Be the Best You in 2014

2013 was a year of transition for me. There were a lot of endings and beginnings and I finally brought this blog to life, something I wanted to do for four years. 2013 was a year of preparation, getting us ready for what’s to come in 2014. I’m looking forward to 2014 to bring us a new home, a puppy and maybe even a baby!

So in the interest of preparing for all of these major life changes and instead of making resolutions that I probably won’t keep, I want to focus on being the best me possible. Throughout the course of 2014, I will introduce a new series of posts talking about how we can be the best versions of ourselves. Topics will include beauty, health, faith, family, money, career and fun! I want 2014 to be the best year yet!

John and I had a great time ringing in 2014 and we couldn’t be happier about what’s to come this year. I wish the best for all of you and can’t wait to share in this journey!


Happy New Year!


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