Graceland “Guadalajara Dog” Recap

This week’s Graceland accelerated the storyline quickly. Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) begins training Mike (Aaron Tveit) by instructing him to figure out what his cover is going to be. I liked the premise of reinventing yourself. Who would you be if you had to start all over again?


We learn right away that Mike’s FBI training is second nature to him when someone steals a bag of chips at a local taco stand. Mike goes running after him to make an arrest. He soon realizes that he has to let the small fish go so he doesn’t blow his cover while trying to get the big fish.

During his morning run, Mike runs into Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito) on her way home. She has an all black sequin dress on from a night out. I found this cute Robbi & Nikki Sequin Dress ($134.99) that is a great match:

Robbi & Nikki Sequin Dress

Robbi & Nikki Sequin Dress

The first order of business in the house includes psych orders for Briggs and Mike following the shooting in last week’s episode. The second order of business is to get Mike on one of Briggs’ active cases. This doesn’t go over well as Briggs doesn’t think Mike is ready for a major case yet.

During one of Crazy Jakes’ (Brandon Jay McLaren) missions, he ends up with “cop killing” bullets that he has to take into evidence. This will come into play later in the episode.

We learn that Lauren (Scottie Thompson) is getting removed from her Russian undercover mission because it is too hot after last week’s drama. We also learn that her partner, Donnie isn’t coming back to the house. Lauren wears a white and orange embroidered sundress. I found a similar Chelsea & Violet Stretch Lace Dress for $98:

Chelsea & Violet Dress

Chelsea & Violet Dress

Mike heads in for his psych evaluation and soon realizes that it is not a psych evaluation at all. Juan Padillo (Pedro Pascal) is really Mike’s handler for his investigation into Paul Briggs. I was impressed that they moved this storyline along so quickly. Mike lets the group know that he needs to meet with the psychologist once a week which sets up the cover to meet with his handler.

This motivates Mike to get onto one of Briggs’ cases so he asks Charlie for help. She gives him some good advice on how to gain Briggs’ trust, but in return she needs Mike to stand in as her boyfriend for a mission.

The mission turns out to be delivering birth control pills to Paige (Serinda Swan) so she can use them to spike her target’s drink, who she is pretending to be a girlfriend to. This puts him out of commission so she doesn’t have to sleep with him but can still act as his girlfriend.

Charlie is wearing the Again Lawgiver Red Peplum Dress ($237.60):

Again Lawgiver Dress

Again Lawgiver Dress

Mike brings an idea to Briggs which uses Jakes’ armor piercing bullets. Mike’s plan is to have Briggs sell the bullets to one of his targets,  “Bello” and use them to find out where Bello is. Briggs has to think about this. In the meantime, he offers to help Paige with her case. It gets mentioned that Briggs owes Paige which might be interesting down the road. Briggs decides to go forward with Mike’s plan, but not without a few modifications which he doesn’t tell Mike about.

Mike’s cover is as a Marine from Camp Pendleton who has armor piercing bullets to sell. This gets them a meeting with Bello’s men where they have to sell the merchandise. Bello’s men test out the bullets, but they are so heavy that their aim is off. Mike goes out on a limb and impresses everyone with his amazing marksmanship. I almost felt bad for the cute little cop bears.

Aren't they cute?

Aren’t they cute?

Briggs’ plan starts to unfold and he has done a great job of working with everyone in the house to make it happen. He didn’t clue Mike into the full plan and there were a few times where I thought Mike was going to call it in and mess everything up. Halfway through the plan he did call his handler which made Briggs suspicious. I’m still not sure how he knew that Mike made a phone call, but maybe we will find out next week.

Here’s how everything unfolded:

Mike and Briggs sold the bullets to Bello’s men. Briggs had been following Bello’s men for weeks and learned that they did the same heat run any time they were carrying hot goods. This is where it gets interesting. Briggs uses his contacts from the group of thugs that Paige is working with to get them to intercept the bullets, stealing them from Bello’s men. Mike and Briggs then go buy the bullets back from Paige’s thugs with the money they made from the first sale. During the final sale the FBI busts the thugs and then Briggs and Mike get the bullets back. Everything is tied up in a nice little bow.

Everything seems fine, until Briggs asks Mike to meet him at the docks under the preface of meeting the elusive Bello. The episode ends with Briggs holding a gun to Mike’s head demanding to know who he has been talking to.

I did not see Briggs confronting Mike this quickly, I can’t wait to see how this unfolds! What did you think of this week’s Graceland?

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