The Good Wife “We, the Juries” Recap

This week’s episode of The Good Wife finds Will (Josh Charles) and Alicia (Julianna Marguilles) thrown together again on a new case, but this time they have to work together for the good of their clients. Alicia wears a grey skirt suit in the courtroom. I found a similar Emporio Armani blazer ($290):

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 8.29.57 PM

Cary (Matt Czuchry) and Diane (Christine Baranski) agree to co-chair on the case so Will and Alicia keep level heads. Diane wears a red asymmetric blazer. This Lafayette 148 Couture Cloth Stellan Jacket ($358.80) is similar:

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 8.42.23 PM

The double jury trial starts to get confusing as each jury is only allowed to hear certain parts of the trial. Alicia wears a black blazer with white print. This Calvin Klein Tweed Jacket ($87.99)  is similar:

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 9.07.34 PM

Diane wears a wine colored dress with a pearl necklace, similar to her outfit from The Next Month episode. The same Anne Klein Ribbed Sweater Dress ($72.52) would work for this one as well:

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 9.31.31 PM

In the meantime, Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) is trying to get back into Cary’s good graces, but I think that ship has sailed for her. Cary gets a drink spilled on him and goes to the bathroom. He leaves his phone on the bar and Kalinda sees a private text from Robyn about one of Lockhart Gardner’s clients jumping ship. It doesn’t take her long for her to talk to Will and get him to set up a meeting with the client. What she doesn’t realize is that Cary played her with false information that seriously offended the client. Who’s laughing now?!

After last week’s video reveal of the election fraud, Marilyn (Melissa George) has to question everyone on Peter’s (Chris Noth) team, including Alicia who acted as his lawyer. Once Alicia sees the video she is furious and marches down to Peter’s office to demand that he fixes this immediately for the Zach’s sake as he would have to testify in front of the Feds if it continues. Alicia wears a grey blazer with a lighter lapel. This Joie Neville B Two Tone Blazer ($126.40) is similar:

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 9.21.06 PM

I love the scene between Kalinda and Cary because she isn’t even mad at him, she just respects his cunning maneuver! She still wants to get a drink with him and he agrees to go with her…maybe they will still be friends after all.

Marilyn finally gets to investigate Will, but he can’t say anything because Peter is covered by attorney/client privilege. They speak alone in chambers and Will finally throws down with Peter about taking away Diane’s judgeship and then Peter throws back sleeping with Alicia in his face! They are at a standstill, but Peter frustrates Marilyn by not allowing him to testify for Marilyn.

Eli (Alan Cumming) and Marilyn are at a standstill – she can’t complete her investigation because Will won’t testify. This is really going to hurt Peter. Who knows what will happen next?!

What did you think about this week’s episode?

You can still watch the episode here.

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The Good Wife “Goliath and David” Recap

Before we get started, a big congratulations is in order to The Good Wife and Josh Charles for winning People’s Choice Awards for best drama series and best actor in a drama series!

If you love the style on The Good Wife, costume designer Daniel Lawson is taking pre-orders for his new clothing line 35DL.

On to this week’s episode…We pick up where we left off at the Florrick, Agos & Associates Christmas party when Eli (Alan Cumming) finds out that Marilyn (Melissa George) is naming her baby Peter, after the father. Eli freaks out thinking that Peter (Chris Noth) is the father. Marilyn tells him that is crazy, but he can’t take that at face value.

During the party, Alicia (Julianna Marguilles) and Cary (Matt Czuchry) retain a new client – a band that is suing for copyright infringement. Matthew Lillard guest stars and is great in this role. The band ends up suing one of Burl Preston’s clients (guest star Murray Abraham) who is an old foe of Alicia’s. He heads to Lockhart Gardner, but finds Will (Josh Charles) instead who wants to get in on the action to piss off Alicia and to start expanding in LA.

Will and Diane (Christine Baranski) are butting heads on expanding Lockhart Garder. Will is making too many changes too quickly and Diane tries to slow him down by putting a two-month ban on soliciting new clients. She wears a red wrap coat and a black chain link necklace. To recreate this look try this Le Suit Jacket ($59.99) and NEXTE Cuban Link Necklace ($27.59):

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 7.11.38 PM

Will and Burl visit Alicia and Cary to negotiate. Alicia is genuinely stunned to see Will there. She tells him to get over it, her that is, but he just laughs it off. Alicia wears a Armani Collezioni Herringbone Blazer ($523.25). This Antonio Melani Kloey Jacket ($119.40) is similar:

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 6.12.59 PM

In the meantime, Eli decides to hire Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) to investigate Marilyn and find out who the father of her baby is.

