Mistresses “Gone Girl” Recap

Season 3 of Mistresses kicks off just like you would imagine a show called Mistresses would – with lots of steamy drama! Note to future mistresses-when cheating on someone make sure to turn off all phones to escape those pesky interruptions. Joss (Jess Macallan) and Harry (Brett Tucker) forgot to do this allowing Karen (Yunjin Kim) to track them down. Unfortunately, it was to let Joss know that Scott’s (Justin Hartley) grandmother had a stroke and she needed to get back to her wedding stat. I liked Karen’s dress, but don’t have an ID for it. I did find this similar Jessica Simpson Blouson Bungee Necklace Dress ($118):

Jessica Simpson Blouson

Lucy (Corinne Massiah) just learned the truth about her father and feels betrayed by April (Rochelle Aytes). She understandably doesn’t want to talk to her as her father is now dead. April wears the Tadashi Shoji Embroidered Lace Sheath Dress ($238):

Tadashi Shoji

April has to tell Lucy the whole truth, which she doesn’t take very well. April wore this Adelia Boho Blouse ($78). You can get a few sizes here for $31.20 and here in white for $44.99:

Adelia blouse

Joss suspects that Savi witnessed her little tryst with Harry and that is why she is missing. She meets Dom (Jason George) for coffee to discover that Savi has quit her job at the firm with no notice. Joss is wearing a fabulous leather moto jacket. I found this similar Calvin Klein Jeans Faux-Leather Moto Jacket ($148):

Calvin Klein

Meanwhile, Karen pays a visit to her doctor for a follow up after her negative HIV test. She is furious when she finds out that he has profiled her blood without her permission and asks her to donate her rare blood type. Karen wore a sold out Floral Printed T-Shirt from Zara. I liked this DKNYC Layered Multimedia Blouse ($89.50) to recreate the look:


After Joss’ life implodes, she is stuck staying with Karen until she can find a place. What’s worse is she discovers that Savi was still in love with Harry. Joss wore a sold out Snake Print Tank from Haute Hippie. I found a similar look with this Joie Printed Cotton Racerback Tank ($148):

Haute Hippie

Joss is falling apart, but Karen has to leave to meet with the doctor and Joss’ problems will have to wait. Karen wears a sold out Doji 2 Sleeveless Colorblock Sheath Dress by O’2nd and carries the Banstraw bag by Aldo ($25). This JAX Lace Panelled Sheath Dress ($148) is similar:


At the end of the episode we meet our newest mistress Calista Raines (Jennifer Esposito) who’s husband is cheating on her. She has a standout red caftan style maxi dress on. I found this Ladies Summer Party Kaftan Style Red Maxi Dress by MontyQ ($45) to try to recreate the look:

red maxi

What did you think of the season opener minus Alyssa Milano? Personally, I thought Joss was a little clueless per usual. How do you hook up with your sister’s ex-husband and think it’s okay?! Although anyone could see that their relationship has crossed too many boundries for a long time.

If you missed it, you can still watch it on iTunes or Hulu.

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Mistresses “An Affair to Surrender” Recap

As Mistresses kicks off this week, I wonder if Savi (Alyssa Milano) actually does any work. Every time she arrives at the office she seems to get called away immediately on some personal issue. Harry (Brett Tucker) and Savi finally find a buyer for the house and can move on.

Joss (Jes Macallan) starts the move in process with Scott (Justin Hartley) and he is wondering if she loves him back. She finally says the words and she doesn’t pass out, so that is a good start. We also find out that Scott owns a restaurant with a sexy supermodel and they want Joss to throw the grand opening. And of course she wants to bring in Harry as the chef. I don’t see why she can’t let him go for crying out loud!

Karen (Yunjin Kim) decides to break up with Jacob (Matthew del Negro) because she doesn’t want to stop seeing Anna. This woman is the queen of bad decisions!

April (Rachelle Aytes) can’t seem to let Daniel (Ricky Whittle) go, even though he is married.

