Revenge “Ambush” Recap

This week’s episode starts out with a little teaser of Victoria’s (Madeline Stowe) possible demise then flashes back 20 hours to see Emily (Emily VanCamp) breaking into the beach house in search of evidence. She is desperately trying to find out what happened to her father over the past 12 years.

Daniel (Josh Bowman) is feeling nostalgic and looking at old pictures from his wedding with Emily. He’s with Margaux (Karine Vanesse) now and concerned that she is spending too much time with crazy Louise (Elena Satine). Margaux wore a Herve Leger Printed Jacquard Sheath Dress ($1,740). I found this similar Line Jacquard Cap-Sleeve Dress ($69.50):

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Daniel pays a visit to Victoria to finally confront her about Emily being Amanda. It’s funny that everyone finally knows the truth. Daniel is taking it much better than I thought he would. He makes a good point about keeping David (James Tupper) in the dark.

David goes to see Emily without knowing who she really is. I can’t get over why she doesn’t just tell him the truth. It is sort of annoying. She gives him a little tidbit about Amanda’s baby shower which makes him question Victoria’s motives.

In other news, Margaux and Louise play tennis at the club and hit the sauna. All is going well until crazy Louise hallucinates her mother and decides to lock Margaux in the sauna and turn up the heat.

Victoria meets with an old friend who ended up buying most of her things at auction. The real reason Victoria met with her was to retrieve a necklace that I can only assume has some sort of sentimental value. Victoria stuns in a sold out Michael Kors Cobalt Cap Sleeve Dress. This Ralph Lauren Faux Wrap Jersey Dress ($134)  is a great match:

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Two of my favorite scenes from the entire series happen next! The first, with Emily and Daniel. They finally have a real conversation and I think he finally understands and appreciates Amanda for who she is. That was about four years in the making. The second was Victoria in the strip club. I never would have pictured her in there, but seeing her put the necklace in the stripper’s garter was priceless. There are no limits to what she will do to protect herself.

Nolan (Gabriel Mann) finally meets Louise at the club while he is hiding out from the press. She might be one of my favorite new characters. What I would do for her bank account and wardrobe…must be nice! She wore a sold out Donna Karan Canvas Dress. This Tracy Reese Sleeveless Knit Sheath Dress ($298) is similar:

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Nolan takes Louise’s advice to heart and decides to buy the beach club. In the meantime, Margaux confronts Daniel about Louise and realizes that he slept with her.

Emily finds out that David had been spying on Amanda and is distraught that he never came for her. She finally reveals who she is…THANK GOD! Before they can reconnect Victoria gets struck by lightening ending the episode. Dum Dum Dum! I don’t think Emily/Amanda was too upset by that. She is wearing a sold out Dip Dye Wool-Cashmere Sweater by Vince. This Calvin Klein Dip dye Ombre Soft Cotton Sweater ($79.50) is similar:

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I can’t wait to see how David handles having Amanda back in his life and what will happen next.

What did you think of the this week’s episode?

If you missed it, you can purchase it on iTunes.

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