In court, Will uses everything he knows about Alicia to throw her off of her game. Alicia wears a Smokey Plaid Cecille Jacket ($798) and Aviana Skirt ($298.80) by Lafayette 148. This Pendleton Cordelia Jacket ($207.99) is similar:

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 7.12.13 PM

Cary tells Alicia that Will is trying to get under her skin and convinces her not to let him get to her. She decides to leave and change into the suit she wore the first time they slept together in the Season 2 finale to remind him of that event. This definitely shows that they aren’t over each other. If that can still throw him off his game, he still has feelings for her. I can’t believe how she talked to Will, it definitely seems like the gloves are off in a big way! This Calvin Klein Khaki Skirt Suit ($144.96) is similar:

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 7.45.13 PM

Kalinda meets Marilyn at the doctor’s office trying to get more information out of here in casual conversation, but is interrupted by her new cop friend, courtesy of Damian. This pisses her off – don’t mess with Kalinda at work!

Back in court, Alicia and Cary lose the court ruling, but they aren’t ready to give up yet. They got back to court to get an extension to find additional evidence. Alicia wears a color block suit from Basler (Jacket, $521.25, Skirt $221.25). This black and white Tahari colorblock suit ($164.98) provides a similar look:

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 8.15.03 PM

Diane is dealing with a tricky situation of her own as Damian is trying to swing the firm’s vote in her favor on the expansion. She wears a great snow leopard blazer. This Calvin Klein Blazer ($97.99) is similar:

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 8.26.07 PM

Will and Diane eventually come to terms with the direction the firm is going and she agrees to let him move forward. Well that’s what it seems like in the moment, but we will see if she has something else up her sleeve.

Kalinda’s investigation of Marilyn doesn’t provide anything conclusive…if anything it only makes Eli’s suspicions stronger. A reporter calls Eli with a video of what he thinks is Marilyn and Peter, but it is really of the Florrick campaign rigging votes…you didn’t think that was forgotten did you? After it doesn’t matter anymore, Marilyn reveals that the father of her baby isn’t Peter Florrick, but another Peter.

Robin (Jess Weixler) ends up finding the missing link in the band’s song in order to get them back in the court game. Alicia is able to best Will at his own game and the band gets the money they deserve. I loved Matthew Lillard in this role, so much fun!

What do you think will happen to Peter and Alicia with this new damaging video? Just as she started her new firm, this would ruin everything she’s worked for.

Don’t forget that at the end of last season Will had a copy of this video too – he may not be so forgiving this time…

You can still watch the episode here.

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The Good Wife “The Decision Tree” Recap

This marked The Good Wife’s 100th episode and I love how they did a little homage to it with the speedometer in the opening scene.

We begin with a Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) car chase…only to find out that she is chasing Damian Boyle (Jason Mara) on behalf of Diane (Christine Baranski). It doesn’t sit well that he ends up at Florrick Agos on some unknown mission.

Turns out that he is on a mission from David Lee (Zach Grenier) to settle Alicia’s (Julianna Marguilles) exit package. In looking over the documents she finds an odd mention of an old client, Matthew Ashbaugh (John Noble). Alicia wears a Basler Jacket and Armani Skirt. This Anne Klein Tweed Fringe Jacket ($84.99) provides a similar look:

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 6.16.52 PM

We are taken back in time when Alicia was working with Mr. Ashbaugh. She wears a deep purple blazer. I found a similar Cashmere One Button Blazer ($189):

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 10.16.20 PM

It turns out the Mr. Ashbaugh left Alicia $12 million dollars in his will, but his wife is contesting the will. Alicia wears a sold-out Michael Kors Origami Collar Tweed Jacket. This Anne Klein Tweed Fashion Blazer ($70.79) has a similar unique collar:

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 1.06.05 AM

 This is where things start to get interesting. Alicia takes us through some flashbacks as she is remembering specific details of the case. In the first flashback, she is wearing a bright plum blazer. I found a similar Calvin Klein Aubergine blazer ($57.59):

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 11.10.11 AM

I love that they let Clarke Hayden (Nathan Lane) cross-examine the witness. He is so wonderfully awkward but perfect for the role! I especially love when he comes up the the loophole every time!

