Covert Affairs “Silence Kit” Recap

This week’s episode of Covert Affairs has Annie (Piper Perabo) and Auggie (Christopher Gorham) tracking down new leads on “The Postman.” Annie wears a radiant orchid blouse. I thought this Button Collar Blouse from The Limited ($34.96) was a great match:

radiant orchid blouse

Annie starts a stakeout of CIA operative who might be responsible for the Chicago attack. Her working outfit is casual with a navy jacket and blue t-shirt. I found this Eddie Bauer Alti Beach Jacket ($39.99) and Scoopneck Tee ($7) from Old Navy to recreate the look:

navy jacket

During her stakeout, Annie gets sideswiped and has to go to the hospital. This puts her in jeopardy because the agency will find out that she has a heart condition. She has to come clean with Auggie before her secret comes out. She still wants to wrap up her stakeout before the agency finds out about her condition and puts her behind a desk.

We also find out where Annie was for all of those months – she went to Eyal (Oded Fehr) who helped her diagnosis her condition and keep it under the radar. I LOVE this character and hope that these two will eventually get together. Annie wore a fabulous maxi dress while she was in Israel. I thought this Felicity & Coco Ezri Print Maxi Dress ($88) was a great match:

tribal maxi

Back in the present, Annie and Auggie have to convince Joan (Kari Matchett) to authorize their opp. She is busy trying to keep business from McQuaid (Nicholas Bishop) and trying to keep Calder (Hill Harper) from imploding on himself. Annie gets approval to try and turn her suspect’s wife, but she doesn’t take the bait.

Annie’s suspect ends up confronting her at her apartment and she has to use the gun that McQuaid gave her in last week’s episode. This blows the case wide open and they end up stopping another similar attack, so wins all around. Annie expects that Joan will confront her about her heart condition, but she just scolds her for working with a concussion. Annie looks smart in a belted black sheath. I found this Jones New York Collection Brooke Sheath Dress ($119) to recreate her workplace look:

black sheathAnnie realizes that Auggie changed her medical records so nobody would find out about her heart condition. She heads over to his apartment to thank him and finds Haley (Amy Jo Johnson) there. So much for them dating before, there doesn’t seem to be anything left between them at this point. I loved how she paired her dress with a lightweight trench and green bag. I think this Urban Outfitters Silence + Noise Drapey Trench Coat ($149) and Ralph Lauren Tate Classic Tote ($109.99) are perfect!


What did you think about this episode?

If you missed it, you can watch it here.

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