Bachelorette 11 – Week Three

We pick up right where we left off last week with Kupah’s dramatic exit. He finally leaves and the rose ceremony can begin. Daniel and Cory we barely knew you…

The group date this week was sumo wrestling with traditional Japanese sumo wrestlers. On the date Kaitlyn wore High Waist Skinny Jeans from Hudson Jeans ($155) and the Lucy ring from KV Bijou ($95):

hudson jeans

Tony caused a scene during the sumo wrestling part of the date and then decided to leave before the afterparty. The guys seemed to like Kaitlyn’s leather pants during this date. She wore the Wilfred Free Daria Legging ($135) and the Peterbell heel from Aldo ($90):


Kaitlyn gave Shawn the rose, much to the annoyance of Clint who decided that he wasn’t going to talk to her unless she approached him. Somebody’s pouting…

Ben Z. gets the next one-on-one date with Kaitlyn where they have to brave some creepy obstacles to get out of an Escape Room. Ben definitely earned his rose by sticking his hand in that disgusting toilet. Afterwards they get some alone time in the hot tub and Kaitlyn wears The Flirt Bandeau from Victoria’s Secret ($38.50). Not surprisingly, Ben receives the rose:

Flirt bandeau

On the next group date, Kaitlyn takes the boys to school to have them teach sex ed. I thought this was totally inappropriate even if the kids were actors…sort of weird. Kaitlyn wore a Sanctuary Village Shirtdress ($129):

Sanctuary shirt dress

Ben H. keeps it cleaner than most of the guys and tries to tie in a romantic angle which wins him the rose from Kaitlyn.

At the cocktail party this week, Kaitlyn wore the MacDuggal Cassandra Stone Dress – Style 65024A ($478):
macduggal cassandra stone

I didn’t really get the whole Clint drama, it seemed producer contrived to me. In any case it was a reason to give us a cliffhanger with no rose ceremony. Who will go home next week? I’m guessing Clint…

What did you think of this week’s episode?

In deleted scenes this week we see Clint and JJ’s bromance developing.

In this scene Shawn gives Kaitlyn his favorite t-shirt…a total boyfriend move.

In this final scene, Ben H. offers his version of sex ed which is apparently not suitable for television…

If you missed this episode you can still watch it here.

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