Bachelorette 11 – Week Five

We pick up where we left off, with Nick showing up and meeting the guys a.k.a. firing squad. I think he did a pretty good job of explaining himself and his intentions. The guys weren’t happy that he was there and really didn’t want to hear anything he had to say. As they head out for the cocktail party at Citi Field most of the guys are second guessing their relationships with Kaitlyn. This was especially true of Shawn who started calling Nick “the other guy” and told Kaitlyn that he thought she was smarter than that.

I have said this every season, you have to focus on your own relationship instead of the relationships she has with the other guys. If you only get three minutes with her, why would you waste it talking about someone else.

Kaitlyn wore the Parker Sequin Aubrey Dress ($278) at the cocktail party. This Adrianna Papell Short Beaded Dress ($160) is similar:


She ended up giving Nick the rose and letting Ryan, Jonathan and some other guy with no airtime go. She then announces that they are headed off to sunny San Antonio!

As they intro San Antonio, Kaitlyn walks around as the guys share their thoughts about Nick a.k.a. “The Other Guy.” Kaitlyn wears a sold out plaid shirt from Express. This Rails Shirt from Bloomingdale’s ($138) is similar:

express plaid

Ben H. gets the first one-on-one date and he and Kaitlyn enter a two-stepping competition. Kaitlyn wore a Bella Dahl Basic Split Back Button Down Shirt ($145), Cavender’s by Old Gringo Women’s Kilauea Red Snip Toe Western Boots ($169.99) and her Michael Kors Runway Chronograph Watch ($250):

Bella Dahl

On the evening portion of the date, Kaitlyn wore a Crystal Pendant from The Woods ($1300). This Quartz Pendant from Etsy ($26) is similar:

Crystal pendant

Ben is able to open up on their date and Kaitlyn gives him the rose saving him for this week.

Next up is the group date where the guys had to write and perform a Mariachi song for Kaitlyn. Some of them really hit it out of the park, especially Nick who obviously learned from his past group date experiences by just embracing the silliness. Kaitlyn wore a sold out Alexa Chung Pixie Dress with Dan Post Women’s Santa Rosa Western Boot ($119.99). This 7 For All Mankind Trucker Dress ($298) is similar:

Alexa Chung

In her ITM Kaitlyn wore the sold out Parker James top. This Maurice’s Perfect Blouse in mint ($29) is similar:

Parker James

On the evening portion of the group date, Kaitlyn wore a sold out fringe skirt from Intermix. I found a similar Feel the Fringe Skirt ($60):


Josh pulls her away for some one-on-one time and in order to demonstrate his trust he asks her to cut his hair. Well this is the exact reason I’m not allowed to cut my husband’s hair – she totally butchered it and now Josh looks ridiculous! You do get a close up of her Gold & Gray Pyrite & Diamond Arrowhead Pendant ($690). This Pave Diamond Agate Arrowhead from Beadspoint ($99) is similar:

Agate pendant

Josh pretty much crashed and burned and led to Kaitlyn giving the group date rose to Nick to show the guys that she was serious about him. This didn’t sit well with Shawn who was next for a one-on-one date. Kaitlyn wore the Aritzia Izabel Romper ($32.50). This Sleeveless Knit Romper from Stem ($58) is similar:

Aritzia Romper

Kaitlyn and Shawn start the date off by kayaking and you get a close up of Kaitlyn’s Robyn Rhodes Franco ring ($55):

Robyn rhodes franco

They kayak down the San Antonio riverwalk and have a nice date followed by Shawn sharing his doubts about “the other guy” again. Kaitlyn wore the Vitamin A Karlie Beaded Bandeau ($95) and Vitamin A Tamarindo Bottom ($65):

Vitamin A

Shawn opens up to Kaitlyn about his feelings and his previous car accident. You can see Kaitlyn’s Porter Lyons Backbone Cuff ($375). This Yochi Lion Head Cuff ($68) is similar:

backbone cuff

Shawn scored the rose and both he and Kaitlyn admitted that they were falling in love…sort of a no-no for her to admit that before the final rose…

Onto the cocktail party, we see that Ian wants to go home because he thinks he is too good for Kaitlyn and the rest of us pretty much think he’s a big tool. Kaitlyn looks stunning in a backless Randi Rahm dress. This Pamella Roland Crepe Draped-Back Gown ($1060) is similar:

Randi Rahm backless

The episode ends with Ian telling Kaitlyn that he thinks she is a surface level person and that he is too good for her. If I were Kaitlyn I would of told him to get the f*** out, but that’s just me. I definitely wouldn’t sit there and listen to that. We’ll see what she ends up telling him next week…To Be Continued…

This week’s deleted scene shows Joshua and Joe struggling with their Mariachi songs:

If you missed this episode you can still watch it here.