Here are some of my favorite looks from this episode:


While Joss and Savi condo hunt, she looks great in the Rag & Bone Jefferson Blazer (sold out). I liked this Choies Blazer ($37.99) because it was a great color match:

blue blazer

As the girls come over to help Savi pack up the house, Joss wears the cutest shirt that says “Chardonnay. Late nights. Boys.” I’ve heard that you can find this shirt at Macy’s, but I also found this one at Spreadshirt for $29.40:


Joss meddled again in Harry’s affairs and her new restaurant owner wants to hire him as the head chef. He ultimately decides to take the job and she gets her way by keeping him from moving to Australia. She wears an Embellished Silk Tee by Rebecca Taylor (sold out). I loved that tee, but was able to find this INC Sequined Cap Sleeve Tee ($54.99), which gives you that same pop of sparkle:

rebecca taylor embellished tee

Scott finally mans up and calls Joss out on her meddling with Harry. I don’t think she was listening though. Joss lounges around in the Splendid Marina Eyelet Stripe Tee ($31.99):

splendid marina


Savi also dressed to impress while condo hunting. She wears the Vince Dot-Print Silk Tank Top ($78) and the Stella & Dot Crosby Link Necklace ($128):

crosby link necklace

She ultimately decides to break escrow and keep the house. It will cost her a lot of money and she will have to buy out Harry, but you can’t put a price on home. Savi wears the Joie Masha Silk Top (sold out). I found a similar Masha Top ($218) in a different print, but its practically identical:

masha top


After she breaks up with Jacob, Karen has a hard time getting in touch with Anna after she misses her appointment. Karen wears an Alice + Olivia Two-Tone Leather-Collar Blazer ($208). This H&M Fitted Jacket ($39.95) is a good alternative:

pink blazer

Karen gets an address for Anna, but discovers that she lied and never even lived there. She finally has to reach out to Jacob for help in finding Anna and he figures out that this is the real reason she broke off their relationship. Karen wears a Karen Millen Cotton Jacquard Shift Dress (sold out). As an alternative I liked this Tahari Bateau Neck Sheath Dress ($76.80):

karen millen

Anna finally shows up at Karen’s door and she thinks that Jacob wants to get back together with her…little does she know. Karen wore a Helmut Lang Tidal Printed Cowl-Back Top (sold out). I thought this Pam & Gela Sofia Tie Dye Tee ($125) was similar:

helmut lang cowl


April has a hard time breaking things off with Daniel, but after her daughter tells her that sleeping with a married man is gross, she seems to take the hint. She wears a Joie Terabithia Blouse (sold out). I found this similar colored Sophie Max Solid Crepe Georgette Blouse ($52.80):

joie terabithia blouse

At the end of the episode Anna runs into Karen and Jacob together which I’m sure she will take well.

What did you think of this episode?

If you missed it, you can purchase it on iTunes.

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Mistresses “Why Do Fools Fall in Love?” Recap

Mistresses kicks off this week with Karen (Yunjin Kim) running into Jacob (Matthew del Negro) and setting up a dinner date at her house. Joss (Jes Macallan) is having trouble dealing with Scott’s (Justin Hartley) breasty patients popping up everywhere they go. April (Rachelle Aytes) deals with trust issues and Savi (Alyssa Milano) lies to Dom (Jason George) and he confronts her.

Here are my favorite looks from this week’s episode:


April confesses to Karen that she doesn’t trust Daniel (Ricky Whittle), and I am of the mind to tell her to trust her gut. She wears a T-Bags Strapless Ruffle Maxi Dress (sold out). T-Bags has a similar Ruffle Print Maxi for $188:



I loved Karen’s outfit for her dinner date with Jacob. It’s the Robert Rodriguez Jersey Wrap-Stripe Sleeveless Top on sale for $85.

rr ice mint


Savi’s lunch with Dom and Zack (Jason Gerhardt) doesn’t go well when he admits that he has feelings for her and things with Dom start to implode. Savi wore an Eliza J Lace Detail Stripe Ponte Knit Shirttail Dress ($54.47) and a Vince Vest – Laser Cut Trench ($260). This Indication by ECI Striped Crochet-Trim Ponte Shift Dress ($31.99) has more size options left. This Trouvé Moto Vest ($52.80) is similar:

striped dress

After that revelation, Dom decides to put the brakes on his relationship with Savi, which I think is smart. Savi is all over the place and doesn’t seem to know what she wants. She wears the Joie Laurel Silk Chiffon Printed Pintuck Blouse (sold out). I found this Limited Printed Short Sleeve Blouse ($34.96) to recreate this look:

joie blouse

In the end, we discover that Daniel is actually married, but that doesn’t stop April from continuing the relationship. Joss takes things a little too far with Scott when a patient dies on the table, but they make up and Scott says the L word and asks her to move in with him. Karen seals the deal with Jacob, but we discover that the girl he broke up with is Karen’s patient!!!! Last but not least, Harry breaks the news to Savi that he is moving back to Australia.