In the meantime, Kalinda is still chasing down Damian, but he has her pulled over and arrested by one of his cop friends on the force.

In court, Diane wears an mandarin style collar Armani jacket with a vintage pin. This Tahari Ivory Suit Separates Jacket ($69.99) is similar and I found this great vintage pin on Etsy for $3.50 – you can’t beat that:

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 12.10.54 PM

As the hearing continues we see that the weekend Will (Josh Charles) and Alicia spent with Ashbaugh, were smack dab in the middle of their affair. It is deliciously awkward to watch them interact now knowing that they have to relive this again. I also love how the costume designer has both Will and Alicia remembering Alicia wearing different colors – that is such a great detail that works great in the scene.

Watching Will work on his cross questions was probably the best scene since he confronted Alicia about leaving. We find out that being with Will was the happiest time in her life and that Will thinks that Alicia made him think that she loved him so she could steal his clients. WOW…that was such a cathartic scene. There is so much between these characters and I will be so disappointed if they never circle back together.

As all of this is happening, Eli (Alan Cumming) is trying to block Peter (Chris Noth) from attending Alicia’s holiday party because of some of the unsavory clientele that might attend. He ends up setting up a meeting with Donna Brazil and dangles a possible Vice-Presidential nod in front of Peter – this boy is moving on up…

Will’s cross-examination of Alicia doesn’t exactly go as planned when she turns the table on them. There are so many awkward pauses but they speak volumes! I love how the writers/directors put that scene together – it was so awesome! In the end it turns out that Mr. AshBaugh had numerous wills, so they were all deemed invalid. I feel like Will’s conversation with gave us a glimmer of hope – at least he said Happy Holidays.

So much to Eli’s dismay, Peter decides to bring Donna Brazil to the holiday party and Lemond Bishop (the drug dealer client) ends up attending the party. But the real kicker is when Alicia’s mom (Stockard Channing) is talking to Marilyn (Melissa George) about her crazy pregnancy sound system and asks about the baby. Marilyn tells us that its a boy and its name is Peter, which causes Eli to spit his water out. I don’t know if that is foreshadowing of any kind because the writers have flirted around with Peter and Marilyn, but it could also just be a joke – who knows?

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Good Wife? Do you think that Peter is Marilyn’s baby daddy? What about Kalinda’s new relationship with the cop? And what will happen with Will and Alicia?

You can still watch the episode here.

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The Good Wife “Whack-a-Mole” Recap

Florrick Agos and Lockhart Gardner are in similar positions this week. FA needs to get more clients and make a splash. LG needs to hire more attorneys to make up for their loss and work on retaining their clients. Alicia (Julianna Marguiles) gets a call from an old client who is in need of her help. She is wearing an embellished Escada Jacket and an Etro Embellished Top ($810). To recreate the look, this Calvin Klein Hardware Jacket ($66.96) and this Beaded Silky Halter Top ($21.47) do the trick. Thanks to WornOnTV for the Jacket find. embellished halter Will (Josh Charles) and Diane (Christine Baranski) meet with a headhunter to find some new talent. Will takes a different approach to hiring, by trying to find non-traditional people for the firm. Diane wears a teal and black colorblocked dress. I found a similar dress by Gabriella Rocha ($13.80): colorblock dress Will ends up looking into Damian Boyle (Jason Mara) who is a hunk with an Irish accent, LOVE! Will goes ahead and hires Damian without consulting with anyone else. This puts Diane in a difficult spot. She wears a blue and purple tweed dress and jacket. I found a similar tweed outfit in this Tahari Sheath Dress ($90.30) and matching blazer ($104.30):


Meanwhile, Alicia is in court trying to get an injunction against a social entertainment website that is disparaging her client. Alicia wears a red Gucci blazer and Escada skirt. I found a similar Merona blazer ($29.99):

red blazer

While they are in court, the new guy decides to play a prank on Florrick Agos and steal all of their office furniture. This guy is definitely going to shake things up. He sneaks a peak at their files and decides to hop in on Alicia’s internet case and has the gall to wear the #1 Mom pin from her desk on his lapel. This threw Alicia off, but let’s be honest, it would have thrown me off too. I wouldn’t expect anyone to act that immature.

