Viktor&Rolf Magic Collection

I received a complimentary bottle of Viktor&Rolf’s Dirty Trick fragrance from Saks Fifth Avenue in order to provide a review. All opinions are my own. 

Lately I’ve been working on building up my fragrance collection instead of just buying one bottle and using it until it’s gone. Now that I have a few bottles, I can collect different fragrances for each occasion. When I was asked to review Viktor&Rolf’s Dirty Trick fragrance I was excited to add to my fragrance library.

Every fragrance collection looks to tap into a specific lifestyle and Viktor&Rolf’s Magic Collection is no different. There are six scents in the collection and they look to bring a little magic into everyday life.

Each of the six fragrances has a two-word name to represent their olfactory and magical elements. Each scent contains an innovative ingredient that has never been used in perfumery and pairs it with a traditional ingredient. The entire collection is unisex (John didn’t seem too excited about trying this fragrance himself, which is fine because that means more for me!).

The Magic Collection includes:

  • Lavender Illusion – the illusion of the classic lavender magically turned into a precious flower
  • Liquid Diamonds – the transformation of the hardest precious stone into liquid
  • Dirty Trick – the ubiquity of precious iris and provocative ink
  • Sage Spell – the addiction of sage becoming a transcending plant
  • Sparkling Secret – the sublimation of a fusing cologne
  • Dancing Roses – the captivating dream of levitating rose petals

I tried Dirty Trick, which is elegantly sensual with notes of suede accord, cedarwood essence, and benzoin (it’s a resin from a specific type of tree – I had to look it up).

Dirty Trick combines the elegant and precious Iris and the mischievous and provocative Chinese Ink into a concoction of disruptive and animalistic sensuality. It arrests the senses with a mischievous combination of iris and ink. Sparkling bergamot and clary sage are interrupted by spicy and sweet incense to compose the top notes, while powdery iris and violet leaves blend harmoniously with ink to create a metallic and smoky heart.

This fragrance retails for $220 at Saks Fifth Avenue and comes in an apothecary-inspired bottle. I love that Dirty Trick is such a sensual fragrance and I can see myself saving this for a romantic date with my husband or a special night out when I want to look and feel my best.

Which scent from Viktor&Rolf’s Magic Collection would you like to try?

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How to Find Your Signature Scent

Like any girl, I want to smell nice, but not overpowering. Lately, I have been experimenting with different scents and mixing different them for different occasions. There is no bigger compliment then having a man say you smell nice. That is one of my favorite things to hear.

This got me thinking, how do you determine the right scent? I think it helps to understand the basic choices:


Perfume has a 30-40 percent perfume oil concentration which is meant to last for 6-8 hours. This is the most expensive type of fragrance and you want to use it sparingly. You should focus it on your pulse points.

Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum contains 15-20 percent perfume oil concentration and lasts about 5 hours. This is a great scent to spray on your hair or clothing.

Eau de Toilette

Eau de Toilette has a 10 percent perfume oil concentration. This only lasts for a few hours.

Eau de Cologne

Eau de Cologne has a 5-7 percent perfume oil concentration which is meant to last 2-3 hours. You can reapply this frequently without being overpowering. This is usually a great body spray.

The strength of the scent determines its price, so that longer it lasts the more expensive it is. Once you know what type of scent to get you then need to figure out what scents you like.

Here is the standard fragrance wheel, created by Michael Edwards. The four main scents are Floral, Oriental, Woody and Fresh. Each of these are divided into sub-groups on the wheel:

The Fragrance Wheel

The Fragrance Wheel

Floral – Floral fragrances can be from the scent of one particular flower or several flowers.

Oriental – Oriental fragrances include animalistic scents comgined with vanilla, tonka bean, flowers and woods

Woody – These typically include agarwood, sandalwood, cedarwood and patchouli.

Fresh – These include citrus, green and aquatic notes.

Now that we know a little bit more about the different types of scents I thought I would share my favorites with you and my newest purchase.

One of the first fragrances I remember wearing in high school was a Peach Nectar Long Lasting Body Fragrance from Bath & Body Works. They have long discontinued this, but I still have the bottle in my cabinet. I don’t wear it frequently, but when I do the scent takes me back to when I was 16. I love it just for that reason. I love the way different scents can bring back old memories.

Peach Nectar

Peach Nectar

In college I upgraded to Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Halo which was launched in 2000. This is a floral fragrance from Ilias Ermenidis. The top notes are poinsettia, fig leaf, freesia and tiare flower. The middle notes are orchid, pepper and vanilla. The base note is sandalwood. One of the reasons I love this scent is because my husband complimented me on it when we first met, before we started dating. I usually save this for a special occasion with my husband.

Dream Angels Halo

Dream Angels Halo

This is an Eau de Parfum and has been discontinued from Victoria’s Secret. Sometimes they re-release it into the stores, but I usually find online at Sears or eBay.

After college, I started selling Mary Kay for a while and discovered Embrace Dreams Fragrance Mist. I remember getting so many compliments on this one from my tour groups when I worked at Pewabic Pottery. This is a creamy floral scent containing bamboo, decaffeinated red tea and sandalwood. I still love this scent, it is great to wear every day. It has been discontinued, but I like to get it on eBay periodically.

Mary Kay Embrace Dreams

Mary Kay Embrace Dreams

Once Embrace Dreams was discontinued I went back to Victoria’s Secret and tried Dream Angels Heavenly. This is usually my standby when I can’t get the perfume I want. It is $45-60 depending on the size you get. It was created in 1999 and has notes of quince, cardamom, ivy and mandarin. The heart includes lotus, white peony, freesia, iris and violet. The base contains white musk, sandalwood, orchid and vanilla. This was also created by Ilias Ermenidis and is an Eau de Parfum.

Dream Angels Heavenly

Dream Angels Heavenly

I have also enjoyed the spin off to this, Dream Angels Heavenly Kiss, which was introduced in 2008. They don’t always have this in the stores as it’s a limited edition scent, but you can find it on eBay. This is an Eau de Parfum and has top notes of red currant, red fruit and watermelon. Middle notes include the heart of freesia petals, guava, apricot nectar and jasmine. The bottom notes are soft vanilla, creamy notes of wood, English toffee, marshmallow and sensual musk.

Heavenly Kiss

Heavenly Kiss

This brings me to my current scent, Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum, which debuted in 2011. I am still on my first bottle, so I haven’t decided if this will be my new favorite scent yet. This can be very overpowering, so I have to be careful not to spray too much. This is a floral fruity composition with a deep woody base. It opens with ginger, pear and green accords. The heart includes exotic tiger orchid and is blended with tea rose. This was created by Olivier Polge.

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo

After going back through all of my scents over the years I realized that my signature scent needs to be a floral Eau de Parfum. Now that I know what to look for, I can’t wait try out some new scents.

Let me know if you have any fragrances that you can’t live without, I would love to try them.

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