“Hamletta” Goodwin Games Recap

Just when I had pretty much given up on this show, they surprised me with this episode. There was a lot more substance and I really liked Chloe and Henry’s character development.

This week’s episode opens with some family bonding over breakfast with a mystery breakfast shake, an emu and an over-the-phone appendectomy. Just a regular morning in the Goodwin household.

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Chloe's Cupcake Pajamas

Chloe’s Cupcake Pajamas

I am glad they decided to start off the episode with a challenge from dear old dad. I think this format works best for the show and it seems to challenge the characters. April informs us there is a surprise if the siblings can solve a riddle and we find out that Chloe is the “smart one” even though Henry went to Harvard…twice.

This leads them to Putnam College where they discover that Chloe has been registered as a student. You see, Chloe never went to college even though she was a math whiz and her dad always wanted her to follow in his footsteps.


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Yellow Tank

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Chloe’s Leather Bag

We then learn some disturbing background about why Chloe became an actress. She seems to be in a bit of denial about her acting basing everything on the approval of her creepy high school drama teacher, Mr. Quilty.

Henry is trying to plan a wedding over the phone with his fiance, Kate who is also running for Congress. This seems like no small feat, except that Henry knows what he wants and it is not Stargazer lilies.

Chloe desperately tries to convince everyone that acting makes her happy – even detailing an elaborate equation where Chloe + Acting = Happy.

Poor Henry is still trying to get in touch with Kate and then he finds out that her assistant has been texting with him for a week! It will be interesting to see if Kate ever makes it into an episode, since we only have three more to go.

After Chloe finishes her equation, Henry finally dubs her the smart one and she finally realizes that she should go back to school.

Jimmy didn’t have too much of a storyline this week, other than to be Chloe’s cheerleader and get rid of an emu. We did learn that he has read 48 books on Buddhism.

On Chloe’s first day of school she ends up running into an old friend, Ivan, who had a crush on her back in the day. Chloe doesn’t recognize him, but does take some time to admire his bicep. They engage in a little flirting and this promises to develop into something more.


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Jones New York Blazer

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Prada Moccasins


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What did you think of this week’s Goodwin Games?

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