Jackie (Mary Beth Peil) and Eli (Alan Cumming) butt heads again when he tries to find a new Supreme Court Justice to replace Diane. Jackie doesn’t want him to hire the candidate because she slept with Peter’s (Chris Noth) father (wow…like father like son…).

Diane gathers the partners to take a vote on Damien’s partnership, but they all decide to change their minds and keep him on. So she asks Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) to properly vet him. Diane wears a patterned blouse. I found a similar color Antonio Melani blouse ($89):

gold blouseThings get serious when Alicia’s client loses his job, so they decide to go at the case in a different way. Alicia wears an Escada blazer ($975) and Alexander McQueen skirt. This  TanJay Printed Notch-Collar Blazer ($20.30) is similar:

black and whiteWill and Diane make their first visit to Florrick Agos and it reminds Diane of when they started out. She wears a red blazer. I found a similar Worthington blazer ($34.99):

diane blazer

In the end the win goes to Florrick Agos. Alicia wears a Basler Side Panel Blazer ($637.50). I found a similar Anne Klein Jacket ($104.99):

purple blazerWhat did you think of this week’s episode of The Good Wife?

You can still watch the episode here.

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The Good Wife “The Next Month” Recap

This week on The Good Wife Lockhart Gardner becomes “LG.” Will (Josh Charles) is fired up about expanding and rebranding the firm. Diane (Christine Baranski) wears a red paisley brocade jacket by Stella McCartney. I found a similar scroll blazer at Dress Barn ($46):

red blazerLG is so busy with the expansion, they don’t have time to talk to Natalie Flores (America Ferrara), who is bringing them an important case with the State Department. They pawn her off to Howard Lyman (Jerry Adler) who is racist and completely unprofessional with her. Natalie instead takes her business to Alicia (Julianna Marguilles).

In the meantime, Florrick Agos finally gets office space in a factory style building. They are trying to bill it as a hip startup. They decide to take Natalie’s case because it has the potential to send them lots of extra business. Alicia wears a floral embroidered Rena Lange jacket. I think the best match is the same scroll blazer at Dress Barn ($46), but the grey version:

grey blazer

Marilyn (Melissa George) and Eli (Alan Cumming) visit Alicia because Peter (Chris Noth) wants to come to the office and congratulate his wife. They wanted to come first and make sure there weren’t any ethical violations. Marilyn wears a Saint Laurent Black Leather Ruffle Cady Dress. This was pretty unique, so I just tried to find a professional leather trim dress that you could wear to office. This dress from Venus ($34) does the trick:

leather dress

Eli runs into Natalie at Alicia’s office and is visibly moved by seeing her again. He invites her out to dinner. Will finally realizes that they messed up with Natalie by letting her talk to Howard and desperately try to get her back.

Unfortunately, Florrick Agos needs to make cuts to keep moving forward. Robin (Jess Weixler) was the last person hired and they decide to let her go but she overhears them talking and decides to approach Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) to get her old job back. Kalinda tells her to make herself indispensable so they won’t fire her. I thought this was great advice to give any young professional.

Robin decides to help Alicia and Natalie out in there case, and boy is she determined. She ends up hunting down their missing person in less than two hours.

During Eli’s dinner with Natalie, he tells her that Peter won’t be giving his minority talk anymore. She was disappointed and this eventually leads Eli to reschedule the talk. This change ends up embarrassing Marilyn in front of Peter, so she starts looking into why Eli might have changed his mind about the speech.

Alicia and Cary (Matt Czuchry) end up running all over town to different courts in order to appeal their case. Alicia wears a gold zip front L’Agence suit jacket ($299) with an Alexander McQueen pencil skirt. I found a similar Dana Buchman blazer for $24:

zip front

On the other side, Will is busy drowning his sorrows in his college-aged girlfriend. She is the complete opposite of Alicia, which makes it interesting to watch Will with her. He does end up getting Natalie to reconsider taking her business to LG since its not going very well with Alicia and Cary.

