Cougar Town “To Find a Friend” Recap

In this week’s episode of Cougar Town, Laurie (Busy Phillips) and Travis (Dan Byrd) adjust to becoming parents. Jules (Courtney Cox) and Ellie (Christa Miller) keep telling them how exhausting the experience is, but they have no idea what they’re in for.

to find a friend cover

While Grayson (Josh Hopkins) is busy helping Andy (Ian Gomez) get over Bobby, the girls jump in to run the bar. At first they think it is easy and have the best time, but they forget to lock up and loose all of the day’s profits after they are robbed.

Laurie and Trav think they have this baby thing on lockdown, until they start getting paranoid that they baby is too quiet and not breathing. Laurie wears a Happy Roses pullover by Wildfox (sold out). I couldn’t find a similar look, but I think I found a great sweatshirt that has the same spirit in this Joker Sweatshirt ($119):


Since Grayson knows that they made $3,000 the night before, Jules and Ellie have to work doubly hard to make double the money so Grayson won’t be the wiser.

Grayson is too busy with the Bobby Cobb Replacement Challenge to notice what they are up to. He gets three guys to compete to be Andy’s new best friend. None of those guys were replacement material until Andy realized that Grayson was his friend all along.

Meanwhile Jules and Ellie realize that they need to dress slutty to make money and tease all of the customers. Ellie’s makeup/outfit coverup shroud cracked me up! Grayson final uses Tom to catch them in the act and they have to admit that they messed up.

Laurie and Trav have completely hallucinated from lack of sleep, but they managed to keep baby Bobby alive! When Jules arrives, you get to see what a mess they’ve made of the house. Jules wears a Blue Sheer Combo Sleeveless Cocktail Dress (sold out). I found this similar Monrow Women’s Border Tie Dye Sporty Tank Maxi Dress ($135):

tie dye

Grayson and Andy make the girls dance on the bar Coyote Ugly style to pay for messing everything up. I’m not sure how I feel about a Cougar Town without Bobby Cobb, but we’ll have to see what happens to the gang next week.

What did you think of this week’s Cougar Town?

If you missed this episode, you can still watch it here.

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Cougar Town “Full Grown Boy” Recap

This week on Cougar Town, Chick (Ken Jenkins) is finally moved in and Jules is so focused on taking care of him she doesn’t care if Grayson (Josh Hopkins) dresses like a 90s hip hop rapper. Jules wore a Ted Baker ‘Jineen’ Texture Panel Sheath Dress ($295). This Felicity & Coco Seamed Pencil Dress ($98) is similar:

Ted Baker

Full Grown boy intro

Travis (Dan Byrd) and Laurie (Busy Phillips) share that they have come up with their perfect baby names but they aren’t sharing. Meanwhile Andy (Ian Gomez) is excitedly waiting for Bobby’s (Brian Van Holt) return. Chick is gearing up for a Civil War reenactment but Jules puts her foot down because she doesn’t want him out in the heat. Too bad he ignores her and sneaks out anyways.

Bobby reveals that the club in Georgia made him a big offer to be a golf pro which throws Andy for a loop. Travis reveals Laurie’s baby names to Ellie and they are not good. He reveals that the girl name is Fancy and the boy name is Macho. Travis has to enlist Ellie’s help to convince Laurie that these aren’t good choices.

Bobby shares more details of his offer with Andy including the fact that they offered him a free apartment to go with the job. He turned them down because he couldn’t leave his friends. Grayson tries to appeal to Andy that Bobby should take the job and do what’s best for him, even though it breaks poor Andy’s heart.

Jules shows up at the reenactment and I know that this is a comedy, but her lack of knowledge of the Civil War is a little shocking and not as funny as I think they were going for. She stays to take care of Chick by making him hydrate and wear sunscreen.

Laurie figures out that Trav and Ellie tried to kill her baby names and leaves to complain to Jules. When she gets to the reenactment her water breaks and it’s time to have the baby!

Did anyone else get teary eyed when they named the baby Bobby? Such a sweet moment and a great send off for Bobby as he leaves the show.

full grown boy

What did you think of this week’s Cougar Town? How do you feel about Bobby leaving the show?

If you missed this episode, you can still watch it here.

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Cougar Town “American Dream Plan B” Recap

I am so happy that Cougar Town is back, but so sad that this is the last season!