What did you think of this episode?

If you missed it, you can purchase it on iTunes.

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Mistresses “What Do You Really Want?” Recap

This week the Mistresses heat things up…starting with Karen (Yunjim Kim) crossing the line with her new boy toy, Harry (Brett Tucker) is ready to move on from Savi (Alyssa Milano), Savi is ready to have a baby again, April (Rachelle Aytes) is still adjusting to life at Lucy’s new school and Joss’ (Jes Macallan) relationship with Scott (Justin Hartley) is moving forward in spite of her relationship with Harry.


In the opening scene Karen is wearing a L’Agence Embellished Silk Tuxedo Blouse ($79.19), Milly Pencil Skirt (sold-out) and Michael Kors Graham Booties ($179.99). To recreate the look, I found this Adrianna Papell Sequined Silk Blouse ($99), L’Amour Nanette Lepore BodyCon Skirt ($7.99) and Tahari Chris Booties ($69.95):

caged booties

Karen meets up with her new boy toy again (Brian Hallisay from The Client List) and they continue taking their relationship to the next level. What is she going to do when he wants to get to know the real her? She wears a Versace Buckle Strap Dress (unavailable). This Paper Dolls Black And Blue Bodycon Dress ($49) is similar:

bodycon dress


I’m not sure I would wear a nice blouse to clean the silver, but that doesn’t stop Joss (Jes Macallan). She wears a BCBGMAXAZRIA Jaklyn Draped Front Top ($158) and Rag & Bone Hyde Jeans (sold-out). I found these Blank NYC Spray On Skinny Leather Detail Jeans ($88) to substitute:

rag and bone


April has to return a Gucci purse that Lucy got at a sleepover at her friend Payton’s house. She wore a Pilcro Avie Denim Jacket ($128):


I loved April’s blue floral dress that she wore for dinner with Payton’s mom and found this similar ASOS Blue Floral Pencil Printed Body-Conscious Dress ($87.06):

blue floral dress

I love April’s face in this screen cap, which is her reaction to finding out about Samantha and Steven’s open marriage. She is wearing a red Trina Turk Imma Jersey Halter Top (only available in charcoal). For a similar look for less try this Michael Stars Women’s Jersey Halter ($48.96):

red halter


Savi receives her final divorce papers while at work and wants to skip marriage with Dom (Jason George) and just get to the baby. She wore a Vince Silk Panel Tee ($106):

vince blouse

What did you think of this episode? Dom will definitely react to seeing Savi with another man…and Karen meeting up with Jacob (Matthew del Negro) is interesting.

If you missed it, you can purchase it on iTunes.

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Mistresses “Playing with Fire” Recap

On this episode of Mistresses, things start to heat up in all of the plotlines. We find out Daniel is keeping secrets and possibly seeing another woman, Savi (Alyssa Milano) is “playing with fire” in her relationship with Dom (Jason George), Joss (Jes Macallan) starts a relationship with her plastic surgeon and Karen (Yunjin Kim) crosses a line.

Here are my favorite looks from this week:


Joss finds out about Savi’s secret relationship with Zack (Jason Gerhardt) and then runs off to host a party for Scott (Justin Hartley). She wore a Zara Draped Viscose Blouse (sold-out) and a TopShop Diamond Quilted Skort (only available in orange $72). This Yellow Long Sleeve Front Cross Dipped Hem Blouse ($14.67) and TopShop Asymmetrical Skort ($65) are similar:

zara blouse

Joss decides to hold an intervention for Savi, which sort of annoyed me. She is a meddler and can’t let people make their own mistakes. Sometimes people need to make mistakes or they won’t learn anything. She wears a  Rebecca Taylor Faceted Embellished Silk Tee (sold-out) and James Jeans Zip Fly Skinny Jeans ($99). I found this INC International Concepts Sleeveless Illusion Studded Top ($44.99) to recreate the look:

rebecca taylor

Later on in the day, she gets new shoes and sends Scott a picture to tease him about his shoe fetish. The shoes she wears are the Zara high-heel ankle boot sandal ($59.99):

zara shoes


Karen confesses to April (Rachelle Aytes) that she has been role playing to meet guys and that she is loving it! April warns her that this could be a problem if she ends up really liking someone. She wears either the Joie ‘Malena B.’ Mixed Media Sweater (sold-out) or the Diane von Furstenberg Louisa Top ($294.31). This Rebecca Taylor blouse ($44.97) is similar:

dvf blouse

Karen decides to ignore April’s advice and take her role playing to the next level by sleeping with her latest suitor. In this identity she wore a long wig and the Just Cavalli Leopard Print Dress (sold out). This Diane von Furstenberg Ariana Sleeveless Printed Jacquard Dress ($167.40) is similar:

just cavalli


Savi is “playing with fire” in her new relationship with Zack. They go to the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert and then he takes her to get a tattoo. Interesting that she does all of this without telling Dom. She wore a Vince Draped-Collar Leather Jacket ($995) to the concert. I liked this BB DAKOTA Jacket – Faux Leather Drape Front ($84) as a look for less:

vince leather jacket

Savi confronts Joss about her intervention and the fact that she can’t trust her. Joss accuses her of doing the same thing to Dom that she did to Harry (Brett Tucker) last year. Savi completely disregards her advice and runs off with Zack again. She wore a Vince Vintage Leather Moto Jacket (sold-out) and carried a Michael Kors Hamilton Saffiano Leather Satchel ($358). This Cressida Jacket by BB Dakota ($92.99) and this Myrum bag from Aldo ($45) are great looks for less:

bb dakota

What did you think of this episode?

If you missed it, you can still watch it here, or purchase it on iTunes.

For more Mistresses recaps, click here.

Mistresses “Friends With Benefits” Recap

In this week’s episode, we discover that the guy who came to see Savi (Alyssa Milano) is really Zack Kilmer (Jason Gerhardt) the other person from her accident. I didn’t see that one coming, but what Savi does need is another man in her life (insert sarcasm here).

I was happy to see that they finally addressed some of the things that had happened last season, Savi’s accident and Karen’s (Yunjin Kim) trauma.

We also see Savi start to go down a dangerous path with Dom (Jason George) and that April’s (Rochelle Aytes) new man has a secret!

Can we all just agree that Karen makes the worst decisions, is she trying to be an escort now? (Throws hands up in the air!) For an accomplished professional, she is sort of dumb.

Aside from that rant, here are some of my favorite looks from this episode:


When she meets Zack, Savi is wearing a cozy Drapey Lux Cardigan from Splendid ($108). This Kische Open Front Cardigan is only $44, if you want a similar look for less:

splendid cardigan

Savi and Dom decide to come out to HR about their relationship. This is also the first time she lies to Dom about buying tickets for Joss’ birthday. I went back and forth on her skirt and decided that I liked it for a Fall look. It was the Michael Kors Wool-Silk Ikat Pencil Skirt in Rose/Leaf/Black ($271 – 70% off!) or more sizes here.

michael kors skirt


Karen tries to start dating again, but is unfortunately thwarted by Google, when blind dates can find out about her scandal from last year. She looks great in a green halter dress! I couldn’t find the exact dress, but I found a similar London Times Ikat Chevron Halter Blouson Dress for $79:

green halter


Joss (Jess Macallan) puts all of her eggs in one basket and buys a table at a charity event to try to network for clients. That was a big gamble! Harry’s (Brett Tucker) girlfriend ends up setting her up with a blind date without her knowledge and it gets sort of awkward. At least she looked fabulous for the first date. Her red satin dress was va-va voom! This Trumpet/Mermaid Sweetheart Court Train Satin Evening Dress from Dress First ($155.99) should do the trick for a similar look:

red satin dress

Following their date, Scott (Justin Hartley) sends Joss a puppy! First of all who does that? Second of all, what company lets someone do that. You don’t even know if that person can even care for a puppy! Anyways, she was wearing a cute C’est La Vie Top that is unfortunately sold out. I found another C’est La Vie Tank from Hot Topic for $16.40:

cest la vie

What did you think of this episode?

If you missed it, you can still watch it here, or purchase it on iTunes.

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Mistresses “Open House” Recap

This episode was mostly filler, I think the most exciting part was Jacob (Matthew Del Negro) finally revealing that he had feelings for Karen (Yunjin Kim), but there were plenty of fashion options that I liked on this episode, so that made up for it.