Poor Diane gets stuck with trying to wrangle Howard into apologizing to Natalie. He is a piece of work! Diane looks great in a wine colored dress with lots of pearls. I found a similar Anne Klein ribbed dress ($129):

wine dress

 Eli almost cancels his dinner with Natalie, but then he mans up and decides to meet with her. It is so funny to see him be so off balance with her.

Peter finally visits Alicia’s office with no ethical violation, whew, I was worried about that one (insert sarcasm here).

Nothing too crazy this week, most of the fun was watching Eli be nervous.

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Good Wife?

You can still watch the episode here.

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The Good Wife “The Next Week” Recap

Lockhart Gardner is still reeling from Alicia (Julianna Marguilles) and Cary’s (Matt Czuchry) betrayal. When a client calls for Alicia, Will (Josh Charles) quickly takes on the client. Diane (Christine Baranski) wears a St. John Tweed Jacket and a PONO by Joan Goodman necklace. I found a similar red Studio Tahari Blazer ($99.99) and Stella & Dot’s Tempest Necklace ($198) to recreate the look:

tweed red

In the meantime, Florrick Agos is experiencing financial difficulty. They desperately need to get office space and the natives are starting to get restless. Alicia wears an Escada blazer with a white panel added for contrast. I found a similar Jones Studio Two-Tone Blazer ($79.50):

black and white

Will’s easy DUI case suddenly turns into a murder charge out of nowhere. Alicia is subpoenaed to Lockhart Gardner because they are being sued again. I couldn’t believe how ballsy she was in blackmailing Diane to get her capital contribution back! Who knew she had it in her?

I love the exchange between them:

Diane: “You know, sometimes I look at you and I wonder if you changed or you’ve always been this way.”

Alicia: “I had some of the best teachers in the world. I couldn’t help but change.”

Clarke Hayden (Nathan Lane) also returns to help Florrick Agos with their money issues. I love his character!

Alicia heads back to Lockhart Gardner for her deposition. She wears a fabulous No. 35 leather and suede jacket. I found a similar Anne Klein Faux Leather Trim Jacket ($126.75):

leather jacket

Diane wears a Lafayette 148 Gold Tweed Jacket. I found a similar Antonio Melani Amy Jacket ($129):

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 10.13.53 AM

I love the interaction between Will and Owen (Dallas Roberts), hilarious. This also makes Will look more human and makes me feel bad for him. I also love the fact that Owen calls Alicia a warrior princess!

I LOVE that long stare Will gives Alicia at the office, they say nothing, but that look says so much! Alicia wears a flannel Ferragamo grey blazer. I found a similar JCrew blazer for $375, so you might want to wait for a JCrew coupon on that one:

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 10.53.24 AM

Will and Diane are back to business, figuring out how to win their case, I love to see them working as a team – that high five was classic! Diane wears what looks like a bright blue tweed jacket. This Classiques Entier Vedi Tweed Jacket ($268) is similar:

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 11.18.03 AM

I can’t believe Owen stopped by Will’s office to talk about Alicia – holy crap! If Alicia knew she would be so mad. But Owen is a great character, because he says everything that Alicia is feeling but would never say.

And let’s not forget sweet Zach (Graham Phillips), protecting his sister. What a sweet brother!

I can’t believe Anthony Edelman (Bhavesh Patel)- he has been messing things up for the firm from the beginning! What a jerk! I can’t believe he sold out Alicia on this. It will be interesting to see how he damages the firm. They should really have all of the employees sign confidentiality agreements or something that says they can’t work for Lockhart Gardner for a year.

So many amazing moments! We know that Hayden will be back and it will be great to see how he practices law. I can’t wait to see what happens next. I think I said Love about 20 times writing this post, but that’s really what happens when I’m watching it. My husband laughs at me because every few minutes I am gasping or laughing. This show is SO entertaining!

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Good Wife?

You can still watch the episode here.