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Bachelorette 11 – Week Four

This week, we pick up where we left off with the Clint standoff. She tries to confront him and then decides to send him home. She definitely made the right decision, he was a total tool. What was really weird was J.J. calling him out to apologize. The whole situation was so odd, I’m not sure what was going on there. Kaitlyn then decides not to have a rose ceremony because she can’t make a decision at the moment.

The guys pack up and head to New York and they are excited to start the next chapter in this crazy journey with Kaitlyn. The first date is a group date with Doug E. Fresh where the guys participate in a rap battle.


The date gets upstaged when Kaitlyn meets Nick Viall who was strategically planted in the audience. You see, Kaitlyn and Nick had been flirting via social media, text, Snapchat and you name it prior to her starting the show. From her reaction she definitely has the hots for Nick and doesn’t want to leave him in New York. She mentions it to the men on her evening date and none of them have a great response, but that doesn’t stop Kaitlyn. In one scene she feels sick to her stomach telling the guys that Nick is joining the group and in the other scene she can’t wait to make out with him. I think it’s pretty obvious as to what decision she will make. Kaitlyn wears a sold out Phillip Lim Short Dolman-Sleeved Abstract Sweater. I thought this Alfani Dolman-Sleeve Chevron Sweater ($54.99) was a good alternative:

Phillip Lim

Kaitlyn is still feigning confusion so she asks Nick to meet her after her hair appointment. During the phone call she wore a Current/Elliott Slim Boy Button Down Cotton Top ($103). This Treasure & Bond Cotton Plaid Shirt ($78) is similar:


Kaitlyn decides to pay a visit to our old friend crazy Ashley S. who is apparently a hairdresser. In a twist she actually gives Kaitlyn some good advice which is promptly ignored by Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn wore a Glamorous Olivia Pullover ($44):

glamorous olivia pullover

Kaitlyn heads out to meet Nick and happily tells him that he can move in the next day. She wore a Free People Hooded Vegan Moto Jacket ($168) and the Betsey Johnson Buffalo Check Lace Infinity Scarf ($16):

moto jacket

It is obvious Kaitlyn and Nick have chemistry…they can’t keep their hands off each other. It gives you a good opportunity to check out Kaitlyn’s Chic Love Triangle Ring from Kiki Designs ($120):

Photo from Kiki Designs

Photo from Kiki Designs

Kaitlyn has to hurry off to her one-on-one date with Jared, but she can’t stop thinking about Nick the whole time. She wears a stunning sheer lace dress with a plunging neckline to The Met for a romantic dinner date. She wore the Galia Lahav Comet dress from the Moonstruck Collection. It looks like you can get it wholesale here for $176.14, but I’m not sure of the quality of that site.

galia lahav

Her date with Jared was very romantic and he scored a rose at the end. Now if only he would shave that weird facial hair. Next up is a group date and we see Kaitlyn wearing a Ribbed High-Low Open Cardigan from Banana Republic ($44.99). This Neiman Marcus Ruffle-Front Ribbed Cardigan ($42.50) is similar:

Banana republic

But first, Kaitlyn needs to tell the guys that Nick is going to move into the house that evening. It doesn’t go over very well, but at least we get a close up of her Peggy Li Swiss Blue Point Necklace ($79):

Peggy Li

On the group date, Kaitlyn and the guys try out for Aladdin on Broadway. I really loved watching this date, as a former theater gal myself it looked like a ton of fun! Chris a.k.a. Cupcake got the one-on-one time for the is date and got to have a guest appearance with Kaitlyn in the live show. Afterwards they got to see the New Year’s Eve ball which was pretty cool. Cupcake gets the rose and lives on for another week.

Back at the house, the guys are anxiously awaiting Nick’s arrival and then the episode ends in another cliffhanger…dun, dun, dun…..until next week.

If you missed this episode you can still watch it here.

