Cougar Town “Full Grown Boy” Recap

This week on Cougar Town, Chick (Ken Jenkins) is finally moved in and Jules is so focused on taking care of him she doesn’t care if Grayson (Josh Hopkins) dresses like a 90s hip hop rapper. Jules wore a Ted Baker ‘Jineen’ Texture Panel Sheath Dress ($295). This Felicity & Coco Seamed Pencil Dress ($98) is similar:

Ted Baker

Full Grown boy intro

Travis (Dan Byrd) and Laurie (Busy Phillips) share that they have come up with their perfect baby names but they aren’t sharing. Meanwhile Andy (Ian Gomez) is excitedly waiting for Bobby’s (Brian Van Holt) return. Chick is gearing up for a Civil War reenactment but Jules puts her foot down because she doesn’t want him out in the heat. Too bad he ignores her and sneaks out anyways.

Bobby reveals that the club in Georgia made him a big offer to be a golf pro which throws Andy for a loop. Travis reveals Laurie’s baby names to Ellie and they are not good. He reveals that the girl name is Fancy and the boy name is Macho. Travis has to enlist Ellie’s help to convince Laurie that these aren’t good choices.

Bobby shares more details of his offer with Andy including the fact that they offered him a free apartment to go with the job. He turned them down because he couldn’t leave his friends. Grayson tries to appeal to Andy that Bobby should take the job and do what’s best for him, even though it breaks poor Andy’s heart.

Jules shows up at the reenactment and I know that this is a comedy, but her lack of knowledge of the Civil War is a little shocking and not as funny as I think they were going for. She stays to take care of Chick by making him hydrate and wear sunscreen.

Laurie figures out that Trav and Ellie tried to kill her baby names and leaves to complain to Jules. When she gets to the reenactment her water breaks and it’s time to have the baby!

Did anyone else get teary eyed when they named the baby Bobby? Such a sweet moment and a great send off for Bobby as he leaves the show.

full grown boy

What did you think of this week’s Cougar Town? How do you feel about Bobby leaving the show?

If you missed this episode, you can still watch it here.

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  1. I actually didn’t read your post. lol I plan to watch it tonight so I skipped but wanted to tell you I’m distraught over this series ending. This has been one of my favorite shows. No one else I know loves this show like you and I do…I wish we were neighbors and could have indulged this show together. :-/
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  2. I’ve truly constantly treasured almost all types of rap. I am a major admirer, very good blog.

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