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The Good Wife “The Next Day” Recap

I’m not sure how you can top the last episode, but this one was pretty good. Diane (Christine Baranski) is preparing to become a judge, Will (Josh Charles) is losing himself in a new girlfriend and Alicia (Julianna Marguiles) is running her new firm out of her house. Alicia wears a cashmere gray zip up sweater by Richard Grant. I found a similar StudioLux Jacket by Under Armour ($129.99): Zip up Marilyn (Melissa George) stops by to discuss ethics with Alicia. Is this a real job in the governor’s office, because it seems sort of annoying to me. She is like the ethics police. I like her character though and her clothes are great. She wears a black blazer with ruffles along the edge and a high collared white blouse.  This Cremieux Juliet Blouse ($79.99) and INC Ruffle Trim Jacket ($83.99) provide a similar look: ruffle jacket Diane is busy filling in with Alicia’s old client against Nancy Crozier (Mamie Gummer) of all people. Diane wears a Rope Matelasse Jacket from Chado Ralph Rucci ($1715). You can get a similar look with this Dolce Vita Ashna Metallic Tiles Blazer ($208):

gold jacket

In the middle of her argument, the lawyers are called into chambers and the client decides to change her counsel from Diane to Alicia and Cary (Matt Czuchry). I love how the judges react to this – hilarious! Alicia wears an Armani Micro Herringbone Draped Lapel Jacket ($1395).  I found this Elle Ruffle Blazer ($21.60) that provides a similar look:

grey blazer

After court, Marilyn stops by again and we discover that she is pregnant. This makes her character more likeable and gives her a chance to bond with Alicia.

The next day, Alicia takes Will and Diane to the Disciplinary Board to get their client’s files back from Lockhart Gardner. I am surprised at how far she is taking this. She wears an LT Bennett Julie Grosgrain Jacket ($425). This Kasper Framed Flyaway Jacket ($71.40) is similar:

kasper jacket

I can’t believe how cold Alicia was to Will during this. I understand that she needed to let him go, but coming after him like this doesn’t seem like her. After the meeting Diane finally learns that she is out for the Supreme Court position. She wears a vibrant blue and green brocade jacket. I found a Tahari Jacquard Contrast-Trim Jacket ($71.40) that is similar:


Things get a little weird when Diane’s new husband has a lead in the gun case, but it’s not Diane’s case anymore. Alicia then convinces him to testify for the client.

Marilyn comes back to Alicia’s house and starts digging into Peter’s internet taxation speech and is trying to make it look like Florrick Agos got the ChumHum business because of this speech. She’s not wrong, but she’s not gaining any friends here.

Back in court, Alicia has Kurt McVeigh (Gary Cole) on the stand to testify about the defective gun. Alicia recycles a Moschino jacket from last season. This Jones New York blazer ($99.99) is similar:


Kalinda (Archi Panjabi) has to break it to Diane that she is no longer being considered for the Supreme Court position. She goes to the bathroom and breaks down. I feel bad for her, she worked so hard to get to the Supreme Court and hurt her relationship with Will and then Alicia’s actions ruin her chances. It is really a shame. Diane wears a tan dress and an Alchemy Classic “O” Abs Choker ($225).  I found a similar mocha dress by Andrew Marc ($59.40):

beige dress

Back at the Disciplinary Board Alicia, Will, Cary and Diane are arguing over client files. Alicia wears an olive Tom Ford skirt suit and Diane wears a fuchsia jacket with a vintage pin. I had a hard time finding a match for Alicia’s jacket, but found a similar color Elie Tahari jacket ($199):

olive jacket

For Diane, I found this Liz Claiborne Ponte Peplum Jacket ($47.99) and a great vintage brooch from Etsy ($24):

pink jacket

In the end, Lockhart Gardner gets their case back, but Diane officially loses the Supreme Court position. It is a bittersweet victory.

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Good Wife? I don’t know where they will go from here, but I can’t wait to see what happens next.

You can still watch the episode here.

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The Good Wife “Hitting the Fan” Recap

This episode was the best hour of television I have seen in years. If you aren’t watching this show, now is the time to start. The build up to the moment Will (Josh Charles) discovers Alicia’s (Julianna Marguiles) betrayal was perfect and the moment did not disappoint. I was on the edge of my seat the entire episode loving every second.


