Graceland “Heat Run” Recap

We last left off with Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) holding a gun to Mike’s (Aaron Tveit) head. This situation is quickly resolved and the boys are confronted by Bello(Gbenga Akinnagbe)  and his men. Briggs was just playing along with Bello  and pretending like he thought Mike sold them out to place suspicion on Eddie (Sheaun McKinney). Their plan works and Bello blames Eddie for their misfortune by sealing his eye with lead (gross!). Mike takes this all in stride and ends up impressing Briggs with his cool head and ability to go with the flow.

Briggs confronting Mike

Briggs confronting Mike

Back at Graceland, Briggs and Lauren (Scottie Thompson) catch up and we find out that her partner, Donnie, got transferred to Miami. Lauren is still dead set on taking down the Russians and tries to get Briggs to help her. Lauren wears an all black look complete with a leather sleeved jacket. I found a similar one at Forever 21 for $22.80:

Forever 21 Faux Leather Sleeve Moto Jacket

Forever 21 Faux Leather Sleeve Moto Jacket

Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito) goes to visit a contact of hers, a former meth addict/dealer, who has information on a big score coming their way. This was a side storyline – the contact almost ruins her deal and she ends up having to cut ties with him. Charlie gives him the final payout and tries to get him into a house, but he doesn’t take it and most likely blows the money on drugs.

Charlie & Whistler

Charlie & Whistler

The team assembles early in the morning to take down a shipment of Lamborghinis that the Russians are expecting. Lauren got played and Briggs aborts the mission. She doesn’t listen and blows her cover when she pulls over the decoy trucker.

After the mission, the group goes to a local bar to decompress and teach Mike about the rules of undercover dating. I didn’t even notice this on the first watch but when Mike goes back to the table, he presses his hand into Briggs’ credit card and takes a picture of the numbers imprinted into his hand. This was so fast I almost missed it.

Lauren doesn’t listen to Briggs and risks her life going back to the Russians to get more information. She comes back to Graceland with a black eye which seemed suspicious to me since we never saw it happen. She lies to Briggs and tells him that she saw the low-jacked cars in a warehouse.

Briggs assembles the team again and they go to take down the warehouse. Lauren has on a black leather moto jacket. Victoria’s Secret has a cute one for $298:

Victoria's Secret Leather Moto Jacket

Victoria’s Secret Leather Moto Jacket

There were a lot more men at the warehouse than Lauren said and when Briggs confronts the Russian boss he realizes that he never hit Lauren. At first he talks to Paige (Serinda Swan) and they think that the Russians might be tracking her and they check her car for a tracking device. Paige wears a tiger tank top. I found a similar top at Go Jane in salmon and black ($19.50):

Go Jane Strappy Tiger Tank

Go Jane Strappy Tiger Tank

Paige wears a green & white striped bikini to search for the tracking device.

Paige and MIke find the tracking device

Paige and Mike find the tracking device

I found a similar green and white striped bikini from Shoshanna for $23.37:

Shoshanna Green & White Bikini

Shoshanna Green & White Bikini

Back at the bar, everyone is celebrating and Mike ends up meeting Abby (Jenn Proske), a girl that he actually has something in common with. He ends up hanging out with her all night and walking on the beach (so cute!).

Briggs puts it together that Lauren never went to the warehouse. Briggs tells her she is done and reported her to the DEA because she put the team in danger. Lauren will get reassigned out of Graceland.

At the end of the episode, Mike is able to access Briggs’ credit card information. He discovers that Briggs bought a GPS tracker and planted it on Lauren’s car. Briggs is impressed that Mike figures it out and lets him know that Lauren got out of control, which is why he had to get her out of the house.

This episode was important because it let us know not to mess with Briggs, which could be foreshadowing upcoming storylines. What did you think about Heat Run?

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