Top Hair Dryers for Thin, Fine Hair

Bad news everyone…after too many times dropping it, my SuperSolano has died. We had a good four year run, but we weren’t meant to be together forever.

In the meantime I picked up a Conair Retractable Cord hair dryer at the drugstore to get me through the week while I researched a replacement. I figured this was a great opportunity to do some research on what might work best on my thin, fine hair. When I finally get my permanent hair dryer, the Conair one will be my back up dryer and/or travel dryer.

For all my girls with thin, fine hair, there are some things to keep in mind when hair dryer shopping. We want something hot enough for a quick dry, but not too hot that it damages the hair – 600 to 1875 Watts is ideal. Flyaways are usually the bane of our existence and definitely doesn’t give us that Jennifer Aniston hair that we would kill for. To combat flyaways we need to find a ceramic dryer that uses crushed tourmaline. This kills the frizz naturally without taking away the ooomph. You also want multiple heat settings so you are using a hotter setting when your hair is really wet and then switching to a lower setting when you are using the round brush. Make sure to get a dryer that has a cool setting so you can lock in the shine and seal your hair cuticle when you are finished styling.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer ($399)

I am starting with the mac daddy of dryers so you can get over the sticker shock. This model is definitely the most technologically advanced dryer on the market. The pros are a faster drying time, multiple settings, it’s quieter than regular dryers, it extremely lightweight – 1.8 pounds, magnetic attachments, it fits in our range with 1600 Watts, it comes with a non-slip mat, it has a removable filter that you can wipe down and a light alerts you on when to clean it, and it’s so pretty! The con is the price, but I’m more inclined to make an investment in something I use every day versus something that I only use once in a while. It has a two-year warranty so that’s .55 cents a day. WOW that really put it in perspective. This is definitely something I would put on my Christmas list or look for a great Black Friday deal. You can also get it at Bed, Bath & Beyond so it’s a great option for all those leftover registry gift cards. You can also check it out in person at the store. I linked to Nordstrom because this would be a great item to use your Nordstrom card on your triple points day so you earn lots of Notes back in return!


RUSK® Engineering W8less® Professional 2000 Watt Dryer ($99.95)

I’ve always liked RUSK products which I feel like are catered towards my fine, thin hair. This model has our ceramic and tourmaline requirements and emits far-infrared heat waves to shorten drying time and eliminate static and frizz. It has 2,000 Watts, which is higher than our range. It has seven different heat/speed settings (and a cool shot button) which is great for styling and weighs 1.1 pounds so it’s extremely lightweight. It emits negative ions which break down the water molecules in the hair while the infrared heat penetrates the hair to get you that fast dry.

T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i ($250)

So the T3 brand of dryer has delivered a different kind of technology. Where other dryers use a hurricane-like wind flow, the T3 uses a cone shaped flow to generate a high volume of air and dry your hair quickly. It also uses negative ions to cancel static. It contains tourmaline and ceramic for sleek, shiny hair. There are two speeds and three heat settings as well as the cool shot button. This one has 1800 Watts which is in our desired range. Many of the reviews I read praised it for how long it lasted compared to other dryers.

Bed Head Hot Head 1875W Hair Dryer for Massive Shine ($27.99)

This one fulfills all of our requirements and includes tourmaline and ceramic technology. The price is low so anyone can invest in this dryer just to get started. According to the manufacturer description this dryer is “pretty AF” and I don’t disagree. Who doesn’t love pink? There are two heat and two speed settings along with a cool shot button and a fun green concentrator. The reviews on this dryer are fantastic for the price and there is really no reason to not have this one on hand.

Twin Turbo 3200 ($132.94)

This dryer has four temperatures and two speeds as well as an anti-overheating device. It uses ceramic technology and has fantastic reviews. In all of the reviews I’ve seen they frequently mentioned having their stylist recommend this dryer which is always what you want to hear.

Super Solano 3500 Lite ($126.91)

My Super Solano is still a fantastic choice at 1800 watts that includes ceramic and tourmaline. It still is a great value for what you get and checks all the boxes for my thin, fine hair. You can see my original review here. This was one of my very first posts <3.

InfinitiPro by Conair Diamond Brilliance ($29.99)

So I was about halfway through this post and my friends at Meijer sent me, not one, but TWO hairdryers to review! What a fun coincidence, they didn’t even know I was working on this post or that my current hair dryer had gone kaput. It definitely worked out for me. Even better is that both of them fit in with my hair dryer guidelines for this post. The InfinitiPro has 1875 watts and uses diamond-infused ceramic with active conditioning ions to dry hair gently and reduce damage. The cool shot on this thing is no joke! That is my favorite part of this dryer. Since I started using it, I’ve definitely used the cool shot way more than on any other hair dryer.

InfinitiPro Conair ($34.99)

This was another Meijer gem fitting our rules of 1875 watts and ceramic technology. To make this, the ceramic is ground up into a powder and added to a high-temperature paint, which is applied as a coating to the outlet grille. The resulting infrared heat helps to provide uniform gentle heat to reduce damage to your hair.

BIO IONIC 10X Pro Ultralight Speed Dryer ($295)

Now if you can’t spring for the Dyson just yet, you may want to take a look at the Bio Ionic Speed Dryer. This baby is no joke when it comes to fast drying and fits our criteria at 1800 watts. It uses natural volcanic minerals to emit negative ions that push water molecules into your hair. It uses 75% electricity and although my hair doesn’t take a long time to dry, it dries 10X faster than other dryers which means you don’t have to subject your hair to heat for as long. Check out this video to see more of the benefits:

I would love to hear from my fine, thin haired sisters out there and hear your blowdrying tips and your favorite dryers. I will try anything on this baby fine hair of mine.

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Tools of the Trade

I have loved makeup and beauty products ever since I was a little girl playing with my Fazz makeup (does anyone remember Fazz?)

I was also blessed with great skin which makes makeup really fun for me. My hair on the other hand, not so much. I have baby fine hair, so fine in fact I might actually be partly bald. But wait, you say, “Your hair looks long and thick in pictures.” It’s not – this is achieved with lots of tricks which I am planning to share with you on this blog.

My husband just got me a new Solano SuperSolano 3500Lite hair dryer partly because he was probably tired of hearing my old Conair dryer sputtering on its last leg every morning and partly because he knew I had it on my wish list and he spoils me.

I first heard about this dryer from an interview in Allure with Emily Maynard’s hair dresser. You can read it here. After I started researching it seemed to be the gold standard in hair dryers.

The Super Solano 3500 Lite Dryer in all its glory (picture from Allure photo: David Cook)

The Super Solano 3500 Lite Dryer in all its glory (picture from Allure photo: David Cook)

I have been using the Solano for about a week now and it is leaps and bounds better than my old hair dryer. It is lightweight, quiet and it puts out a powerful airstream. It has cut my drying time in half and I barely have to use the round brush anymore!

I am still trying to figure out my drying process:

My old process consisted of drying my hair upside down until it was mostly dry, dividing it into three sections and blowdrying it with the round brush.

Since the Solano is so powerful it is pretty much dry by the time I finish blowdrying it upside down. Now I just do a little round brush on the top. I have been trying not to use the round brush very much as it causes a lot of breakage (and I don’t have very much hair to start with).

Overall, I really like my new Super Solano! Let me know if you have any tips for blowdrying your hair.

I was not compensated for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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