The most heartbreaking part of the whole episode was Will’s reaction. It seemed like he was heartbroken and sick all at the same time. He stayed impressively calm throughout everything though. WOW…amazing scenes. The musical score was also right on the money, it kept the intensity flowing throughout the entire episode. I don’t know if I can pick a favorite part of this episode, but I think Peter (Chris Noth) confronting Will on sleeping with Alicia may have been a high point. Again, WOW!


Throughout the episode, Alicia was wearing the same Number 35 blazer with leather elbow patches featured in last week’s episode. I found a similar Mossimo blazer ($39.99):

zip upAlso, the sex scene between Peter and Alicia – where did that inner vixen come from? Seriously, who is this lady and what have they done with Alicia. In any case, I am looking forward to seeing this new side of her. She wears a leather blazer during the ChumHum meeting. I found a similar Calvin Klein blazer for $89.99:

leather jacket

In the second ChumHum meeting, she wears a beautiful royal blue dress and blazer to win the business. I found a similar Anne Klein jacquard dress ($99) and blazer ($129):

blue dress

Then right at the end, we discover that Peter has changed his mind about asking Diane (Christine Baranski) to be the next nominee. Poor Diane, I felt really bad for her, although she didn’t have to tell Will that Alicia was leaving the firm.

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Good Wife? I cannot wait to see what happens next!

You can still watch the episode here.

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The Good Wife “Outside the Bubble” Recap

I love that Viola Walsh (Rita Wilson) is back this episode. I love her animosity with Diane (Christine Baranski). The episode starts from the paralegal’s point of view. Funny how the only person that even knows her name is Alicia (Julianna Margulies). Alicia wears an Escada Pleated Cutaway Jacket ($1795), also seen on Scandal. I found an even better look for less with the Elle Pleated Blazer from Kohl’s ($44.80):


I also love that Elsbeth Tascioni (Carrie Preston) is back. Her interaction with David Lee (Zach Grenier) is hilarious. Diane and Kurt McVeigh (Gary Cole) are finally getting married. It is interesting to watch him interact with her friends, but even I thought that the whole political scene was a little overboard. Diane wears a red suede military jacket. I found a similar jacket from QVC ($86.90): red jacketI don’t know what sort of friends would grill your fiance about their politics…obviously not very good ones. They even come over to confront Diane after the fact, but Diane holds her own in a fantastic green dress. I found this similar Aiden Maddox Sequin Dress ($295): green dressDuring the deposition with the paralegal, Alicia wore a Double-Face Crepe Jacket from the Armani Collezioni Collection ($1295). This Tahari blazer ($69.99) is a great match: purple blazerThe paralegal’s lawsuit is getting out of hand, but as Diane has to come in for her deposition. This is where she starts to catch on to something odd with Alicia. It’s too bad, because the fourth years almost got away with leaving, but they stayed too late. I loved Viola’s leopard print jacket and found a similar one from Boston Proper ($129): leopardOne of the issues that comes up during the deposition is that Will (Josh Charles) was sleeping with underlings in his office. Nobody knew it was Alicia, but it brings up some questions and forces them to revisit their past. During their exchange, you can definitely see there are some lingering feelings there, but those will be gone as soon as Alicia tells him she’s leaving the firm. Alicia wears an Akris Punto Blazer ($1460) – this printed Grace Elements blazer ($59.99) is a great match: black and whiteDiane decides to meet Kurt’s friends, who turn out to be a bunch of women in their 20’s. It makes Diane uncomfortable and she questions getting married to him. She wore a sweater dress with a jeweled neckline. I found a similar Michael Kors dress ($160):


Cary (Matt Czuchry) finds out that one of the fourth years has leaked an incriminating video to Viola. This puts them in a difficult situation because he got caught and will now get fired without his bonus. This guy was a jerk, I hope after what happens he won’t be coming to the new firm. Alicia wears a tie-neck blouse; I found a similar Nine West Blouse ($39.98):

tie blouse
Diane meets with one of her clients who divulges that Alicia is heading up the new firm, confirming Diane’s suspicions. Diane wears a leopard sheath dress. I found three great options for this look, the first an Anne Klein sheath dress ($64.99), the second another Anne Klein dress ($59.40) and the third is a Jones New York dress ($59):
leopard dress

All of this sleuthing doesn’t get in the way of her wedding as she meets up with Kurt to get married at the Justice of the Peace. On her wedding day, Diane goes simple with a long-sleeved black sheath dress and a beautiful firefly brooch. This Diane von Furstenberg Messon dress is a steal at $135 and this firefly brooch is still available on eBay ($24.99):


Alicia bumps into Diane at the end of the episode and Diane doesn’t say a word to her. Alicia brushes it off, but Diane is deciding whether or not to tell Will about Alicia’s betrayal. Alicia wears a grey zip-up blazer in this scene. I found a similar Mossimo blazer ($39.99):

zip up

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Good Wife? Next week is the episode where Will finds out about Alicia, how do you think he will react?