We left off last season with Laurie (Busy Phillips) and Trav (Dan Byrd) announcing their pregnancy. Jules (Courtney Cox) doesn’t think that they are prepared for a baby yet. Jules wears a Mara Hoffman Snakes Print Midi Dress ($138.05):

mara hoffman

Laurie is under the impression that she will keep her girlish figure throughout the entire pregnancy, much to the amusement of the group. I love her style in a Clover Canyon Floral Sheath Dress ($195):

clover canyon

Flash forward to the end of the pregnancy and Laurie is miserable…and definitely not rocking her tight-a** dresses anymore. I still love her pregnancy look in a sold out Cynthia Vincent Sheer Caftan Silk Dress. I thought this Natori Tatiana Long Caftan ($153.09) is a similar look that Laurie would wear:

Cynthia Vincent

I loved the header for the beginning of Season 6:


So we know that Bobby (Brian Von Holt) left the show for season 6 and I was wondering how they would write him out. They have him talking on the phone to Andy (Ian Gomez) and he is on a golf trip in Georgia. It will be interesting to see what happens with him next. Jules wears a L’AGENCE Contrast Trim Zip Front Silk Blouse ($89.97). I thought this Vince Camuto Sleeveless Colorblock Blouse ($59.99) was similar:


Ellie (Christa Miller) is having fun tormenting Laurie as usually, but Laurie isn’t having any of it with four weeks left to go. Ellie wears the sold out Rag & Bone Marissa Cardigan. This White House Black Market Colorblock Cardigan ($88) is similar:

rag and bone

Jules spends some time teaching Laurie the perks of being pregnant, this goes well until Laurie takes it too far. On the flip side Grayson (Josh Hopkins) helps Trav prepare for a baby with a baby pig! (Love this part!). Laurie gets Jules to agree to stop drinking wine until she has the baby. Laurie wears a pink hi-lo maxi with a jean jacket. I liked this SugarLips Hand Over Heart Neon Pink Dress ($61) to recreate the look:

sugarlips dress

Jules tries to convince the rest of the group that they have to join in but as you can imagine that doesn’t go over very well. Jules wears the Barry Shirt by Frank & Eileen ($198). This Ralph Lauren Striped Cotton Shirt ($89.50) is similar:


When Andy asks Ellie how they will make it through the month, she tells him by cheating. Ha! They just have to find a place where nobody will think to look for them. She wears a floral blouse. I found a similar Women’s Woven to Knit V-Neck Blouse – Black Rainn from Target ($29.99):

floral blouse

Enter Tom’s (Bob Clendenin) basement speakeasy. Tom has never been cooler! That is until he starts tweeting pictures and Laurie finds out and they are all in trouble.

In the meantime, Jules reveals that she can squeal like a pig which she has to do in order to find the pig that Travis lost. Sort of showing that Jules will always come to the rescue.

What did you think of this week’s Cougar Town? Are you ready for #OneLastPour?

If you missed this episode, you can still watch it here.

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Cougar Town “Learning to Fly” Recap

Oh how I’ve missed Grayson’s (Josh Hopkins) guitar songs, haha! This one was to celebrate the annual cul-de-sac garage sale. It was only fitting that this was the opening credit for this week:

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 11.46.49 AM

I love that the first thing Grayson wants to get rid of is the ice cream maker! We have one and haven’t used it yet, maybe that should be a blog post soon haha! Then the second item was used crutches, which if you recall I also have. Maybe John and I should have a swordfight too?

Jules is wearing the sold-out Aqua Plaid Zip Top. I found a similar look with this Vans Prenna Top ($30.99):

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 12.56.18 PM

Andy (Ian Gomez) on the other hand is a garage sale expert. He is prepared for anything, but Ellie (Christa Miller) is less than enthused. She makes a bet with Andi that if she can go without being snarky to the yard sale customers than he will get rid of everything he has purchased at the last five yard sales. If she loses then she has to wear an inflatable sumo suit.

Travis (Dan Byrd) is going through Bobby’s (Brian Van Holt) boat for items to sell at the garage sale and stumbles upon great grandpappy’s ashes. Bobby was supposed to scatter them while on a roller coaster, but he is too afraid to do it.

As Jules and Laurie (Busy Phillips) man the garage sale, I couldn’t help but notice Laurie’s fantastic shoes! I couldn’t find an exact match, but I found some similar black and gold pumps. This Truth or Dare pumps by Madonna ($99.99) and these Luichiny pumps ($59.96) are equally awesome:

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 3.06.57 PM

Jules is fast and furiously trying to unload her junk to yard sale customers, but Laurie tells her that she needs to watch out for karma. She doesn’t listen and literally gets crapped on by karma…a.k.a. a bird. Jules wears a sold-out Grid Block Tee from JCrew. I thought this Peach Love Cream Colorblock Chevron Blouse ($27.99) was a similar look:

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 4.46.59 PM

Later that day as they decide to enjoy a bottle of bubbly, Jules tries to convince Laurie that there is no such thing as karma. As she pops the cork, it bounces off the cabinet and hits Big Tippi, NOOOOOOO! May Big Tippi rest in peace…

big tippi

Losing Big Tippi, makes Bobby feel even worse about not being able to give grandpappy a proper send off. Travis tries to help Bobby get over his fear of roller coasters by simulating a ride. It doesn’t go very well and Bobby is still terrified of roller coasters.

