30-Day June Arms Challenge

Summer is almost upon us. This means time to break out the tanks, sleeveless dresses, halter tops and anything else you haven’t started wearing yet. The one thing that these items have in common is that they show off your arms.

This summer I am going to challenge myself (and you) to whip our arms into shape so we can enjoy our summer wardrobe and show off our guns.

Since today is the first of the month, I figured it would be a great time to start this challenge. I have my birthday, a trip to New York and a wedding planned for July so it would be great to be able to flaunt my toned arms in my summer clothes.

I found this great calendar on Pinterest with a pretty simple challenge for each day of the month. You can click here to access a larger version.

30-Day Arms Challenge

30-Day Arms Challenge

I have taken my arm measurements today and will keep track of my results with periodic updates throughout the month. Hopefully, this will yield some great results by July!

Who’s going to take the challenge with me?

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