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Bachelorette 11 – Week Three

We pick up right where we left off last week with Kupah’s dramatic exit. He finally leaves and the rose ceremony can begin. Daniel and Cory we barely knew you…

The group date this week was sumo wrestling with traditional Japanese sumo wrestlers. On the date Kaitlyn wore High Waist Skinny Jeans from Hudson Jeans ($155) and the Lucy ring from KV Bijou ($95):

hudson jeans

Tony caused a scene during the sumo wrestling part of the date and then decided to leave before the afterparty. The guys seemed to like Kaitlyn’s leather pants during this date. She wore the Wilfred Free Daria Legging ($135) and the Peterbell heel from Aldo ($90):


Kaitlyn gave Shawn the rose, much to the annoyance of Clint who decided that he wasn’t going to talk to her unless she approached him. Somebody’s pouting…

Ben Z. gets the next one-on-one date with Kaitlyn where they have to brave some creepy obstacles to get out of an Escape Room. Ben definitely earned his rose by sticking his hand in that disgusting toilet. Afterwards they get some alone time in the hot tub and Kaitlyn wears The Flirt Bandeau from Victoria’s Secret ($38.50). Not surprisingly, Ben receives the rose:

Flirt bandeau

On the next group date, Kaitlyn takes the boys to school to have them teach sex ed. I thought this was totally inappropriate even if the kids were actors…sort of weird. Kaitlyn wore a Sanctuary Village Shirtdress ($129):

Sanctuary shirt dress

Ben H. keeps it cleaner than most of the guys and tries to tie in a romantic angle which wins him the rose from Kaitlyn.

At the cocktail party this week, Kaitlyn wore the MacDuggal Cassandra Stone Dress – Style 65024A ($478):
macduggal cassandra stone

I didn’t really get the whole Clint drama, it seemed producer contrived to me. In any case it was a reason to give us a cliffhanger with no rose ceremony. Who will go home next week? I’m guessing Clint…

What did you think of this week’s episode?

In deleted scenes this week we see Clint and JJ’s bromance developing.

In this scene Shawn gives Kaitlyn his favorite t-shirt…a total boyfriend move.

In this final scene, Ben H. offers his version of sex ed which is apparently not suitable for television…

If you missed this episode you can still watch it here.

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Bachelorette 11 – Week Two

The two bachelorette format made week two a little interesting. First of all, Kaitlyn gets to continue her journey knowing that some guys didn’t pick her, but she doesn’t know who. Secondly, Britt is upset about leaving, but she gets a consolation prize in Brady. Who knows where it will go…

Kaitlyn is still thrilled to be the Bachelorette and sits down with Chris Harrison to get this party started. She wears the Glamorous Nicole Layered Dress ($54) and you can sort of get a peek at her Michael Kors Large Runway Chronograph Bracelet Watch ($275):


We kick it off with the first group date card “in the ring” with Kaitlyn and Laila Ali…sort of cool to get boxing tips from Laila. The guys have to spar on this date and it gets a little crazy and some of the guys (Jared) get hurt, yikes!


I personally would have hated this date as I sort of watched it with my hand over my eyes. I think it was supposed to be fun, but got way too serious by the end. On the evening portion of the date, Kaitlyn wore a sexy Mi Amore Jumpsuit by Nookie ($196.20):


You can also see Kaitlyn’s X Ring from Samira 13 Jewelry. This Criss Cross Ring from Alex Mika ($106) is similar:

Samira 13

Did anyone else think it was sort of odd that Ben Z., the guy that knocked Jared out ended up getting the group date rose? I guess it wasn’t that odd, since he opened up to Kaitlyn about losing his mom and she seemed to think he was a hunk. I’m not sure if Kaitlyn missed the part of the Bachelorette handbook that told her she is supposed to give the rose to the guy that got the concussion. He did get a sexy kiss so all’s not lost in Jared’s world.

Next up, Kaitlyn took Clint on the first one-on-one date as the Bachelorette. She picked him up and took him to a fun date where they got to do an underwater photo shoot. On the way there, Kaitlyn wore this Barcelona Cami from Express ($39.90):


The photo shoot turned out pretty cool and Clint and Kaitlyn really hit it off culminating in a romantic evening date. I hated her outfit on the night portion of the date so I’m just going to skip it and pretend like it didn’t happen. Clint on the other hand did well and received a rose.

