Winter 2018 Favorites

Ladies, I have all the things to help you get through the winter tundra and into spring. If we can’t get to a warmer climate, we can at least snuggle up with cozy materials and pamper ourselves until the sun comes out again. Here are my current winter favorites.

Rib Trim Pocket Open Cardigan ($54.99)

I am OBSESSED with this cardigan and if you come to my house you can catch me wearing it 24/7. This was a Black Friday purchase and it is even better than the one I got last year because it has pockets and it is SO cozy! You can hibernate in it all winter long.

CND Vinylux in Winter Glow ($10.50)

My cousin wore this to a Christmas event and I just loved it! It’s a perfect color for the professional woman (she’s a lawyer). You can get the Shellac version here.

Crochet Inset Heel Boots ($34.79)

In the winter, I transition many of my everyday dresses to winter wear with tights and boots. I have one pair of nice dress boots that I wear all the time and definitely need another pair so they don’t get worn out from trudging through the snow. I thought these boots with the inset were so cute!

Saltopia Himalayan Salt Lamp ($39.95)

John and I got one of these for our bedroom. They are known to have therapeutic benefits for colds, skin problems, respiratory issues, headaches, mental health disorders and more. There is a light inside the lamp that which heats up the salt crystals so they attract the water molecules in the air to form a NaCl and H20 solution. Long story short, they create a negative ion which seeks out positive ions like dust or bacteria to clear it from the air.


Shimmer Tie Cuff Sweater ($44.99)

This was also a Black Friday purchase and it is so cute and comfy. The sleeves add a nice touch and it is easy to wear.

CND Cucumber Heel Therapy ($49.90)

I’m always on the hunt for the best foot cream and apparently I’ve been missing out on one of the best. But it doesn’t surprise me that it’s from CND. If you apply this every evening to your dry, cracked heels you won’t believe how fast the calluses disappear! Foot cream is my jam in the winter so you are ready to slip your feet into sandals the moment the weather changes.

Ruffle Arm Warmer ($20.99)

These were also a Black Friday purchase, but they had them in a camel color. I actually am a little bummed they didn’t have them in the pink because I would have gotten those instead. I’ve received lots of compliments on these.

Thro Pattie Pineapple Throw ($23.99)

My cousin gifted this to me as a hostess gift when she stayed with us over the summer. I am in love with it! I love all things pineapple and this throw is so soft and cozy… Sport is currently trying to steal it from me.

Pearlized Button Slit Cuff Sweater Dress ($119.99)

I’m sort of obsessed with sleeves right now and I love the feminine sleeves on this dress. Plus purple is so fun for winter.

LAURA MERCIER Crème Brûlée Honey Bath ($45)

I’m really into bubble baths lately but I need hot water and LOTS of bubbles. I also need it to smell divine. Winter is the perfect time for hibernating in a luxurious creme brulee bubble bath to moisturize your skin. You can follow your bath up with the accompanying creme brulee souffle body creme.

Ribbon Woven Tassel Necklace ($60)

I love this whole look! I’ve been looking a long silver necklace to go with dresses, tunics and sweaters. This is so edgy and would be fun to wear for a variety of different occasions.

Campfire Donut Candle ($10)

I used this during the holidays and loved the smell. You know it’s going to be good when donut is in the name!

What are your favorite things for winter?

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