Be The Best You in 2014 with Random Acts of Kindness

This post was inspired by Kerry at Till Then Smile Often.

She recently started a Random Acts of Kindness series and I love following along. This has inspired me to include this on my Be The Best You in 2014 series. I’ve been involved with many nonprofits and volunteer opportunities throughout the years and I can tell you that there is nothing that makes you feel happier than giving back.

Till Then Smile Often

This sort of reminds me of the Friends episode where Phoebe tries to find a selfless good deed and realizes that there is no such thing. Putting good into the world makes you feel good – and there’s nothing wrong with that:

My challenge for 2014 is to commit 52 Random Acts of Kindness – one for every week this year. I will detail all of them at the bottom of this post as I complete them.

1. Vending Machine Treat

I found my first RAK idea on Pinterest. I will leave a few dollars taped to a vending machine for someone to enjoy a treat or drink on me. I found the cards to download here and I wrote the hashtag #BetheChange2014 on the back. I sort of got caught taking the picture – next time I need to be faster!


2. Elevator Surprise!

I came up with this idea on my way into the office. I wanted to leave something in the elevator one morning. Last night I purchased a three-pack of $10 Starbucks gift cards (more to come on the other two) and taped the Random Acts of Kindness Card to the front. This morning I taped the cards to the top of the elevator panel.


3. Well Wishes on the Windshield

I am still working on my three-pack of Starbucks gift cards, so this is the second card. I decided to leave it on someone’s windshield so when they came out to their car after a long day they would have a nice treat. Now I need to figure out what to do with the third card.


4. Gift at the Gas Station

With my final Starbucks gift card I decided to leave a surprise for someone at the gas station. I hope it brightened someone’s day.


You can join Kerry’s challenge by using the hashtag #BeTheChange2014 on Twitter and Instagram.

I would love for you to join me and share your stories below!

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