Next up is the comedy stand up date with the one and only Amy Schumer. This date was right up Kaitlyn’s alley and a few of the guys did pretty well. Kaitlyn wore a sold out A.L.C. Two-Tone Asymmetric-Layer Emmy Top. I found this similar Allison Collection NY Silk Dreamer Tank ($81):

ALCAt the afterparty, Kaitlyn has a few touching moments with the guys and ultimately gives JJ the rose for opening up about his daughter. Kaitlyn wore a Randi Rahm Tiger Sequin Mini Dress (not available online). I found this similar Leopard Print Sequin Bodycon Clubwear Dress ($45.66):

randi rahm

There was a lot of drama at the cocktail party this week, culminating in Kaitlyn giving Kupah the boot. But Kupah wouldn’t leave quietly and the producers decided to leave us with a cliffhanger holding the rose ceremony for next week. Kaitlyn wore a Mac Duggal Cassandra Stone Style Dress ($478):

cassandra stone

We have a few deleted scenes this week, the first is with Amy Schumer leaving JJ hanging instead of helping him with his routine.

The second is Kaitlyn taking the stage during her comedy club date where she takes a few pot shots at her men.

At the end of the episode, we see that Brady and Britt are still dating and Brady officially asks Britt to be his girlfriend. Do you think these crazy kids can make it work?

If you missed this episode you can still watch it here.

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Bachelorette 11 – Week One

I’m going to change up my format this season and instead of doing a detailed recap I am just going to share my thoughts on the episode.

I thought the two bachelorettes format was interesting, but I didn’t really like it. I think it set a weird tone for the guys and I’m interested to see how it affects the season. Going into the season, I was rooting for Kaitlyn to be the bachelorette so I’m glad she was selected. Having two women greeting the men as they arrived was really awkward – their was obvious tension between the girls and the guys didn’t know who to approach first. If the show ever does this type of format again I think they should rethink the approach. Britt definitely won in the first impression department but Kaitlyn seemed to hit her stride during the cocktail party.


The other fun fact that I learned was that Part 1 and Part 2 were shot over two nights and you can see in some of the shots that Kaitlyn has different jewelry on.

kaitlyn and britt

So let’s get to the fashion! I thought both girls looked fantastic. I wasn’t a big fan of Britt’s dress, I think she could have done something more elegant. I did like the white color on her combined with her makeup.

Britt’s dress was made by Cassandra Stone for Mac Duggal ($428):


I thought Kaitlyn’s dress was elegant and perfect for the evening, plus I love Badgley Mischka! I wasn’t a big fan of her hair though. Kaitlyn’s Badgley Mischka Halter-Neck Sequined Gown was $528:

badgley mischka

I really loved Joshua’s steel rose – that was a cool, fun introduction gift. I also liked the cool rose boxes that they used during the voting process.

So as you know by know, Brady left to try his luck with Britt. I can respect that and think that it was great for him to give it a shot. At least Britt didn’t have to go home empty-handed.

Another fun fact is that Ryan is actually Nikki Ferrell’s ex-boyfriend. Nikki was the winner from Juan Pablo’s season in case you forgot. Remember that this was filmed over two nights so he probably got drunk on both nights…sort of crazy.

We have one deleted scene this week, with Britt and Chris where they split a cupcake and talk about charity work.

What did you think of the two Bachelorettes format?

I enjoy reading Bachelorette spoilers and if you are interested in finding out what happens in advance you can check out Reality Steve for more information. He also shares lots of Bachelor Nation news.

If you missed this episode you can still watch it here.

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Bachelorette 10 – The Men Tell All

It’s time for The Men Tell All…aka the easiest post to write because Andi only wears one outfit!

The show kicks off with a visit from Ashley and J.P. Rosenbaum. Ashley is very pregnant and they do an on-air ultrasound where it is revealed that they are having a boy! I just love them, I was a huge fan of J.P. on that season and am excited that #TeamCupcake is doing so well.

ashley jp

After a LOT of drama with the men, we move on to Marcus and Chris. Marcus is getting set up here for his big stint on Bachelor in Paradise and Chris is being primed as the next Bachelor. The ladies seem to love him and I can see why. The whole thing with Chris and the random audience girl was dumb. Since he’s going to be the Bachelor he can’t really date right now. Maybe that girl will end up as one of his contestants or something. I’m not really sure where they were going with that.

As Andi comes out you get a great look at her Sequin Vine Cocktail Dresses by Mac Duggal ($458). I thought this JS Collection Sequin Dress ($248) was a great look for less:

men tell all sequin dress

She wears lovely Badgley Mischka Pumps – The Kat High Heel, you can get it here, here or here from $150-179. These Guess Bittan 3 Pumps (484.99) are a similar look for less:

badgley mischka

Andi handled all of the men’s questions with grace and you can tell that she really respected everyone and tried to send them home as soon as she knew that there wasn’t a future. In this clip you can see her fabulous Alexis Bittar Vine Ring ($295):

alexis bittar ring

What did you think about The Men Tell All?