Here are my favorites:


During Savi’s (Alyssa Milano) open house she wears a sold-out color tipped pink blouse from Vince. I found this NYDJ Georgette 3/4 Blouse ($89) to replicate this look: vince In dealing with Toni (Rebeka Montoya) Savi wears the sold-out Marissa Webb Sonia Top. This Vince Camuto Lace Blouse ($99) is similar: marissa webb Harry (Brett Tucker) and Savi are trying to sell their house, but Harry won’t talk to Savi and are having trouble closing the deal. Savi wears the Joie Marru blouse in a great periwinkle color. I love this blouse and have one in white! Since that color is sold out you can get the same style in other colors here. I found a great H&M look for less with this Satin Blouse ($24.95): joieSavi is finally dealing with the repercussions of her actions and I have to say, I don’t really feel bad for her. I’m not sure what she expected from Harry after she cheated on him and ruined their marriage. She wore a Vince Draped Satin Wrap Blouse ($92) in this scene: vince draped


Karen has a morning coffee with Joss (Jess Macallan) and wears a pink Vince Contrast Placket Blouse ($169). I thought this Tanks to You Top from Modcloth ($29.99) was a great black on pink look for less: pink and black On Karen’s first date back, she wears a sold-out Reiss Hermione Black Folded Layer Dress. This Victoria’s Secret Asymmetric Shift Dress is the perfect match for only $49.50: reiss asymmetric


Joss meets up with Karen to dish about her date. I really liked her sold-out Band of Gypsies Print Chiffon Kimono Jacket. I thought this Blue Sakura Print Kimono Sunscreen Chiffon Coat for $18.13 was a good alternative: kimono

When Joss runs into Savi, she wears a J Valdi Zig Zag Swim Cover Up ($21.60): jsaldi


April (Rochelle Aytes) is charged with hosting a parent party for her daughter’s school and her new gay best friend comes up with a painting party with half-naked men serving drinks. You can get April’s Vince Camuto Printed Halter Maxi Dress for $90.99: floral maxiApril has a meet-the-parents date with her daughter’s new friend’s parents. It gets awkward when the dad turns out to be someone she went on a coffee date with and he is married! I loved her dress in this scene. It is black with little flowers, so cute! I thought this Floral Print Strappy Cut-Out Maxi Dress from Charlotte Russe ($29.99) would be a good recreation: black floral


Toni is the kind of girl that you need to keep close so you can make sure to be one step ahead of her. She is a great dresser and I loved her Ted Baker Jamthun Zip-Front Jamthun Zip-Front Peplum Dress ($295). This ASOS Midi Body-Conscious Dress with Sweetheart Neck and Peplum ($47.64) is a good look for less:

ted baker

What did you think of this episode?

If you missed it, you can purchase it on iTunes.

For more Mistresses recaps, click here.

Mistresses “Boundaries” Recap

In the second episode, Savi (Alyssa Milano) heads back to work,  Joss (Jess Macallen) goes into business with Harry (Brett Tucker), April (Rochelle Aytes) starts her affair with the sexy, smoldering artist and Karen (Yunjin Kim) has to face Elizabeth Grey (Penelope Ann Miller) one last time.

I wasn’t too impressed with Joss’ wardrobe this episode and Savi’s was about 50/50, but there were a few pieces that I liked.


Savi’s back-to-work skirt is the Marisa Webb Viktoria Skirt ($289). This DKNY Pencil Skirt is similar for less ($98.99):

marisa webb

Savi’s Robyn Rhodes Mona Necklace ($59) was fabulous:

robyn rhodes mona


I love April’s zig zag wrap dress. Possessionista found this look alike from Katya ($32). I also found this version from Maggy London for $108:

zig zag

What did you think of this episode?

If you missed it, you can still watch it here or purchase it on iTunes if it has expired.

For more Mistresses recaps, click here.

Mistresses “Rebuild” Recap

The second season premiere of Mistresses wasn’t exactly what I expected and neither was the wardrobe. I was a little disappointed that they completely skipped over what happened to Savi (Alyssa Milano) and the baby…as well as Karen (Yunjin Kim). I feel like they are trying to restart the show by just wiping clean everything that happened last season and moving on to other story lines. We’ll see what happens in the next few episodes.

The most important part of the show, the fashion, was interesting. There were some great hits and then there were some awful pieces that made me cringe. I am only going to focus on my favorite pieces of the premiere, but if there was something else you had to have, let me know.

