Falling Skies “At All Costs” Recap

When we last checked in on Tom (Noah Wyle) and the 2nd Mass, they were being attacked in Charleston by the Espheni. Tom decides that there is no time like the present to put his new prisoner, Lt. Fisher (Luvia Peterson) to good use. He wants her to see how the Volm have been helping them to fight back against the Espheni so she can report back to her leaders.

Hal (Drew Roy) decides that he wants to tell his dad about what’s been happening to him. Maggie (Sarah Carter) still disagrees with his decision and tries to talk him out of it.


Anne (Moon Bloodgood) is looking for answers about baby Lexi, especially after she says “I love you too mama.”

Tom is able to talk to President Hathaway (Stephen Collins) using a shortwave radio. They agree to meet to discuss joining forces.

Ben (Connor Jessup) is wrestling with becoming human again. Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel) is able to remove his spikes, but he would go back to his original form with his asthma inhaler and everything. He currently has super powers and is able to help in the fight. Without them, he may not be able to help as much.

To meet with President Hathaway, Tom and Weaver need to commandeer the aircraft that Pope (Colin Cunningham) has been hoarding for his eventual escape. Pope’s condition – that he gets to tag along.


Anne goes to meet with Dr. Kadar (Robert Sean Leonard) to see if he can devise a DNA test. She asks under the guise of the harnessed children, but she really wants to test Alexis.

The plane lands at President Hathaway’s base camp and his men don’t take too kindly to Cochise and escort him to a holding area.

Falling Skies At All Costs

The Presidents have the meeting of the minds and discuss options about trusting the Volm. President Hathaway isn’t 100 percent convinced though. He wants to know why the Volm are fighting against the Eshpeni. We learn that they are fighting the Espheni for a special flower from their home planet. The Espheni destroyed the Volm’s home planet and Cochise doesn’t even remember it other than a picture in a file. We also learn that Cochise had a brother who died in battle with the Espheni. This was very convincing and President Hathaway agrees to move forward.


Things are progressing quickly with Hal. Whatever is inside of him starts to take over and push the real Hal out. When we leave him, it seems like this thing has fully taken him over. Hal talks to Maggie and starts acting normal again to throw her off the scent. He tells her that he doesn’t want to tell his father anything and she is perfectly willing to let it go.


Tom plans to stay with President Hathaway for a while to argue his case with the President’s men. He is able to talk to Weaver and Anne about staying longer. This is unfortunate, because now nobody is expecting him to be back for a while.

Dr. Kadar shares his results with Anne and we find out that Alexis has alien DNA, confirming what Anne has suspected all along. Dr. Kadar figures out that the DNA is from Alexis and wants to tell someone. Anne goes into full mommy mode and knocks out Dr. Kadar. She then goes back to get Alexis, drugging Lourdes in the process. She leaves Charleston with Alexis and is confronted by a Skitter with a harnessed child. She starts to freak out and then Hal appears and tells her everything is going to be fine (Creepy! I think not!)

The President’s men identify an incoming attack and everyone has to leave the base. Cochise ends up going with President Hathaway’s team and Tom and the others go in their own plane. General Bressler (Matt Frewer) does some creative flying to try to escape the attack but they end up crashing in the middle of the woods. We are left with a “To Be Continued” message on the screen.

What do you think will happen to Tom, Pope, Bressler and Cochise? Can President Hathaway be trusted?

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