I enjoy reading Bachelor spoilers and if you are interested in finding out what happens in advance you can check out Reality Steve for more information. He also has great behind the scenes details on which cast-offs are dating and who is going take the final rose this season.

If you missed The Men Tell All you can purchase it on iTunes.

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I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends

If you’re a fan of The Bachelor or Bachelorette, you may have heard of Season 16 winner, Courtney Robertson. I was one of those people that didn’t like Courtney after watching Ben Flajnik’s season and was skeptical of her authenticity. Well, she recently wrote a book, I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain, and if you are a Bachelor fan this is a must read!

courtney robertson

My friend Tracy bought this book and let me borrow it and I couldn’t put it down! It definitely changed my opinion of Courtney and gave me a lot of insight into the show. Plus she divulges great secrets and behind-the-scenes tidbits.

courtney 2

During the first part of the book, she writes her memoirs up to this point and shares details about her previous relationships with Jesse Metcalfe, Adrian Grenier and her one and only date with Jim Toth. This was a great way to start, because you get to know her and get an idea of where she was at in life when she went on The Bachelor.

(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)

(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)

Some of the highlights of the book include:

  • Her real-time updates of what happened after the final rose ceremony after the cameras stopped rolling.


  • How she got into modeling – she wasn’t always the confident girl you may have thought she was on TV.
  • Tips from past Bachelor contestants including Jaclyn Schwartz, Kalon McMahon, AshLee Frazier, Casey Shteamer, Graham Bunn, Michelle Money, Chris Bukowski and Arie Luyendyk.
  • Behind-the-scenes details of The Bachelor casting process.
  • What the girls were really like in the house and a day in the life of a contestant.
  • Her revelation that, yes, she did have sex in the ocean with Ben.
  • What really happened in the fantasy suite.
  • What is was like after the show stopped filming, before they went public.
  • What Courtney and Ben’s relationship was really like and personal emails between them.
  • Details of her relationship with hottie and potential future Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk.


My favorite part of the book, was on page 202, where she writes “He left to do a wine tasting event in Detroit but we would see each other in a week to tape ‘After the Final Rose.’ I was so excited. We were just two weeks away from coming out publicly as a couple.”

This is my favorite part because I was at that wine event in Detroit and I met Ben Flajnik and bought some of his Envolve wine. The event was held at Mon Jin Lau and they posted some photos from the event here. This was right before the finale, so I was too nervous to actually get a picture with him, but I did have him sign my wine bottles, which Tracy and I drank during the finale.

This is my best picture of Ben while we were waiting in line to meet him (again, horrible photo, but I felt weird taking pictures like a stalker):


I saved the wine bottles with his signature for posterity, lol:


You can read the prologue of the book for free here if you want a sneak peak before you buy. If you still aren’t convinced, here are three different interviews of Courtney talking about the book:

Courtney Robertson Reveals ‘Bachelor’ Secrets on The Juice

Courtney Robertson Interviewed by Lori Bizzoco |

Courtney Robertson | Author Interview on Book Circle Online

If you’ve read the book, I would love to hear what you thought in the comments below.

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Bachelorette 10 – Week 9 Recap

We’ve finally made it to the fantasy suite! This is the week of overnight dates and Andi has three great guys to choose from. The dates are set in the Dominican Republic, the perfect place to fall in love.

As Andi arrives at the hotel, she wore the Carrie Cami from JCrew ($69.99):


As Andi gives the overview of her guys, she walks the beach and wears a Show Me Your Mumu Shook Tunic in Sugar Splash (sold out). I found this similar Tie Dye Tunic from Venus ($26):


Nick gets the first overnight date with Andi and she seems giddy about getting to see him again. For this beach date she wore a Turquoise Python T-Rex Dress from Show Me Your Mumu ($172).  This Apt. 9 Snakeskin Chiffon Halter Maxi Dress ($18) is similar:

snakeskin mumu

She accessorized this look with the Ariel Snake Charm Necklace ($330), I found a $2.95 look for less at Lace Fancy on Etsy:

snake charm necklace

And with the Susanne Elizabeth Square Ring ($24) and these Alden Rae Wrap Bracelets ($49):

alden rae

During the evening portion of the date, Nick writes a ridiculous fairy tale for Andi and read it to her why wearing the most unmanly outfit of the show. I liked Nick from the beginning, but this didn’t do him any favors. Andi wore a Robyn Rhodes Alice Cuff ($80):


She wore this Amanda Uprichard Maxi Dress ($200.20). This Vince Camuto Chiffon-Overlay Slit Maxi Dress ($77.40) is a great look for less:

blue maxi

Andi seemed thrilled with Nick and he seems like the front runner at this point.