You can still watch the episode here.

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The Good Wife “A Precious Commodity” Recap

I have to hand it to Diane (Christine Baranski), she owned up right away to Will (Josh Charles) that she burned him in the Law Review interview. That couldn’t have been easy and I don’t think a lot of people would face it head on. This is why I like Diane’s character so much. She doesn’t seem afraid of very much. The first family of Illinois got their inaugural photos taken. Alicia (Julianna Marguiles) wears the sold-out Gammner dress from The Row. For a similar look try this Nicole Miller Sheath Dress ($275) or this Ponte Sheath Dress ($88):

dress ID Source: WornOnTV

Alicia gets called away on an interesting case about a surrogate. In the meantime Will starts to make a case to push Diane out of the firm. Alicia wears a purple collarless blazer for her meeting with the surrogate and the parents. I found a similar blazer at DressBarn for $79.50: purple blazer Peter (Chris Noth) and Eli (Alan Cumming) bring back Marilyn (Melissa George) to give her the Ethics Committee job back, but she is no pushover and demands unfettered access to Peter…this should be interesting. She wears a black peplum dress. I found a Calvin Klein peplum dress for $118: peplum

David Lee (Zach Grenier) decides to join Alicia in the surrogate case, as he has a larger prize in mind. I love that Alicia catches on to his plan right away. She is one smart cookie. She is always the voice of reason, especially in the Diane situation as she reminds everyone that Diane will be a Supreme Court justice and they might want to leave things on good terms. Alicia wears a patterned skirt suit by Escada. I found a purple and black patterned skirt suit from Le Suit ($59.99) that has a similar sense of whimsy:


The firm gives Diane an exit package, but she declines saying that they can do better. They want to keep her clients in good standing. Diane is wearing a white textured jacket from Armani and a vintage firefly brooch. I found an MNG white tweed jacket ($55) and a vintage brooch on eBay ($24.99):


Then Will asks Alicia to replace Diane as managing partner! WOW, I didn’t see that one coming – he is going to be furious when she leaves with Cary (Matt Czuchry). This really puts her in a difficult position.

Back in court, Alicia is arguing to let her client keep the baby she was carrying. It is an interesting argument. She wears a Giorgio Armani Ribbed Front Jacket ($2795). I found this Star Jones blazer that has a similar seam detail ($65):

ribbed blazer

Marilyn is back on the Ethics Committee giving Eli a hard time already .She looks great doing it in a white v-neck blouse with pleats. I found an INC pleated blouse at Macy’s ($72.50). When she talks to Peter you can already see that they have chemistry…I think she will spell trouble for him. No wonder he is in such a hurry to renew his vows with Alicia.

pleated blouse

Cary confronts Alicia about getting asked to be managing partner, he makes a good point, that she will always be under Will if she stays. I think that if she never had the affair with Will it would be different, but I don’t think they can work that closely and keep it clean. Then Robyn (Jess Weixler) lets it slip that Alicia is leaving the firm, which Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) didn’t know.

Alicia sits through Will’s discussion with Diane, where she rejects the exit package again. Alicia realizes that if she becomes managing partner, she could one day be having this same discussion with Will. I think she can’t believe how ugly it’s become. She immediately goes to Cary and tells him that they need to leave this week. She wears a Rena Lange striped blazer. You can try this Anne Klein linen blazer ($109) for a similar look:

rena lange

Diane is a formidable opponent in a Moschino asymmetric ruffled jacket ($2, 438.79). I found a black INC military jacket for $119.50:


What did you think of this week’s episode of The Good Wife? Alicia’s secret is about to come out – how will Will react? What do you think will happen with Peter and Marilyn?

You can still watch the episode here.

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