Necessary Roughness “Ch-Ch-Changes” Recap

Necessary Roughness is back for Season 3 and they’ve added John Stamos and David Anders to the cast! Could it get any better?

Here’s where we left off in Season 2:

  • Nico (Scott Cohen) was offered a job in Dallas with Mark Cuban but before he leaves, some sketchy federal agents take him away for something.
  • Dani (Callie Thorne) and Matt (Marc Blucas) were on the verge of getting back together, but Noelle (Michaela McManus) finds out she is expecting Matt’s child.
  • Dani’s son, Ray (Patrick Johnson) runs off to Europe with Juliette Pittman (Danielle Panabaker).

We open Season 3 six months later with a new head coach for the Hawks that has a decorated football career. Things happen fast as we see a wedding ring on Matt’s finger and the new coach fires Dani within the first few minutes of the show.

Dani and Matt with the new Hawks coach

Dani and Matt with the new Hawks coach

Dani has a fabulous Michael Kors Jet Set East West ($248) bag:

Michael Kors Bag

Michael Kors Bag

I am happy to see Jeanette (Amanda Detmer) back this season. She provides a good balance for Dani and as a way for us to catch up on what has happened in the last six months. We find out that Matt ended up marrying Noelle.

Dani gets a call from Nico letting her know that there is a limousine in her driveway and she needs to get in. She ends up at V3, a management company, and meets Connor McClane (John Stamos) and Troy Cutler (David Anders, who I will always think of as Sark from Alias). They present her with a new client, Darryl Hutchinson, a star pitcher about ready to enter the draft with a fear of flying.

Back at the Hawks, T.K. (Mehcad Brooks) is having trouble adjusting to the new coach without Dr. Dani. The new coach wants him to see a new therapist, which doesn’t go very well.

Coach with Rex and TK

Coach with Rex and TK

We finally see Dani confront Nico and she slaps him! I love her. He doesn’t really tell us anything except that he’s still in New York and didn’t end up going to Dallas.

She meets her new client, “Hutch” and helps him conquer his fear of flying. I was a psychology major in college, and I find this part of the show really interesting. She figures out that his fear of flying is really a symptom of post traumatic stress disorder from an event that happened to his schoolmate a year ago. I did love that she gave him a skittle during the first flight and told him it would help him calm down. I’m not sure if this would actually work in real life, but it was a great tactic in the story.

Dani always has the best wedges. You can recreate her flying outfit with this Calvin Klein Navy Blazer ($89.95), Brooks Brothers Cowl Neck Blouse ($99) and Mossimo Black Wedges ($29.99):

airport outfit

You can recreate Dani’s look at her V3 meeting with this Mixed Leather Blazer ($54.99) and Orange Drape Neck Tank ($17.40):

v3 meeting

As she is looking into Hutch’s background she is wearing a black and tan striped sweater. I found a similar one on Bluefly for $55.20:

Striped Sweater

Striped Sweater

TK stopped to check on a teammate and got in trouble by the coach after he started talking back. He takes off his jersey and quits the team. Matt goes after him, but TK calls him out for not fighting for Dani. This was a nice way to wrap up the storyline and rib Matt for letting Dani go.

Matt tries to get Dani to help TK, but she makes it clear that TK is a client and she isn’t his therapist anymore. She also lets him know that her time with the Hawks is officially over. This becomes irrelevant when TK shows up at her door asking for advice. She gets him back on track and he apologizes to the coach and lets him know that he is committed to getting a ring this season.

Connor is happy with Dani’s work and asks her to join the agency full time as therapist for their clients. He offers her a sweet deal but she has to close her private practice and work exclusively with V3.

To wrap up the episode, Matt visits Dani and apologizes for how things worked out with him and Noelle. He also drops the bomb that he is leaving the Hawks to move to Boston with Noelle. I read a few articles online and this is the real deal, he isn’t coming back because he has a new show that will air on ABC. This was a bittersweet goodbye in more ways than one. I heart Marc Blucas and can’t wait to watch him again in the future.

Dani decides to take the plunge and joins V3 permanently. This seems to upset Nico as we hear him on the phone saying “We have a problem.”

You can get her brown leather jacket look at Shopbop for $318:

Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket

What did you think of the premiere and the new format for Season 3? You can still watch it online here in case you missed it.

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