Next up is Josh – Andi and Josh crash a children’s baseball game and join in…that wasn’t awkward. Andi wore a Free People Shellshock Tank ($44.99), L’Agence Track Shorts ($78) and Alden Rae Grey Wrap Bracelet ($59 CAD). I wasn’t in love with this look, so I thought if I would recreate it with stuff I would wear. I found this Calvin Klein Layered Tank ($29.99) and JCrew Chino Shorts ($39.50):

free people

After watching their relationship unfold, I think Josh is the one that Andi has to chase a little bit. Throughout the season they had a few dramatic moments and sometimes I think a girl needs “the stomach flip” to know that she is really smitten with someone. During the evening portion of the date Andi wore an Asymmetrical One Shoulder Maxi Dress by Michelle Mason ($209). I love this ASOS One Shoulder Drape Maxi Dress ($87.06) and think it would be perfect for dinner in a romantic location:

asymmetrical dress

She accessorized with the Danielle earrings by KVBijou ($92):


Last but not least, Andi has her date with Chris where they go horseback riding and Andi could not have looked more uncomfortable. I feel like Andi thinks Chris is great on paper, but she doesn’t really feel that connection. It seems like she has been trying to make it happen, but it’s not quite there yet.

Andi wore a Theodora & Callum Multi Inca Scarf Top (sold out) on her day date with Chris. Theodora & Callum has similar tops and I thought this Blue Multi Panama Scarf Top ($119) is a great alternative:

scarf top

She accessorized with a Mini Gold Arrowhead Necklace from Gold & Gray ($99):


For the evening portion of the date, Andi decides to send Chris home before giving him a chance in the fantasy suite. She wore Parker’s Adelaide Combo Maxi Dress ($297). I thought this Ella Ribbon Trim Dress by Ella Moss ($166) was similar:


She accessorized this look with Brooklyn Designs’ Katia Earrings ($65) and Maya Brenner’s Day to Night Necklace with Black Diamonds ($295):

maya brenner

Even though she already sent Chris home, they decided to go ahead with the rose ceremony. Andi wore a Halston Heritage Halter Neck Asymmetrical Gown ($495) and Alexis Bittar Miss Havisham Liquid Crystal Rose Goldtone Hoop Earrings ($150). You can rent this dress here at Rent the Runway for $100. This Love Sam High Low Dress ($95.70) gives you the halter and the asymmetrical cut for less:

halston heritage

In the end she gave her roses to Nick and Josh and they accepted…final rose ceremony here we come!

In the deleted scenes this week, Josh and Andi try a love potion that they purchased from a street vendor:

In this scene, Andi watches the video messages from Josh and Nick following their overnight dates:

I enjoy reading Bachelor spoilers and if you are interested in finding out what happens in advance you can check out Reality Steve for more information. He also has great behind the scenes details on which cast-offs are dating and who is going take the final rose this season.

If you missed Week Nine you can purchase it on iTunes.

Andi Dorfman posted her Bachelorette blog on People here.

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Bachelorette 10 – Week 8 Recap

We’ve finally made it to hometown dates and our final four men, Nick, Marcus, Josh and Chris. Meeting the parents is a time honored ritual and a good opportunity to weed out the crazies before marriage.

Our first hometown date is with Nick in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In the opening scene, Andi wears a Datyah Amazing Wool & Cashmere-Blend Biker-Style Coat (sold-out) and her Minnie Rose Cotton Fringe Shawl ($51.35). This Coat with Back Pocket by Zara ($149) is similar:


Under all of her layers, she wears a V-Neck Blouse from H&M (sold-out). I found a similar flutter sleeve blouse in peach from BlueFly ($35):

flutter blouse

Andi gets to meet Nick’s huge family and can most impressively remember all of their names. She did pass the bar lest we forget. Andi is wearing an Aqua Classic Denim Jacket ($78) and Diamond Arc Necklace by Ariel Gordon Jewelry ($525):

aqua denim jacket

You can also get a good look at her Robyn Rhodes Andi Ring ($75) here:

robyn rhodes andi

Next up is our Iowa date with farmer Chris. He is yum! Andi and Chris have a great ole’ day on the farm. Her farm attire consists of of a Vince Raglan Suspension Cardigan ($172.50), Vince Silk Popover Top ($285) and the Diamond Arc Necklace by Ariel Gordon Jewelry ($525). This Theodora Cardigan by Velvet ($75.60), Joie Chally Top ($39.99) and Z Designs Arc Necklace ($18) are similar:

iowa date

As Andi gets her smooch on with Chris, you can get a good look at her Laurel Ruby Studs from Brooklyn Designs ($79):

ruby studs

In our third hometown date, Andi meets Josh in Tampa. They went to play baseball and Andi wears a Vince Boatneck Tee ($125), Pull & Bear Basic Colored Shorts (sold-out) and Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers ($44.95). This Ann Taylor Satin Trim Boatneck Tee ($19.88) and JCP Twill Shorts ($14.99) are similar:

baseball date

During dinner with the parents, Andi accessorized with Brooklyn Designs’ Mika Gold Leaf Earrings ($78) and Abbey Double Strand Necklace ($98):

Photo via Brooklyn Designs

Photo via Brooklyn Designs

She wasn’t too thrilled with all of the football talk, but any good wife knows that you can’t get between a man and his football. She is wearing the JCrew Carrie Cami ($69.99). This Crisscross Back Cami from Forever 21 ($15.80) is similar:

camisoleIt was interesting to see the family’s take on this relationship. Josh’s sister pretty much forshadowed that they may fight about how involved he is in his brother’s career in the future. She is also wearing the See Song Ocean Blue Fishtail Bracelet ($40):

see song

Our final hometown date is with Marcus in Dallas. I loved Andi’s look for this date – it is probably more along the lines of something I would wear (I can’t resist a black dress). She accessorizes with the Short Leaf Necklace from Melinda Maria ($148) and the Andi Necklace from Brooklyn Designs ($115):

andi necklace

As they enter the bar, you get a good glimpse of her Isola Orenda Wedges ($121.95). To recreate this look, I selected this Jessica Simpson Sleeveless Sheath Dress ($128) and these Tenley Wedges by Dolce Vita ($79):

marcus hometown

Andi also wears Robyn Rhodes’ Sappho Ring ($99):


Before the rose ceremony, everyone is gathered at Chris Harrison’s house so the producers can tell them about the passing of Eric Hill. This is a hard scene to watch, a few other bloggers have mentioned that it is sort of like watching a private moment and I have to agree with them.

Andi has a hard time making it through the rose ceremony this week, but does eventually decide to let Marcus go. This isn’t surprising as she has mentioned a number of times that she doesn’t know if her feelings can catch up to his. She wore a fitted green gown. I thought this Strapless Taffeta Evening Gown from Dressale ($122.99) was a good match and you can order it in green:


Next week, we have the Fantasy Suite Dates in the Dominican Republic and things will really start to heat up. Who will stay and who will go?

In the deleted scenes this week, Josh gives Andi a special surprise:

On her hometown date with Chris, they plant a rose bush in this deleted scene:

When meeting Josh’s family, Andi can’t leave until she does the shake face:

I enjoy reading Bachelor spoilers and if you are interested in finding out what happens in advance you can check out Reality Steve for more information. He also has great behind the scenes details on which cast-offs are dating and who is going take the final rose this season.

If you missed Week Eight you can watch it online here.

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Bachelorette 10 – Week 7 Recap

The boys are in Brussels this week and Andi is feeling the pressure as this is the last week before hometowns. I could have helped her decide by sending everyone home that was wearing a scarf. What is up with these boys and their scarves – it is not attractive at all.

Andi on the other hand wore a beautiful Leather Insert Wool-Blend Cape by Sandro (sold-out). This Vince Camuto Single Button Cape Coat ($199) is similar: cape Chris Harrison sits down with the guys and lets them know that there aren’t any roses on the individual dates, but there is a rose up for grabs during the group date. He leaves the first date card for Marcus and it says “Let’s get a taste for Brussels.”

