Mistresses “Gone Girl” Recap

Season 3 of Mistresses kicks off just like you would imagine a show called Mistresses would – with lots of steamy drama! Note to future mistresses-when cheating on someone make sure to turn off all phones to escape those pesky interruptions. Joss (Jess Macallan) and Harry (Brett Tucker) forgot to do this allowing Karen (Yunjin Kim) to track them down. Unfortunately, it was to let Joss know that Scott’s (Justin Hartley) grandmother had a stroke and she needed to get back to her wedding stat. I liked Karen’s dress, but don’t have an ID for it. I did find this similar Jessica Simpson Blouson Bungee Necklace Dress ($118):

Jessica Simpson Blouson

Lucy (Corinne Massiah) just learned the truth about her father and feels betrayed by April (Rochelle Aytes). She understandably doesn’t want to talk to her as her father is now dead. April wears the Tadashi Shoji Embroidered Lace Sheath Dress ($238):

Tadashi Shoji

April has to tell Lucy the whole truth, which she doesn’t take very well. April wore this Adelia Boho Blouse ($78). You can get a few sizes here for $31.20 and here in white for $44.99:

Adelia blouse

Joss suspects that Savi witnessed her little tryst with Harry and that is why she is missing. She meets Dom (Jason George) for coffee to discover that Savi has quit her job at the firm with no notice. Joss is wearing a fabulous leather moto jacket. I found this similar Calvin Klein Jeans Faux-Leather Moto Jacket ($148):

Calvin Klein

Meanwhile, Karen pays a visit to her doctor for a follow up after her negative HIV test. She is furious when she finds out that he has profiled her blood without her permission and asks her to donate her rare blood type. Karen wore a sold out Floral Printed T-Shirt from Zara. I liked this DKNYC Layered Multimedia Blouse ($89.50) to recreate the look:


After Joss’ life implodes, she is stuck staying with Karen until she can find a place. What’s worse is she discovers that Savi was still in love with Harry. Joss wore a sold out Snake Print Tank from Haute Hippie. I found a similar look with this Joie Printed Cotton Racerback Tank ($148):

Haute Hippie

Joss is falling apart, but Karen has to leave to meet with the doctor and Joss’ problems will have to wait. Karen wears a sold out Doji 2 Sleeveless Colorblock Sheath Dress by O’2nd and carries the Banstraw bag by Aldo ($25). This JAX Lace Panelled Sheath Dress ($148) is similar:


At the end of the episode we meet our newest mistress Calista Raines (Jennifer Esposito) who’s husband is cheating on her. She has a standout red caftan style maxi dress on. I found this Ladies Summer Party Kaftan Style Red Maxi Dress by MontyQ ($45) to try to recreate the look:

red maxi

What did you think of the season opener minus Alyssa Milano? Personally, I thought Joss was a little clueless per usual. How do you hook up with your sister’s ex-husband and think it’s okay?! Although anyone could see that their relationship has crossed too many boundries for a long time.

If you missed it, you can still watch it on iTunes or Hulu.

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