Bachelorette 11 – Week Four

This week, we pick up where we left off with the Clint standoff. She tries to confront him and then decides to send him home. She definitely made the right decision, he was a total tool. What was really weird was J.J. calling him out to apologize. The whole situation was so odd, I’m not sure what was going on there. Kaitlyn then decides not to have a rose ceremony because she can’t make a decision at the moment.

The guys pack up and head to New York and they are excited to start the next chapter in this crazy journey with Kaitlyn. The first date is a group date with Doug E. Fresh where the guys participate in a rap battle.


The date gets upstaged when Kaitlyn meets Nick Viall who was strategically planted in the audience. You see, Kaitlyn and Nick had been flirting via social media, text, Snapchat and you name it prior to her starting the show. From her reaction she definitely has the hots for Nick and doesn’t want to leave him in New York. She mentions it to the men on her evening date and none of them have a great response, but that doesn’t stop Kaitlyn. In one scene she feels sick to her stomach telling the guys that Nick is joining the group and in the other scene she can’t wait to make out with him. I think it’s pretty obvious as to what decision she will make. Kaitlyn wears a sold out Phillip Lim Short Dolman-Sleeved Abstract Sweater. I thought this Alfani Dolman-Sleeve Chevron Sweater ($54.99) was a good alternative:

Phillip Lim

Kaitlyn is still feigning confusion so she asks Nick to meet her after her hair appointment. During the phone call she wore a Current/Elliott Slim Boy Button Down Cotton Top ($103). This Treasure & Bond Cotton Plaid Shirt ($78) is similar:


Kaitlyn decides to pay a visit to our old friend crazy Ashley S. who is apparently a hairdresser. In a twist she actually gives Kaitlyn some good advice which is promptly ignored by Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn wore a Glamorous Olivia Pullover ($44):

glamorous olivia pullover

Kaitlyn heads out to meet Nick and happily tells him that he can move in the next day. She wore a Free People Hooded Vegan Moto Jacket ($168) and the Betsey Johnson Buffalo Check Lace Infinity Scarf ($16):

moto jacket

It is obvious Kaitlyn and Nick have chemistry…they can’t keep their hands off each other. It gives you a good opportunity to check out Kaitlyn’s Chic Love Triangle Ring from Kiki Designs ($120):

Photo from Kiki Designs

Photo from Kiki Designs

Kaitlyn has to hurry off to her one-on-one date with Jared, but she can’t stop thinking about Nick the whole time. She wears a stunning sheer lace dress with a plunging neckline to The Met for a romantic dinner date. She wore the Galia Lahav Comet dress from the Moonstruck Collection. It looks like you can get it wholesale here for $176.14, but I’m not sure of the quality of that site.

galia lahav

Her date with Jared was very romantic and he scored a rose at the end. Now if only he would shave that weird facial hair. Next up is a group date and we see Kaitlyn wearing a Ribbed High-Low Open Cardigan from Banana Republic ($44.99). This Neiman Marcus Ruffle-Front Ribbed Cardigan ($42.50) is similar:

Banana republic

But first, Kaitlyn needs to tell the guys that Nick is going to move into the house that evening. It doesn’t go over very well, but at least we get a close up of her Peggy Li Swiss Blue Point Necklace ($79):

Peggy Li

On the group date, Kaitlyn and the guys try out for Aladdin on Broadway. I really loved watching this date, as a former theater gal myself it looked like a ton of fun! Chris a.k.a. Cupcake got the one-on-one time for the is date and got to have a guest appearance with Kaitlyn in the live show. Afterwards they got to see the New Year’s Eve ball which was pretty cool. Cupcake gets the rose and lives on for another week.

Back at the house, the guys are anxiously awaiting Nick’s arrival and then the episode ends in another cliffhanger…dun, dun, dun…..until next week.

If you missed this episode you can still watch it here.

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