For their one-on-one date, Andi and Marcus get to explore Brussels. Andi is rocking her white pants again. She definitely knows how to work the white pants this season. She wears an Open Sleeve Poncho by Maison Martin Margiela. This Gray Cotton sweater ($79.99) from Etsy is similar: gray sweater

She also wore the Denae ring from KVBijou ($95):


During the evening portion of their date, Andi needs to decide whether or not to meet Marcus’ family. He really opens up to her and shares some personal stories about his upbringing. Andi wore a Dion Lee Halter Dress. This Tamzen Halter Neck Wrap Over Bodycon Dress ($30) is similar without the colorblocking:

keyhole dress

The next date card arrives for Josh and reads “Let’s Ghent it On.” He didn’t expect that, but Andi needed more time with Josh to figure out what he was feeling. Once Marcus comes back from his one-on-one date, Nick sneaks up to spend some additional time with her. This was totally contrived by the producers, but it worked for Nick since he wasn’t going to get a one-on-one date this week. Andi seemed to love it though. She loves making out with Nick.

Josh and Andi explore the town of Ghent for their one-on-one date. Andi is rocking her JBrand 811 Mid Rise Skinny Jeans ($172), Joie Ferrell Jacket ($131.20), Minnie Rose Women’s Cotton Fringe Shawl ($51.35) and a white lace top. I previously found these 1969 mid-rise real straight skimmer jeans ($27.99) from Gap to match her white jeans. I also found this Club Monaco Vienna Bomber Jacket ($174.30) and this Short Sleeve Lace Tee ($45) to recreate the look:

minnie rose

During the evening portion of her date with Josh, Andi needed to figure out if Josh was ready to get married. Andi wore these beautiful Robyn Rhodes Genevieve Earrings ($135):

genevieve earrings

The last date card comes for Nick, Dylan, Brian and Chris and reads “True love is sacred.”

Back on Andi and Josh’s date, Andi is starting to come around to Josh. She really likes him, but she wants him to tell her that he loves her. He finally says the words and they go to a private concert by American Young. Andi is so smitten with Josh, he will be pretty hard for anyone else to beat for Andi’s heart. She was more excited to hear that he was falling in love than for anyone else on this season. I tried to get a good clip of her full outfit. She wore a Helmut Lang Alpaca-blend sweater (sold-out) and Alegra Leather Pants from Club Monaco ($695). To recreate this look, I chose this Kimono Sleeve Alpaca Sweater ($74.50) and these Blank NYC Vegan Leather Spray On Skinny in Grey Day ($98):


You can get a glimpse of Andi’s Ruby Teardrop Ring from KV Bijou ($169):

ruby rose

On the group date, the boys get to explore an old castle, then they have to pedal a rail bike (which looked like hard work). The weird part of this date was when they went to a monastery where they aren’t allowed to kiss. Andi had some sexy pottery time with Chris, but she ultimately gave Nick the date securing his place at hometowns and giving him more one-on-one time with Andi. On this date, she wore Splendid Roland Suede Ankle Booties ($187.95) and Joie So Real Skinny Cargo Pants ($198). These Ivanka Trump Ramada Booties ($69.99) and Lucky Brand Charlie Super Skinny Cargo ($39.99) are similar:

cargo pants

During her one-on-one time with Andi, she wore a Rebecca Taylor All-Over Sequin Jacket (sold-out).  This Mao Collar Sequin Jacket ($59.99) is similar:

sequin jacket

Afterwards, the crap hits the fan when all of the guys gang up on Nick – drama!!

At the cocktail party, Nick steals Andi away making him even more hated by the guys. She wears a dramatic long-sleeved sequin dress with a slit to show off her gams. I found a similar sequin dress from KMDresses ($139.99):

sequin dress

Chris waits until the last minute and pulls Andi aside for one last kiss to make sure to lock his place down for hometowns.

At the rose ceremony, Andi sends Dylan and Chris home, which leaves Marcus, Chris, Nick and Josh to travel to their hometowns next week.

There is only one deleted scene this week – some goofy dancing with Chris, Marcus and Dylan:

I enjoy reading Bachelor spoilers and if you are interested in finding out what happens in advance you can check out Reality Steve for more information. He also has great behind the scenes details on which cast-offs are dating and who is going take the final rose this season.

If you missed Week Seven you can watch it online here.

Andi Dorfman posted her Bachelorette blog on People here.

Chris Harrison posted his Week Seven blog here.

Former Bachelorette, Emily Maynard posted her thoughts here.

Former Bachelorette, Jillian Harris is blogging this season here.

Former contestant Sharleen Joynt is blogging here.

To catch up on Jason & Molly Mesnick’s podcast, click here.

For more Bachelorette posts, click here.

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