Andi and Grayson try to get Ellie to break her snark-free day by torturing her with his ridiculous yard sale purchases. She wears a sold-out Rag & Bone long-sleeved houndstooth printed tee. I found the same print in a short-sleeved tee ($62.50) and a shell ($129):

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 8.01.35 PM

Ellie realizes that Andy set her up so he could buy loads of yard sale stuff and she couldn’t say anything.

Laurie advises Jules to do a lot of good deeds to make up for her bad deeds, so she spends the day helping others and telling the truth to her clients. She finally thinks she is off the hook, but then a car crashes through her office! Ellie stops by at the perfect moment to see everything go down, but has to leave so she doesn’t break her no snark challenge. She wears an interesting Veronica Beard Stretch Wool Jacket Blazer ($695):

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 9.39.59 PM

Ellie gets caught getting her snark-fix on random people in the street by Andy so she will have to wear the sumo suit anyways.

Travis offers to go to the amusement park for Bobby and release grandpappy’s ashes. The whole family comes out to support him and ride the roller coaster with him.

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 10.29.00 PM

Now that they group has mourned Big Tippi they are able to welcome the newest member of the gang…Big Sue!

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 10.38.54 PM

If you’re feeling a little nostalgic, you can buy your very own Big Joe from Cafepress ($17.99).

What did you think of this week’s Cougar Town?

If you missed this episode, you can purchase it on iTunes for $2.99.

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Cougar Town “Hard on Me” Recap

On this episode of Cougar Town, Jules (Courtney Cox) worries that Ellie (Christa Miller) might be getting sick…and that means bad news for the gang. Apparently, sick Ellie can lead to disastrous consequences.

Title Image

Ellie wears the Helmut Lang Obstructed Borders Sweater ($346.27). This long-sleeve top from Heather ($49.50) is a great look for less:

Ellie Helmut Lang

Chick (Ken Jenkins) is depressed after his Alzheimer’s diagnosis, so Jules tries to figure out how she can cheer him up. At the same time, Andy (Ian Gomez) gets caught sleeping on the job as mayor. Andy decides to organize a 5K to distract the public from his scandal and Jules can get Chick involved because he used to be a track coach. Jules wears the sold-out Splendid Soho Stripe Henley in coral. You can get the same henley in black at 6 p.m. for $39.99:

Jules Henley

I also have to pause to celebrate the introduction of the “cough tail” which is a mixture of cough syrup and wine for Ellie (amazing!).

Grayson (Josh Hopkins) decides that he misses acting and Bobby (Brian Van Holt) convinces him to never give up on a dream by finding him a great opportunity for a handsome man over 40. He goes on the audition and ends up winning the part!

Jules gets Chick pumped up to train the group to participate in the 5K. What she didn’t realize was what a hard-ass trainer he would be. Laurie (Busy Phillips) makes a deal with the devil…a.k.a. Ellie to get her sick so she doesn’t have to train for the 5K.

chick training

One by one, the group falls – Travis (Dan Bryd), Tom (Bob Clendenin) and Bobby. Andy discovers what they are doing and they get him sick too! Jules ends up snapping at Chick because of his tyrant behavior. She wants to quit, but Grayson convinces her to set a good example and not give up.

Grayson discovers that his commercial is really for a low-testosterone gel for men. Not exactly what he was hoping for. Bobby ends up convincing him to stick with his dreams and that they cast him to be the young stud that all the old guys wish they could be. He makes a good point:

bobby quote

Jules finds Chick and they make up. She convinces him not to give up on life and decides to run the 5K after all. Jules wears the sold-out Madewell Mini-Check Market Popover. The Everyday Gingham Shirt from Forever 21 ($15.80) is a good match:

Jules plaid

Jules crosses the finish line with a little help from her friends and Grayson’s commercial ends up being pretty hilarious.

What did you think of this week’s Cougar Town?

If you missed this episode, you can purchase it on iTunes for $2.99.

For more CougarTown recaps, click here.

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