BarkBox September 2016 Unboxing

If you decide to treat your pup to their own BarkBox, you can click the link here and use the code “SPORT” to try one for free and Sport gets a free box added on to his account.


This month’s BarkBox theme was Bark To School. I can’t even with how cute some of this stuff was, starting with the yearbook themed paper:


Everything in this month’s box had a back to school theme and I loved it. John and I were just standing around checking out the box and the paper before we pulled out all of the treats and toys!


1. Yeti Dog Treats Crunchy Puffs ($6.99)

These were really interesting and smelly! They have authentic Himalayan Yak Cheese in every bite. To make these they take the leftover pieces from the other treats they make and microwave them together to create the puffs. I loved that these were so different than any of the other treats we’ve received for Sport. On the bag they had an offer to use code BARK to receive 15% off any of their dog chews.


2. Dog Ate My Homework ($8)

This toy was pretty much the funniest dog toy I’ve ever seen. It had the crinkly sounding paper plus multiple squeakers in each page which Sport loves. Make sure to read the text – it is hilarious! Who comes up with this stuff?!


3. Ham & Cheese Sammies

These are too cute with the theme and fit perfectly in his Treat Tin from a few boxes ago. I love having little treats on hand that we can toss him throughout the day for training exercises. These include pork, blended into an oat and barley batter with cheddar cheese.


4. Be Good Brown Bag Lunch ($12)

I couldn’t believe how cute this was! The bag had the crinkle paper and was just like a real paper lunch bag! A PB&J sandwich and cookie squeaky toys were inside the bag! I can’t wait to give this to Sport and maybe I will throw a couple treats inside too!


5. Chicken Soup for the Soul Savory Sticks

Who knew they made dog treats and food? These treats are made and sourced in the USA and feature rescue dogs on every bag – how sweet! Sport is definitely the chicken soup for my soul (AWWWWW).


After all that bark to school fun, Sport is pooped!


If you would like to try Barkbox for your pup, click the link here and use the code “SPORT” to get a free Barkbox for your pup and Sport gets a free box added on to his account.

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