Karen Kim

I loved the opening scene with Karen’s hot Christian Louboutin Filo Pumps ($795). If you’re not ready to commit to a pair of Louboutins yet, try these Pour La Victoire Women’s Irina Platform Pump ($42.84):

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 10.58.50 PM

Karen’s Flower Print Blue Shift Dress from Zara may be sold out, but this Blue Sleeveless Floral Bodycon Dress knockoff from SheInside is a perfect match ($16.67):

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 11.30.34 PM

Karen wears the sold-out Evangeline dress by Reiss for the art show. I found a similar Lace Paneled Bodycon Dress from Forever 21 ($15.80):


Savi Davis

Savi looks great in the opening scene and we realize that she pulled through. Her red maxi dress is by Splendid ($118). If that is out of your price range, try this Forever 21 version for $12.80:

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 11.48.37 PM

Savi wore a Vince Paper Leather Vest ($479). I found this Laser Cut Faux Leather Moto Vest ($49.99) from The Limited for a similar look:

Vince Vest

For Savi’s brief appearance at the art show, she wore a Haute Hippie Asymmetrical Side Tuck Dress ($485). This Heather Women’s Asymmetric Surplice Dress ($30.94) is similar:

haute hippie

As Savi is trying to get her Om on, she wears the Plush Marled Sweater Leggings ($84):


Joss Carver

I loved Joss’ (Jes Macallan) ALC Savile leather-trimmed calf hair jacket, which you can rent here. You can get the look for less with this Contrast Trimming Leopard Print Jacket ($31.39):

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 10.59.30 PM

Joss’ gift to herself for almost landing the Punky Brewster account is this Helmut Lang Wither Leather Jacket ($941.50). I found this BB Dakota Tyne Leather Jacket for $286 to get a look for less:

Helmut Lang

Joss wears fabulous red Jeffrey Campbell Barnes Booties ($99.96) while she talks to Harry (Brett Tucker):

jeffrey campbell April Malloy

I like about half of April’s (Rochelle Aytes) clothes. I don’t really have a bohemian style, but she makes it look effortless. I liked this open weave cardigan she wore at the beginning of the episode and found a similar Democracy Crochet Sweater Cardigan ($78):

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 3.10.09 PM

At the art show, April wore this awesome Whiskey Leather Biker Jacket from Zara ($249):

zara jacket

When April goes to visit her sexy artist, she wears a Drapey Rib Cardigan by Splendid ($78) and the Hayden necklace from Robyn Rhodes ($70):

robyn rhodes

While sanding, April wears a Tank Top by Splendid ($22):


What did you think of the premiere?

If you missed the second season premiere, you can purchase it on iTunes for $2.99.

For more Mistresses recaps, click here.

Five on Friday: Opening Day Edition

It’s time for another edition of Five on Friday with A Liz AdventuresThe Good Life BlogHello Happiness and Carolina Charm.

5 on Friday Logo - Final

Baseball has been the thing my Dad and I have bonded over since I was little. My Dad grew up in New York, so I grew up a Yankees fan. I remember watching Derek Jeter’s first season and falling in love with baseball. The Yankees will always have my heart and are my number one team, but since I married John I have made some room for the Tigers too (as long as it doesn’t conflict with my Bombers). Anyways, I am excited for opening day and baseball season! I’m not planning to go to the game, but John and I will usually do our own opening day at the next weekend game that we can attend.

Here are some of my favorite baseball items for this season:

1. Alex and Ani Major League Baseball Bracelets

Alex and Ani partnered with MLB to create some adorable bracelets for all of your favorite teams. You could get a few to stack for a great baseball look.


2. OPI MLB Collection

OPI recently announced a partnership with MLB to create a fashion line for 2014. There are seven colors in total including Short_STOP! Love Athletes in Cleats, Orange You Going to the Game? Right Off the Bat, 7th Inning Strrretch, Umpires Come Out at Night and Girls Love Diamonds.

The line doesn’t officially come out until April, but you can get the mini preview pack on Amazon on the link above.


3. Alex Woo MLB Collection

Alex Woo has some adorable MLB necklaces. You can get your team’s logo but also mix it up by adding a number charm for your favorite player.


4. Tiffany Pretzel Charm

John bought me the Tiffany Pretzel Charm for my bracelet, but I also wear it as a necklace to baseball outings. This is one of my favorite things. What says baseball more than a soft pretzel?


5. Touch by Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano makes the best team sports clothing for women. I have been eyeing this Yankees draft sweatshirt.


What are your Opening Day favorites?

For more 5 on Friday posts, click here.

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