Calvin Klein2

Nancy is the character you love to hate, Mamie Gummer is amazing in this role. She wore the Escada Dkama Dress ($1495). This Milly Daphne Colorblock Sheath Dress ($435) is similar:


Both Alicia and Diane (Christine Baranski) and Cary (Matt Czuchry) are looking for a new investigator now that Kalinda is gone. I don’t understand what happened to Robin, she was pretty good. Alicia started with one investigator who dropped the ball and messed things up for them in court. Alicia fired her and went to Jason, who is also interviewing with Cary. Diane wore a chic mustard sheath. This Tahari Tiered Sheath Dress ($124) is similar:


Jason Crouse is already getting his money’s worth, coming up with a new angle for Alicia to use on the second day in court. She wore a hook and eye closure, pinstripe blazer. I found this Stellita Fit Wool Stripe Jacket ($159.20) that is somewhat similar:

Pinstripe blazer

Nancy is having a hard time with this line of questioning, not to mention the judge needs to call a recess because of his loud stomach issues. She knows they’ve got her on this one. She wore an Escada Draped Plaid Sheath ($1425). This V-Neck Sheath Dress ($69.95) is a good look for less:

Escada plaid

Cary is playing with fire with Howard Lyman (Jerry Adler). He tricks him into going to Diane’s lunch and making a fool out of himself and she isn’t happy. Diane wore a cool graphic long coat with her black sheath. This Kasper Print Shantung Topper ($69.50) doesn’t have the same color palette but is similar to a statement coat that we would probably see Diane in.

long jacket

At the end of the day, you can’t break the mother/son bond and Alicia is out of case. Nevertheless, things are looking up as Jason turns down Diane’s offer and decides to be Alicia’s investigator. Eli (Alan Cumming) also wins some ground with Peter (Chris Noth).

This was a fun episode and I love Grace (MacKenzie Vega) as Alicia’s assistant. She is on top of it!

What did you think about this episode?

You can still watch it here if you missed it.

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The Good Wife “Bond” Recap

You have to admire someone that loses everything after being humiliated and then picks herself back up and starts right back at the bottom. That’s what I love about Alicia (Julianna Marguilles) – the whole show is about she picks herself back up and that is such an admirable quality. Alicia wore a black, collarless jacket to bond court. I found this Calvin Klein Zip-Pocket Collarless Blazer ($77.99) to recreate her look:

calvin klein

The judge in bond court doesn’t want anything to do with Alicia because he’s afraid she’ll slow him down. Just as she’s trying to argue her point and convince him, Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) shows up and takes her to lunch. He tries to hire her again and she tells him that he’s the devil.

I also have to note how cute Grace (Mackenzie Vega) is stepping in as Alicia’s secretary. Like mother, like daughter. Alicia finally gets a case to work on with a potential $8 million inheritance.

I could NOT believe that Peter (Chris Noth) betrayed Eli (Alan Cumming) the way he did. After everything Eli did for him. That was just shitty. How quickly he forget where he started now that he is relevant again. I did not see that one coming.

Back at Lockhart, Agos, Lee, Cary (Matt Czuchry) is definitely starting to notice that he is surrounded by old people and he longs to go hang out with the associates. Diane (Christine Baranski) and David Lee (Zach Grenier) have taken on the other side of Alicia’s case and are strategizing on how to win. Diane wore a floral Etro blazer. This Michael Kors Printed Soft Blazer ($78) is a similar look for less:


Alicia is still trying to be a bar attorney, but the judge doesn’t want anything to do with her because he thinks she’ll slow him down. She gets a little friendly encouragement from Lucca Quinn (Cush Jumbo), a new bond court attorney, and the judge gives her a few cases to try out. Alicia wore a Gucci Wool Blazer (sold out). I liked this Red Ultimate Double Weave 24 Inch Jacket ($128) to recreate the look:


Back at the inheritance case, David Lee, Diane and Alicia bring in a bevy of glue and adhesive experts to comically try and resolve which side was to be awarded the $8 million painting. Alicia wore a Printed Tweed Jacket by Narciso Rodriguez ($1,995). This Ivanka Trump Faux Leather Trim Marled Sweater Jacket ($71.40) is similar:

Narciso Roderiguez

Diane wore a sold out Proenza Schouler Striped Crepe Peplum Jacket (also worn by Kerry Washington on Scandal). I found this similar Kasper Colorblocked Patterned Blazer ($54.99) to recreate the look:

proenza schuler

Things got a little crazy after this. Eli decided that he wanted to be Alicia’s chief of staff to really push Ruth Eastman (Margo Martindale) out and get his job back. I really love Eli and Alicia’s relationship. They get each other.

Alicia gets stuck in bond court doing Lucca a favor and can’t make it to her regular hearing. She asks Lucca to step in and get a continuance, but the judge refuses and forces her to participate. Lucca ends up saving the day and the case and Alicia is back in business! Unfortunately, she finds out that Louis Canning fed her this case because he wants to hire her. He tells her that he will stop sending cases her way if she wants, but she doesn’t refuse. My prediction – she will end up working for him this season.

This episode was crazy and I loved every second of it! I can’t wait until the next episode!

You can still watch it here if you missed it.

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